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Popularity of Baseball Trading Pins Continues to Skyrocket!

Trading pins and sports have been interlocked for decades and that partnership is showing no signs of letting up. In fact, today athletes and fans are more active at trading pins than they ever have been before.

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Among the most popular trading pins are baseball trading pins and softball trading pins.

The popularity of baseball trading pins today can be traced back to the 1984 Olympics. That’s when baseball made its return to the Olympic stage after a 20-year hiatus and with baseball’s return also came baseball trading pins. 

You see, trading pins have always been a popular part of the Olympics. In fact, pin trading’s roots can be traced back to small cardboard badges that were worn by athletes and officials at the Olympics of 1896.

The items were traded as a gesture of goodwill between competing nationalities and the practice continued at subsequent Olympic Games. By 1908 in Paris, different pin styles were being created for different groups like judges and members of the media. In 1912, a specific pin was created as a fan souvenir and by 1924 athletes and officials were actively trading pins during the competitions.

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Back in 1984, when baseball returned to the Olympics baseball trading pins immediately became popular. The most popular was a pin depicting Sam the Eagle, who was the 1984 Olympic Games mascot, swinging a bat.


Since Then, Baseball Trading Pins & Softball
Trading Pins Have Exploded in Value

Teams, officials and coaches love to trade pins. Also, Cooperstown trading pins have become extremely popular. Cooperstown is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame, where former greats of the game such as Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson and more are enshrined and honored.

At the Little League World Series news reports claim baseball pin trading has become almost as popular as the games themselves.

Frank Cataldi recently told Williamsport television station WTNH that he has been coming to Williamsport for the Little League World Series since 1979 – to watch the baseball but also to trade pins.

“It’s something that appeals to me,” Cataldi told the news station. “I don’t go for everything. Pins are getting so big now.” Cataldi said he has over 120,000 pins in his collection.

And Cataldi is not alone. Lloyd Vollmuth told WTNH that he’s been collecting baseball trading pins for over 11 straight years. He lives in Florida and started trading and collecting pins when his son played baseball.

“I started trading pins 20-something years ago with my daughter when my son was playing ball and it became something that we could do when he was doing his thing,” Vollmuth said. “She grew up and moved to California and I’m still coming out here trading pins.”

Vollmuth reported that his collection has grown to about 10,000 pins. While baseball trading pins, softball trading pins and Cooperstown trading pins are all highly popular now, they are not the only pins that are in demand.

Olympic Trading Pins Continue
to be in High Demand as Well

At the recent Winter Olympics in Yeongchang, South Korea, trading was reportedly one of the hottest games in town.

Pins of all shapes, sizes, colors and brand names were busily traded during the Games.

It was also the same story at the recent Special Olympics where competitors and fans actively traded in-demand pins.

Baseball Trading Pins Are in Such High Demand That Many Are Deciding to Create
Their Own Unique Pins

It turns out creating custom baseball trading pins and softball trading pins is extremely easy thanks to online companies like Vivipins.

Vivipins, a leading provider of personalized pins to customers around the world, has created a simple online ordering process that allows customers to create attention-grabbing pins even if they don’t know the first thing about pin creation.

The ordering process is made up of seven simple steps. Customers proceed through step by step and in no time have unique baseball trading pin designs created.

A short time later the pins arrive and they can begin trading. The service has become popular for coaches, parents, school officials and more

Now if you have a favorite baseball or softball team you love to watch you can create a fun pin for it.

Customers get stylish team, mascot or game pins that they can wear with pride and that others will be eagerly trying to trade for.

Vivipins offers lapel pins for many sports besides baseball, including soccer, hockey and football, as well as pins for varsity, junior varsity, freshmen and other teams.

Customers can order for the whole team and for fans as well. Wearing a custom lapel pin is a great way to show team support and spirit!

How to Create Your Own Baseball Trading Pins

Baseball trading pin collector Frank Cataldi, who we mentioned earlier in this article, has said that he likes to create his own special designs for trading.

For beginning traders or more experienced traders looking to create attractive baseball trading pins and softball trading pins without spending a lot of money, Vivipins is an excellent option.

Vivipins has created an easy online custom order placing system. The company reports that 90% of past customers say they were able to complete their custom order and add it to the website shopping cart with ease.

Here’s how the order process works: when Vivipins receives an order for custom lapel pins through its online ordering system, it creates a design draft and sends it to the customer to confirm the actual design for the project.

Upon design confirmation, Vivipins then fabricates the custom lapel pins and ships the pins to the customer before the assigned delivery date.

Vivipins doesn’t just stand out with its ease and convenience of ordering, the company’s personalized pins are also known for being of the highest quality and available for the best price.

Here’s an example of the quality of the sports badges Vivispin makes, the company uses a 36-hour plating process that provides its products with good resistance against color fading. In comparison, most suppliers only provide plating for 12-hours.

That’s just one more reason why, if you are looking to create your own baseball trading pins and softball trading pins, Vivipins is an outstanding choice.

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