Custom Fanny Packs

Convenient fanny packs for hands-free carrying, perfect for travel and outdoor activities.As low as $5.47.

Custom Colorful Polyester Fanny Packs


$5.47 - $10.36

Minimum quantity 50

Item #178

Clear Waist & Fanny Pack

$6.36 - $14.14

Minimum quantity 35

Item #211

Accessorize with attitude - Make your own fanny pack today!

Whether running errands or attending a music festival, sporting a fanny fanny pack can add a touch of humor to your personality. 

Well-designed fanny packs with quirky slogans can make you the center of attention wherever you go. They will make people smile and momentarily forget how their day is going. 

And, hey, they are fantastic conversation starters. 

So why wait? Let your creativity run wild, and use our ‘make your fanny pack’ services to design a bag that reflects your personality and sense of humor. 

Practical Humor

Picture this: you are standing at the subway station, feeling stressed about your long to-do list or tired from a hectic day. Suddenly, you notice someone wearing a fanny pack with a rib-tickling quote about life. You can’t help but grin at the cleverness of the idea. 

Wouldn’t you want such uncanny waistpacks that can instantly lift someone’s mood? 

Fanny fanny packs are not just for carrying your accessories; they are little carriers of joy. 

These bags never fail to catch attention and spread laughter wherever they go. 

Customizable options 

With our ‘make your own fanny packs’ services, you can design your bag exactly as you want. 

You can add or remove a zippered compartment...

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Employee Tip on Custom Fanny Packs

  • Choose the right material. Nylon and polyester suit active people who often go hiking, biking, etc. Canvas and denim are slightly heavier and ideal for casual use. Leather is heavy and meant for upscale occasions. 

  • Consider the capacity and size. For everyday use, opt for a small bag to carry your key, wallet, and phone. For travel, buy a bigger one to carry a water bottle and snacks. 

  • Look for comfort features. The straps should be adjustable enough to fit across your waist, and the belt must be padded with breathable backing so you can comfortably wear it. 

  • While personalizing it, make sure your design, quote, or slogan is proportionate to the size of the bag and yet clearly visible. 

Want to make your own fanny packs? Call us today for genuine advice and expert guidance.