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Personalized Unisex Tubular Bandana with Logo

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Custom Cooling Neck Gaiters UV Protective for Summer

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Item #213

Custom Kids Neck Gaiter with Soft Material

$1.50 - $68.00

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Item #214

Trendy Custom Neck Gaiters With No Minimums

If you have a neck gaiter, you know you don't exhaust its use by simply wearing it around your neck to protect it, keep it warm, or simply send a fashion statement. You can wear it over the head to protect you from the sun or wind or as a mask over your mouth and face.

Better still, with custom neck gaiters, you can extend the list of its uses as a promotional item or to show team spirit.

At Vivipins, we work with you on your custom neck gaiter design to ensure you reap all the benefits of its multiple functions.

  • Enhanced Protection: The area around our face, head, and neck is quite delicate, plus it can be an exposure route to health issues such as COVID-19. With a neck gaiter, you can protect your head from the sun and wind, your neck from extreme cold and pesky insects, and your face and mouth from dust, wind, or contaminated droplets. 

  • Customizable Designs: The options to customize your neck gaiter are as varied as its uses. You can add your company or team logo, your or your special person or pet photo, or choose from a range of...

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Employee Tip on Custom Neck Gaiters

Whether you want to customize your neck gaiter as a protective wear or a fashion piece, these tips will help you get the best out of this multi-use apparel.

  • Ensure your custom neck gaiter manufacturer or supplier can deliver it to you in moisture-wicking fabrics, especially if you wear yours in warm weather or during an activity.

  • Go for neck gaiter designs and types that show your personality while meeting your fashion or protection needs.

  • Confirm that the print quality will keep your neck guitar vibrant in its design and colors, even after multiple washes.

  • Go for a loose-fitting neck gaiter so you can easily pull it to achieve the different ways to wear it.

Ready to take your neck gaiter swag to the next level? Customize yours now with Vivipins. We set no minimums and will satisfy your desire for a high-quality product, get it to you at lightning speed and free of shipping cost.