Custom Drawstring Bags

Durable drawstring bags for various needs and occasions, offering convenience and versatility.As low as $1.11.

Customized Polyester Drawstring Bags & Sports Pack

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$2.13 - $3.61

Minimum quantity 100

Item #6

Poly Drawstring Sportpack Bags


$2.73 - $4.95

Minimum quantity 150

Item #37

Custom Cinch Small Drawstring Gift Bags-11" H


$1.11 - $2.58

Minimum quantity 200

Item #143

Polyester Drawstring Sport Bags with Pocket

$2.32 - $4.02

Minimum quantity 125

Item #34

Small Cotton Drawstring Bags /Cord Pouch For Jewelry

$4.30 - $10.00

Minimum quantity 100

Item #297

Non Woven Drawstring Bags & Backpacks

$2.23 - $3.71

Minimum quantity 150

Item #42

Natural Cotton Drawstring Bags & Backpacks

$3.31 - $6.35

Minimum quantity 75

Item #75

Clear Drawstring Bags & Backpacks

$3.29 - $5.62

Minimum quantity 100

Item #166

Clear Drawstring Bags & Game Cinch Backpacks

$8.66 - $14.92

Minimum quantity 50

Item #188

Drawstring Bags for Every Occasion

Drawstring bags are must-have accessories for packing and carrying your stuff in style. Whether hitting the gym or buying groceries, these bags are all you need. 

Being versatile, lightweight, and trendy, they are loved by almost everyone, especially the younger crowd. 

You can customize them however you like. Add your name, initials, or a fun message to show your personality. You can also print your brand’s logo and use them as a promotional tool. 

Why wait? Personalize your drawstring bag and make a statement wherever you go!

Drawstring Closure Bags To Suit Your Needs

Traditional drawstring bags use strings with a pull-cord mechanism, which is easy to use. 

However, you can customize the closure depending on the bag's purpose and design. 

Zippered closures are highly recommended for keeping your belongings secure inside. Button closures, snap closures, clasp closures, and magnetic closures are great for enhancing the appearance of the bags. 

No matter what type of closure you choose, the bags will still have drawstrings so you can hang them on your back. 

They Are Lightweight and Portable

The grab-and-go convenience of drawstring bags is unmatched.  

They are often made of durable but feather-light materials like nylon, cotton, and polyester. With no bulky zippers, metal parts, or embellishments,...

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Employee Tip on Custom Drawstring Bags

  • Consider the bag's intended use. If it is meant for gyms or outdoor adventures, go for waterproof nylon and polyester bags. These breathable fabrics prevent moisture and odor buildup inside the bags. 

  • Determine your budget and look for options that offer the best value. While zippered bags look cool and provide additional security, they are more expensive. 

  • Prioritize quality over features. A well-designed, durable bag will leave a lasting impression. 

  • Ensure your design, logo, and message are clear and readable to maximize brand visibility.  

  • Go for neutral colors such as black, blue and gray. They serve as an excellent backdrop, emphasizing your logo's and message's visibility.  

Not sure how to personalize drawstring bags for your promotional activities? Our experts can help. From material and size selection to branding, we can guide you at every step. Why wait? Contact us today!