Custom Gift Bags

Versatile gift bags for various occasions, elevating your presents with style.As low as $0.51.

Custom Cinch Small Drawstring Gift Bags-11" H


$1.11 - $2.58

Minimum quantity 200

Item #143

Custom Halloween Bags/Plastic Bags


$0.51 - $1.16

Minimum quantity 250

Item #249

Hight Quality Eurotote | Gift Paper Bags

$1.82 - $4.79

Minimum quantity 100

Item #121

Recyclable Grocery Plastic Gift Bags with Handles

$0.75 - $1.57

Minimum quantity 250

Item #140

Kraft Paper Bags for Birthday Gift


$0.72 - $1.00

Minimum quantity 250

Item #141

Small Jute & Burlap Gift Tote Bags-6"


$5.33 - $10.52

Minimum quantity 100

Item #205

Drawstring Wine Gift Bags

$1.03 - $2.41

Minimum quantity 150

Item #206

Gift Bags for Memorable Gifting Experiences 

Ditch the dull wrapping paper and create memorable gifting experiences using personalized gift bags. 

Whether it is your birthday, wedding, or corporate event, custom gift bags are a game-changer when it comes to giving gifts. 

They show people that you have put your heart and soul into making them feel valued. Personalized bags can add an extra level of thoughtfulness and charm to your event. 

Why settle for ordinary when you can make your own gift bags for your loved ones? 

Personalized Presentation helps you stand out 

Picture this - A bag adorned with photos, dates, or the recipient’s name. 

Isn’t it a more attractive way to pack your gifts than using plain generic bags or wrapping paper? 

And why stop there? 

Personalize your gift bag with thank you notes and tell them how much they mean to you. 

These thoughtful ideas can turn a simple gift bag into a cherished keepsake, boosting your gift’s value. 

Tailored Design for your unique needs

Gift bags are usually made of thick, glossy or matte cardstock. But, depending on your budget and preferences, you can also go with standard paper bags. 

For a fancy vibe, jazz them with ribbon, satin, or rope handles with unique finishes like embossing and foiling. 

Add handwritten tags, bows, charms, and...

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Hi, I am Linda Martin

Product Manager - Bags Department


Employee Tip on Custom Gift Bags

  • Choose the right bag style. 

    • Flat bags work best for smaller items such as perfumes and jewelry.

    • Gusseted bags with expandable bottoms are for bulkier gifts.

    • For larger or multiple gifts, opt for a tote. 

  • Determine the bag size. Measure your gift’s height, width, and depth and choose a slightly bigger bag for comfortable packing. 

  • If your gifts are bulky, call us to find out the bag's weight-bearing capacity. 

  • Since these are gift bags, design them to resonate with the recipient. 

  • Before finalizing the order, review the digital proof thoroughly. Check for spelling, errors, typos, and design inconsistencies. 

Need help making your own personalized gift bags? We are here to help!

From bag selection to designing, our team can assist you at every step. Call us today.