Custom Logo Socks

Logo Socks for Standout Corporate and Team Identity! As low as $5.75 per pair (Discounted)!

Team Crew Socks - Unity in Style-Comfortable & Durable

$7.19 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #98

Logo Crew Socks - Brand Identity-Comfort & Professional

$7.19 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #78

Image Crew Socks - Visual Impact-Stylish & Comfortable

$8.75 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #90

Drawing Crew Socks - Artistic Design - Creative & Comfortable

$8.75 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #144

Text Quarter Socks - Personalized Footwear - Unique & Snug

$7.19 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #145

Creating Visible Brand Recognition with Logo Socks

When it comes to promotional and event giveaways, functional and long-lasting items like socks are the in thing. Customers, employees, or event attendees wear and take custom logo socks beyond company boundaries to tell your brand’s story.

And that’s also true with sports teams, clubs, schools, or individuals who want to make a fashion statement while showing their allegiance with custom logo socks.

Vivipins will work with you to create quality and comfortable socks that show your brand or team’s uniqueness with logos.

  • Bespoke Branding for Maximum Impact:

Making a brand statement with custom logo socks may seem like a modest strategy. However, evidence shows that customers and employees appreciate branded socks better than traditional pen or mug gifts because they serve a more practical function and have a longer lifespan. Socks won’t sit at a table like a mug or pen, but they will walk with the customer, creating a memorable effect on other prospective customers.

  • Superior Quality and Comfort:

Employees, customers, or event attendees consider high-quality, comfortable socks a valuable item. At Vivipins, we ensure comfort and quality for your custom logo socks with the best materials like bamboo, Merino wool, and Spandex. With comfort and quality, anyone...

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Employee Tip on Custom Logo Socks

Whether you want logo socks as promotional items to gift to suppliers and customers or as a badge of team identity, these tips will help you make the best decisions for your custom logo socks.

  • Promotional messages are best when easy to read. So, ensure your logo on promotional socks is bold enough to catch anyone’s eye from a distance.

  • Place your logo design strategically on the sock. A single logo in a visible spot like the cuff or the side will work well on crew socks, but you can make your logo the single theme on over-the-calf and knee-high socks for a bolder promotional effect.

  • While Vivipins will guide you on this when you make your order, ensure you use a high-resolution image for your logo design so the details pop and are more noticeable to the intended audience.

Ready to tell the world your brand rocks with custom logo socks? Talk to us at Vivipins today, and let us make those top-notch custom logo socks that leave everyone asking about your brand.