Custom Pet Socks

Show off your pet's personality with our pet face print socks! As low as $8.75/per pair! 

Dog Crew Socks - Canine Love-Cozy & Adorable

$8.75 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #76

Cat Crew Socks - Whimsical Charm-Cozy & Cute

$8.75 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #77

Invent Your Own Pet Swag with Pet Socks

If you like comfortable socks, your furry friend won’t mind some warm and soft socks as well. Think of the cold winter days, the slippery floors of your cozy home, and the hot pavements out and about your home. Your old threadbare socks or those your kid has outgrown won’t do. Why not tell your dog how special he is with some pet-unique socks?

And if you are a brand owner or employer, you could touch your customers and employees' hearts by thinking about their furry friends. What better promotional message than that?

At Vivipins, we know your furry friend’s paws need that comfort and protection from high-quality socks. Besides, we also feel your quest for a fashion match up with your pet. 

So, now, let’s make that dream come true with custom pet sock designs and colors. We’ll have you and your dog enjoy the warmth of quality socks at home or walk majestically in comfy socks during that morning or evening walk. 

We have a complete package with everything you’d ask for in pet socks.

  • Celebrate Your Furry Friends: If they are man’s best friends, they also deserve best friends from us. Show friendship to your...

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Employee Tip on Custom Pet Socks

Comfort, quality, and dog-unique are the features you must ensure when ordering custom socks for your dog. Check out these tips to help you make that sock order special for your pet.

  • Size can be a tricky choice when ordering pet socks. While we make standard sizes by breed for quick orders, providing the exact size information for your pet will ensure greater comfort with perfectly fitting socks.

  • You don’t want your dog sliding in socks on a slippery floor. Ensure your pet’s socks have quality padding for that extra grip when he runs around.

  • Dogs are generally color-blind but distinguish between blue and yellow. Consider adding these colors to your pet’s sock design so your pet knows you have something lovely for them.

Do you love your pet enough to gift them that special paw comfort from custom-made dog socks? Vivipins is here, ready to catch that order now and deliver it back to you in quality style.