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Hard enamel pins are the pinnacle of perfection. Unlike their soft enamel counterpart, these pins are polished to a smooth, glossy finish. With rich colors and great designs, Vivipins promises to give you the best custom hard enamel pins in the market. Our expert designers can make any of your hard enamel pin ideas come to life!

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How We Work

Custom enamel pins can be easy, only 4 simple step
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Step 1 : Customize

You can decide every detail you need by the new order system.
upload your pin design

Step 2: Upload design

Share your design and idea, we will make the design with Unlimited Revision
digital approval

Step 3: Digital approval

You will get free digital approval before production.

Step 4: Production&Ship

We will process the production and you will get your order soon.



Free design

Unlimited Revision

Fair price

Save 30%+.

Fast Turnaround

Less than 10 days


100% money back

Take words from our customer

“It was quick and easy. I liked the level of customization.“
Faras Aamir

Co-Founder & CEO,

“Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround pin before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“
Ian Enright

CEO & Co-Founder,

Frequently asked questions

What exactly are hard enamel pins?
Hard enamel pins are superior versions of soft enamel pins. Also known as cloisonné pins, they are polished thoroughly to achieve a smooth, glossy finish. Hard enamel pins are highly durable and elegant to the eye.
How long does it take to make hard enamel pins?
If you order 100 units of hard enamel pins, you can expect to receive it within 14 days (2 weeks). For orders of larger quantities, the delivery might take a bit longer
What is custom hard enamel pins made of?
They are typically made of a metal like copper or brass.
How can I make enamel pins?
It’s simple; Contact a reliable pin maker like Vivipins and send them your idea. After finalizing the designs with them, order your desired amount and you’ll receive it within 2 weeks.
Is there any minimum order quantity for enamel pins?
The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 pin. However, it will be very expensive as the manufacture will charge you for the mold for making said pins
Do I get samples of my enamel pin order?
Indeed, we provide a free sample of your pin design. Normally, we send an artwork proof which resembles the real pin.
What is your privacy policy custom pin designs?
We value the ideas of our customers and only reproduce pins upon your request. Your artwork is retained permanently while the mold is kept for a maximum of 2 years.
Do you offer a custom logo on the backside of custom pins?
Yes, we can add a custom back stamp for a small fee.
Is epoxy needed on custom lapel pins?
Nope, epoxy was used as a protective agent on pins back in the day. Nowadays, all the pins are highly durable, expect for glitter pins. Their rough surface requires a layer of epoxy.
Is there a mold charge for custom pins?
There is no extra mold charge since that charge is already accounted for in the pin’s price. 3D pins, however, do have an additional mold charge.
What is the cost of shipping enamel pins?
We deliver to your doorstep for no extra charge, shipping is free!
Will you help with plating and sizing options?
Of course, our experts will guide you with these options until you get the best pin.
How many colors can I have in my custom pins?
Normally, you can have up to 6 colors in a pin design. However, more colors can be added which will require a longer production time.
Is custom pin designing free?
Totally! We are all about collaborating with people who may not be adept graphic designers.
Do you require an artwork to create enamel pins?
We can make your custom pin based on anything you offer. You can also consult us with your idea and we can work with that as well.
What if I dislike like the custom pin design?
We have the provision for unlimited revisions so that you can alter you pin design until you’re absolutely satisfied!
Do you allow down payments when ordering enamel pins?
On an individual basis we might accept 50% payment but, we usually require full payment upfront.
Do you guarantee the quality of the lapel pins?
Yes, we do. For any manufacturing issues, we even replace the pins for free!
Are custom pins damaging to my clothes?
You need to be careful while using custom pins since they make a hole in the fabric of your clothing. Alternatively, there is a magnetic lock option for custom pins which can remove the need for puncturing your clothing.
How can I wear hard enamel pins?
Usually, they were worn on the left lapel of a shirt or coat. Nowadays, people are getting creative and wearing them on all sorts of stuff like hats, bags and jackets. You can use your creativity and wear them any way you like!

Order your custom hard enamel pins now!

If you are ready to order your dream pins, head over to our online product creation tool. It will give you a wide range of customization options to help you make the perfect hard enamel pin. So, check it out, today!

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