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Find our diverse backpack collection, merging style with practicality seamlessly.As low as $2.13.

Customized Polyester Drawstring Bags & Sports Pack

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$2.13 - $3.61

Minimum quantity 100

Item #6

Poly Drawstring Sportpack Bags


$2.73 - $4.95

Minimum quantity 150

Item #37

Budget Classic Backpack with Side Mesh Pocket

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$5.18 - $9.82

Minimum quantity 50

Item #108

Polyester Canvas Laptop Backpacks Bags

$12.89 - $22.60

Minimum quantity 25

Item #118

Polyester Drawstring Sport Bags with Pocket

$2.32 - $4.02

Minimum quantity 125

Item #34

Natural Cotton Drawstring Bags & Backpacks

$3.31 - $6.35

Minimum quantity 75

Item #75

Clear Backpack

$15.66 - $22.44

Minimum quantity 25

Item #110

Polyester Backpacks With Cooler Pockets

$22.18 - $32.80

Minimum quantity 25

Item #119

Chic Polyester Cooler Backpacks

$11.39 - $18.88

Minimum quantity 25

Item #120

Clear Drawstring Bags & Backpacks

$3.29 - $5.62

Minimum quantity 100

Item #166

Polyester Sling Bag & Backpack for Men


$8.99 - $17.92

Minimum quantity 25

Item #176

Clear Drawstring Bags & Game Cinch Backpacks

$8.66 - $14.92

Minimum quantity 50

Item #188

Your Printed backpacks exclusively for you 

Backpacks are no longer just a practical way to carry stuff. They have transformed into fashion accessories. With trendy designs and multifunctional features for comfort, backpacks appeal to a diverse audience.

Whether you love expressing your personality or making a style statement, you can personalize a backpack to suit your taste. With endless options, thoughtfully designed backpacks also make a great gift for customers, friends, and family. 

Why wait? Order your dream backpack today!

Customizable Compartments

Although generic backpacks come with compartments for laptops and hidden pockets for storing valuables, they might not fulfill your specific needs. 

Have you ever wished for waterproof, zippered pockets for storing your electronics and documents? Or you may find it highly annoying to fish around for a pen and want dedicated slots with elastic bands to secure it. And who wouldn’t want a dedicated compartment for a snack stash? 

By creating your own specialized compartments, you take control of your backpack’s organizational capacity.

Why compromise when you can have the perfect backpack you wished for?

Ergonomic Design

While aesthetics are important, when choosing backpacks, always prioritize comfort.

You will probably be carrying a fully loaded backpack on your shoulders for hours. So, it must be comfortable enough to prevent strain and...

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Employee Tip on Custom Backpacks

  • When selecting a backpack style, consider your audience's preferences. A bohemian design would be a good choice for a luxury clothing brand, whereas fitness enthusiasts would appreciate a hiking backpack. The classic style works well for a general audience. 

  • Buy gender-specific backpacks for a better fit. Women’s backpacks are typically shorter, wider, and curvier to align with their bodies. 

  • Ensure the backpack's weight capacity suits its intended use. Hiking backpacks have a sturdy frame and high weight capacity, whereas gym bags are meant for carrying smaller weights. 

  • Don’t sacrifice quality. A well-designed, sturdy backpack enhances your credibility. 

  • Review the design mockup thoroughly. Ensure the logo placement, text colors, and graphics are accurate. 

Need help designing a backpack for your brand? Get in touch with us. Our designers will help you select the right material, color, and design to suit your brand’s identity.