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Make your own attractive and highly functional neck gaiters wholesale price! Our talented designers follow your design or written suggestions to create and print custom neck gaiters for you. You can showcase a company logo or show off a unique design. We allow you to get the exact mask design you want – without spending a fortune or having to wait weeks or months to receive your order. Get started now.
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Tired of neck gaiters with poor designs or made from inferior material? We allow you to create custom-made neck gaiters that feature the highest quality designs on the highest quality material. Neck gaiters are in high demand these days and creating your own custom-made masks could prove to be very popular with employees, prospects, paying customers, and more. We offer cheap pricing and no minimum orders. You can get the exact number of custom neck gaiters you need. You are sure to love the comfortable fit and the vibrant designs! Our designers are great at creating exactly what you need or at taking your suggestions and creating something beyond your expectations. Get wholesale price for neck gaiter now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a custom neck gaiter?

Snowboarders and skiers have been wearing the neck gaiter for many years to cover their mouth and nose. These are versatile and stretchable tube-shaped scarves and can be worn in different ways, such as a scarf, or a headband. They protect from the sun, bugs, and Coronavirus. Thus, triple protection with custom neck gaiters at an affordable price.

We have conducted thorough research before manufacturing our products. Based on our research we believe that the effectiveness of neck gaiters can be assured only when the right fabric is used. Thus, we have used the premium fabrics available in cotton, lycra, spandex, and rayon.

Want to custom neck gaiter in small quantity? Yes, We are very flexible, so we do not focus on a minimum cart value. Thus, we serve both small and bulk orders. The reason is that we do not want to force anything on our customers. Safety, comfort, and ease are our vision.

Our turnaround time is 14 working days after the completion of your design.

How are the neck gaiter designs printed?

The custom neck gaiters and masks have beautiful and neat designs printed on them by the method of dye sublimation. It is a method that helps in printing designs digitally with the use of heat transferred to put a graphic or an image to the desired product. Using this method, we provide our customers with long-lasting and fade-resistant products.

How many ways can I wear a neck gaiter?

19 ways to wear neck gaiter:

1. Scarves - Simply pull a tubular scarf around your neck to create a cool look while keeping you warm.
2. The hood -- it covers most of your head and is great for keeping warm.Place the front of the scarf under your chin and pull the back up to cover your head.
3. Balaclava -- Start with the headband, then remove the material from under the chin, fold it in half and pull it up over the nose for extra warmth or sun protection.
4. Face mask -- Start with a tubular scarf around your neck and pull it under your eyes.This style is perfect for protecting against dirt, dust, rain or cold.
5.Neck Warmer -- Put it around your Neck, but pull it under your chin and behind your Neck.A great way to prevent wind burns while cycling.
6.Sun Guard -- Drape it around your neck and pull the back up to the back of your head -- this works especially well when worn under a hat or helmet.
7. Headband -- Wear a warm neck around your forehead to prevent annoying hair or absorb sweat on long hikes.Crumple it up for a more casual look, or fold it up for a professional look.
8. Headband -- Wrap a scarf around your neck and pull it up in front to push your hair back.Suitable for long or short hair.
9. Headbands - Start with the headband style and then pull the tubular scarf back - perfect for bad hair days!
10. Headband -- Just like a simple headband, wrap the neck band around your ponytail to hold your hair in place.
11. Headscarf -- Warm up your neck, then turn it inside out.Place your arms through the clothing and through the ends of the tube on opposite sides.Pull the ends together to form a knot about 1/3 of the way from the end of the tube -- slightly shaping the opening so it's wide enough to fit your head.Place on your head and adjust the knot until it fits.You can wear it under the helmet without having to adjust the size of the helmet.
12. Wristband -- Wrapping your wrist around enough times until it fits is a great way to absorb sweat while running.
13. Hat lining - The scarf is thin and light and can be worn under the hat to provide extra warmth and protect against wind burns.Put it on your head and simply put your hat over it.
14. Helmet lining - Just like hat lining, use a scarf to add an extra layer under the helmet.
Beans/Hats -- First grab your neck tube and turn it over.Place one end of the tube on top of your head and twist it to the center at least twice.Then open the opening above the twist and pull it down overhead.
16.Saharane - One of the most classic ways to keep your neck warm.Turn it over, flat on your head, open front and back.Open the top layer of the tube, place one hand on your forehead and pull the top layer down to your head with the other hand to create a hat shape.
17.Bobble Hat -- Add a touch of flair to your beanie hats with a single-layer bubble hat style.Start with a beanie, but tie the loose end of the neck heater into a large knot rather than pulling it over your head.
18.Do Rag - Put a simple Do Rag over your head and leave it open at the back, which means you can protect your neck from the sun.
19.Foulard - Start with headband, but slightly open back of neck to warm.Create some fantastic hairstyles with this style!

Printed with your design neck guard.Create your own custom printed neck brace to add style to your hiking trip or just add a splash of color to your wardrobe.Our UK-made neck brace is made from sustainable materials with windproof and insulation properties to make your adventure extra comfortable.

How to wear and clean neck gaiters?

If you plan to use a neck gaiter as a mask (especially during the COVID-19 pandemic), please take care to clean your hands before wearing them. Once your hand is clean, you can grab it, face outward, slide it over your head, and then pull it down until it's on your neck.

Usually, the neck gaiter is right around your neck, which is good and keeps your neck warm. But in special cases, you can pull it up to cover your chin, mouth, and nose and use it as a mask.

When you need to remove it, be sure to wash your hands first to avoid staining your neck gaiters. Then, you need to grab both sides of the neck gaiters and pull it until it comes out of the head. Then put it in a clean place.

As with any clothing item, we recommend that you clean your custom Neck Gaiter before using it. Wash in warm or cold water (the washing machine will do) and hang to dry.

Don't use bleach when cleaning. Because our custom neck gaiters are printed, bleach can easily damage the printed pattern.

How should I design Neck Gaiter?

If you already have an idea, you can tell our designers directly, and they will design excellent works for you based on their expertise and years of experience in the industry.
If you already have a sketch, then you can talk to our designers and they will make reasonable suggestions on the details and color scheme of your sketch.
In general, the factors that affect the price of custom neck gaiters are quantity and type. The number of colors and complexity of design has no effect on price.

Are your custom neck gaiters printed on the inside and out?

Usually, we only print the outer surface of the gaiters for decorative effect. The inner surface will not be visible, so the inner surface will remain the original polyester spandex fabric.

Where can I wear a custom neck gaiter?

These neck gaiters are designed for use in a variety of different situations, and they are used for running, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting and motorcycle riding, mountain climbing, adventure and many other applications.
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