Custom Lapel Pins

Are you ready to make your own pins? Don’t worry, we make it easy. You can submit your own design or simply write out what you have in mind. Our talented designers will then take your submission and create a vibrant, attention-grabbing custom lapel pin design. From sports team pins to pins with a company logo to employee milestone pins and much, much more … we can quickly, easily and cheaply create whatever you need. Receive personalized pins for less than wholesale pricing! Get started now.
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Why Choose Us?

Often those seeking custom lapel pins have a decision to make – pay much more for high-quality work or receive inferior quality pins while staying within a lower budget. We eliminate this decision for you! With Vivipins you get the highest quality custom pins at prices you can afford. Plus, we have no minimum orders! You can order anywhere from 1 pin to 10,000 or more pins – and you can count on paying cheap prices no matter the quantity of your order. Get your personalized pins now without breaking your budget. We also offer fast delivery and we provide digital proofs for you to sign off on before production begins. Get started now.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do custom lapel pins cost?

Custom lapel pins cost depends on 4 main elements. 1) Pin size. The bigger the size, the higher the cost. 2) Pin quantity: The more you order, the more discount you will get. If you order 1″ pin 100 pieces, the unit price would be around 2$, but if you order 3000 pcs, the price would low down to 0.78$. 3) Pin color: If your pins have more colors, it will add extra more cost. 4) Pin style: Printing pin cost higher than hard enamel and hard enamel price higher than soft enamel. As we have our own factory, you will save 30%+ if you order from us.

Will I get a sample before production?

Before production, we will send you a digital proof. If you need any change for the design, our designer will make an unlimited revision for you.

Can you replicate my logo and design exactly?

Yes, we are able to replicate just about any design. For the complicated design with many details and gradient colors, we can choose the printing pins style. Printing pins can 100% replicate your design.

What is the difference between hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins?

The main difference is the pin surface. Hard enamel pins have a flat and smooth surface, as it is polished many times during production, which makes pin surface glass look. Soft enamel pins have a bumpy feel surface, which can express detail much better.

Is there any minimum order quantity for custom pins?

No, you can custom pins here from 1 piece. But we highly recommend you to order more than 30 pcs, which will make your pins cheaper.

How to make enamel pins?

The process of customizing enamel pins is very simple. The first step in making an enamel pin is to have a basic idea. Then our designer will design for you according to your idea. After the design details are confirmed, you can place an order according to our online ordering system, or directly ask the staff to quote. After you have confirmed all the design details, we will give you a digital sample for your reference. Then there is the mold to make your custom pin. And then the rest of the pins are made through this mold.

If I only have one idea, can you design and make it for me?

Of course, if you have an idea for a custom pin, just let us know what you think. Our designers will design custom pins for you for free according to your ideas and send them to you for reference. If you are not satisfied with the details, our designers will modify them until you are satisfied.

I have no artwork, can you offer help?

Yes! We offer free art and design services with every custom enamel pins order!

Can I request a change after I approve my proof?

If we were already in production when you proposed the change, it would be impossible to change it. But if we haven't started production yet, you can ask the designer to make changes.

What are custom lapel pins used for?

● The enterprise image
● Employee recognition
● Brand awareness
● Non-profit consciousness
● Team deal
● Fundraising
● Membership
● Fashion
● The collection
● Decorations

What kind of clutch will my pin have?

We don't have default options. The exact clutch is up to you to choose.

How should I wear the lapel pin, and will it damage my clothes?

It is worn with formal wear, usually pinned to the left lapel, or even to the top of the outer front pocket. If you have a brooch hole, you can pass the lapel pin through the brooch hole or directly through the lapel material. If the lapel pin is removed slowly and carefully, it won't do too much damage to the clothing.

Do you charge for the pin design?

All of our pin designs are free! You can inform our designers of your ideas, and they will design excellent works of art according to your ideas. We will not put it into production before you approve the design provided by us.

Do you guarantee the quality of custom pins?

We have many years of industry experience, the details of the product are very fine, we have served 500K + customers, they have given a good affirmation of the quality of our pins. In addition, every process of our production of custom pins has been strictly tested, so please rest assured to order. If you find any damage, please contact us immediately.

I've never ordered pins before. How do I get started?

It’s so easy. You can choose to use our online ordering system and follow the steps to select your preferred customization options. If you are not used to using the online system, you can choose to email our staff and inform us of your requirements and we will give you a free quotation within 12 hours.

How do you pack my custom pins?

We offer 5 different packaging options: Velour Box, Poly Bag, Drawstring Bag, Plastic Box, and Backing Card. The exact type of packaging you use is up to you.

When can I receive my pin after I place the order?

Our custom pin turnaround time is 14 business days after you approve the final design.

What are the steps for customizing pins?

●Step 1: Select pin style
●Step 2: Select pin size, colors, shape, and quantity
●Step 3: Select a pin for the backing attachment
●Step 4: Select additional upgrades
●Step 5: Select the pin packing
●Step 6: The upload artworks
●Step 7: Select delivery date

Do you offer a rush service for custom pins?

Yes, we offer a rush service. You can contact our staff who will estimate the quickest delivery date based on your order.

How many styles of custom pin options do you offer?

We offer 5 custom pin options in different styles:
●Soft enamel pin
●Hard enamel pin
●Offset-printed pin
●3D cast pin
●Die struck pin

How many colors can I choose for free? How much do you charge for extra colors?

There is no charge for 3 colors or less. Additional colors will be charged depending on the number of pins you order, and the more pins you order, the cheaper the additional colors will be.

Do you provide size and plating options suggestions?

Yes, please tell us your design or idea, and we will give suggestions on the most appropriate size and plating options and other options based on our experience.

What color system do you use?

We use a Pantone color system. You can choose your favorite color number on Pantone's official website and send it to our designer.

What are the most popular pins?

There is no particular definition of the most popular pin. Everyone has different tastes. However, you can customize the most popular pins at the moment, such as team reward pins, employee recognition pins, sports organization pins, etc.

Can you add special options on custom lapel pins?

If you have an idea, we can create it! We can add special features to make your pin unique. Our special options include: Gems, Pins Backstamp, Serial Numbers, pendant, south, epoxy dome, glow in the dark, color variants, keychain, dangler.
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It was a great expirience!

The response from the customer service team was quick and on time. My project had some color related issues. However, the support agent ensured that I have nothing to worry about. Although I was worried nonetheless, the results came out great! My custom pins look awesome and they are of the best quality. My needs are fulfilled for the time being. I’ll be back for sure in a few months!

Customer Reviews
Great Job!

The fact that Vivipins allows me to customize my pins as want is great! Such a level of flexibility is quite uncommon on the internet. I have been a regular customer for quite some time now. At times, the order arrives after a few days it was due. But it’s all understandable because they are always flooded with orders! I keep coming back because I love the pins they deliver me.

Customer Reviews
Great Services!

If easy ordering on the internet had a face, it would look like the portal at Vivipins. Moreover, it lets me track my order in real-time! I was always in contact with the designer responsible for my order. All of my requirements have been met flawlessly. Much recommended if you’re looking for custom pins!

Customer Reviews

Custom Lapel pins

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