Custom Knee High Socks

Enjoy comfort and elegance with our breathable, stretch-fit knee-high socks! As low as $8.79/per pair! 

Knee High Socks - Elevated Style-Comfort & Versatility

$8.79 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #87

Knee-High Hiking Socks - Outdoor Adventure-Durable & Comfortable

$8.79 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #114

Soccer Knee High Socks - Athletic Wear - Performance Support

$8.79 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #152

Knee-high Socks for a Bold and Sophisticated Look

The expression knee-high often describes a sense of fineness and sophistication beyond the usual or ordinary. And who wants to just appear average with their knee-high socks if they can send a message of elegance while enjoying comfort and protection from the elements? 

At Vivipins, we create knee-high socks anyone can rock in confidence at work as part of a uniform or at casual events as a signature expression of fashion. You can choose cool, professional colors or bright, bold ones for a classy fashion statement.

You also get to choose fabrics like cotton and wool when protecting your legs from chilly weather is your priority or nylon and acrylic blends when the comfort of dry legs is crucial to keep you confident throughout the day.

With our knee-high sock collection, you get everything you desire to send the right fashion messages at every occasion and event.

  • Elevate Your Style with Every Step: You can give your fashion style a vintage touch that evokes a sense of curated dressing choices with knee-high socks. You only need to send us your custom design or ask us to surprise you with our best options, and we’ll make your every...

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Employee Tip on Custom Knee High Socks

Knee-high socks give you plenty of space to be creative with both color and design. Use these tips to make the best of the two features.

  • Start your sock customization with a preferred base color, then add your face, drawing, logo, or text details you want to include.

  • Knee socks can be tricky to keep up the leg. So go for material blends that provide the elasticity needed to snugly stay on your legs while allowing for flexibility of movement. Natural fabrics with nylon, polyester, and spandex blends are a great choice.

  • If you customize knee-high socks for promotional or employee giveaways, choose designs and colors that allow the message to pop. Instead, you can go wild with shouting colors and designs for casual wear.

Do our knee-high socks sound like the unique product you’ve long wanted to gift your feet and legs for quality comfort? Talk to us at Vivipins, and get your custom knee-high socks made in a flash.