1.How do I get started?

  • You can order your design by using our online ordering system.
  • You can also email the quote on the order page, our sales rep will reply to you within 12 hours.

2. What is the minimum quantity

We do not have a minimum order quantity. You can start ordering from 1 piece

3. Do you charge mold fees?

Yes, the mold fee is $50, but you do not need to pay this fee. It is included in the price we quote you. In the case of repeat orders, we will deduct the $50 from your next order.

Your molds will be available for up to 2 years in our warehouse.

4. Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship all over the world at no extra cost! Unless you require expedited service, you can also see the additional charges for rush service when placing an order.

5. What is your policy on protecting your client’s assets and designs?

Your design belongs to you and we will only use it for your orders. No one can order your designs.

6.Can you replicate my logo and design exactly?

Yes, we are able to replicate just about any design.

7. I am not a designer; can you make the design for me?

Yes, simply share your drawing, photo, or thought, and then our designer will make the professional design for you. Best of all, it is free.

8. Can I change the design?

Yes, before your approval of the design, we offer you free and unlimited revisions.

You can also request changes during production, but this will cost you an extra fee and extend the time to deliver your order (not recommended).

9. I have no idea what style, size, color, or shape I should have. Can you provide recommendations for me?

Yes, if you have no idea for those options, just select [decide for me], and then our designer will decide those elements for you.

10. Can you send me a sample prior to production?

Before we start your order, we will send you a free visual image. After you approve the design, we will begin production.

If you need to see real samples, you can send a message to [email protected] We will send the stock sample we have made before to you.

11. Do you offer 50/50 payments?

Yes, you can pay 50% in advance. and After we finish the production, we will send you an image/video as proof of your order. After that, you can send the final 50%.

We recommend you to pay 100% in advance since we have an exclusive 100% money-back guarantee for our customers.

12. How can I pay for you?

You can use Paypal, credit card, or wire transfer to make a payment.