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What Is a Hard Enamel Pin?

vivipins hard enamel pins

Hard enamel pins are one of the highest quality pin designs. Sometimes called Cloisonné or die-struck pins, hard enamel pins provide a jewelry-quality design that are long-lasting and durable.  

What makes hard enamel pins stand out is that they have a distinct polished finish that makes it feel expensive. Custom hard enamel pins are hand-crafted with a 100% enamel color fill. And that levels off with the thin metal lines of the pin. This allows the pin to have smooth, glass-like texture that is polished and durable.  

The Different Applications of a Hard Enamel Pin?

Since hard enamel pins are designed to last a long time, they are perfect for a variety of events.

The polished appearance of custom hard enamel pins make them ideal for corporate branding. The smooth, jewel quality of these pins make them great for showing off your company’s brand and logo.

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Moreover, they are a great way to make personalized gifts and awards for hard-working team members or employees. From custom service pins to academic recognition pins, these pins can be a great way to commemorate lots of successes.

Hard enamel pins are also perfect for representing specialty clubs, like fraternities or sororities. A hard enamel pin will outlast the ages and continue to represent your passion for your organization throughout the years.

Great Way to Show Your Support for Your School

Custom hard enamel pins can also be a great way to show your support for your school. From univeristy to high schools, a custom pin can be a great, classy way to represent your academic history.

A custom designed military hard enamel pin can perfect encapsulate the fellowship of a military unit. If you’ve a serviceman or servicewoman in your life, these pins can be specially designed for their rank or squad. And they can also be used to make for great gifts to honor their service.

Read on for the many uses and ways to wear a lapel pin: How To Wear A Lapel Pin.

How Are Custom Hard Enamel Pins Made?

Custom hard enamel pins are expertly handcrafted to maintain their high-quality design. This enamel pin starts with die-struck iron metal. This means that the pin shape is essentially a thin sheet of iron hammered and pressed onto a hardened steel die. Or mold to make an impression.

Color is then applied using a small brush or needle until they are at an even level with the thin metal detailing of the pin. Afterward, the hard enamel pin is kiln-fired to a high temperature to harden and cure the enamel.

Using a high-grade stone, the pin’s surface is polished to give it its characteristic smooth, durable surface. Before it is finally plated and sent off.

Automated Polishing

What are the Different Sizes of Hard Enamel Pins?

Picking the best size for your custom hard enamel pins is important. If you pick a small pin size, you are limited in your pin design. Smaller size means less room for details. Bigger sizes, however, increase how much room you have to play around with details.

Just remember this: the bigger the pin, the more expensive the pin. Not only do larger pins need more material, time, and labor to specialize, the delivery fee increases as well.

If you have a simple design with minimal details, pins sized 0.75” – 1.25” are ideal for you. On average, this pin is around the size of quarter, which is the perfect space for logos or promotional pins.

If you have an average amount of detail in your pin design, go for pins sized 1.50” – 2.00”. Around the size of a golf ball. Or the top of a Red Bull can. This pin size can accomodate fonts and medium to high detail.

2.25” – 3.00” sized pins are perfect for designs that need to make an impact. Around the size of a hockey puck or soft ball. These pins can accommodate complicated designs. And give them enough room to pop.


Can you Get Hard Enamel Pins in Different Colors?

Enamel pins use Pantone color. Pantone Matching System is a company that specializes in color matching for a variety of industries, especially printing.

You can find the right color numbers on your own using the pantone color finder. You can bring your design to the enamel pin manufacturer. And they can help you match the colors to the pantone system.


Best Design Options for Custom Hard Enamel Pins

When it comes to custom hard enamel pins, it is best to keep it simple. Its stamped base and polished appearance already speak volumes on their own and are perfect for accentuating minimalistic designs.

Here are general rules of thumb for custom hard enamel pins:


  1. Stick to strong, bold lines. Custom hard enamel pins are designed to have a smooth surface. Effective, complicated line designs may have issues showing up.
  2. Keep the colors solid and bold. Enamel pins only have one single color in each individual block and do not have the ability to create gradients.

Overall, when it comes to custom hard enamel pins, they are there to subtly accessorize. Rather than scream details like an advertisement or poster.

Enamel Coloring

The Pros of a Hard Enamel Pin?

  • Hard enamel pinshave a high-quality finish and appearance.
  • The pins have bright, vivid colors that will not fade over time.
  • This type of enamel pin is durable and has a smooth, polished finish.
  • It has a more classic appearance.

The Cons of a Hard Enamel Pin?

  • Hard enamel pinstend to have a longer production time because they are hand-colored and polished.
  • They can be a bit more expensive than their counterparts, like soft enamel pins or printed pins.
  • Hard enamel pins do not accomodate “3D” designs or more detailed designs because of its smoother surface.

Enamel Pins vs. Printed Pins

The two major varieties of pins are offset printed pins and enamel pins. And that can be a custom hard enamel pin or a soft enamel pin. Each can achieve different looks depending on what you are trying to achieve.

Offset printed pins are light-weight pins that are directly created from a digital file or photograhic negative. This means that when you design a look for your pin, the off set printed pin does not alter your design. It incorporates each gradient, shadow, color change, font and other graphic deisgn elements.

While printed pins are overall inexpensive and quick to make, enamel pins are more hand-crafted. And they have a higher-quality manufacturing that results in a longer lasting, durable appearance.

Rather than printing a set design onto a pin, enamel pins are a hammered and pressed from a die cast. And they have their design filled in with colors.

Enamel pins come in two different styles: custom hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins.

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What is the Difference between Hard Enamel Pins and Soft Enamel Pins?

Hard and soft enamel pins have different advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Custom hard enamel pins have a smoother overall texture. Soft enamel pins have a more embossed texture.
  2. Soft enamel pins are more popular for their 3D like appearance. Or ability to better detail designs with its raised lines.


Start Customizing Your Own Hard Enamel Pins

There are several custom enamel pin maker out there that can help you get started on designing your own custom pins. Vivipins, in particular, makes the process super easy.


With Vivipins, it only takes seven steps:

  1. First, select your pin style. You have a choice of soft enamel, hard enamel, offset printed, 3D cast, and die struck.
  2. Second, select your pin size and color of your design and the plating.
  3. Then, you choose the type of attachment. Your choices are butterfly clutch, deluxe clutch, jewelry clutch, magnetic clutch, and more.
  4. The fourth step is choosing any additional details, like front numbering or glitter.
  5. Fifth, you choose the type of packaging you want for your pins.
  6. Then, you upload your specific artwork or design for your pin.
  7. Lastly, you set your delivery date.

What’s great about Vivipins too is that they send you a free visual design before they start producing your pins. Just to make sure everything is to your liking.

Read on for more details on custom lapel pins: Custom Lapel Pins: Exclusive Guide.


Lapel pins are a trendy way to show off your personality, style, and values. And of all the pin designs, custom hard enamel pins best exemplify an elegant and polished attitude.

Whether you’re recognizing achievements or showing your support for an organization, a custom hard enamel pin is a versatile accesory that will last you a lifetime.

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