Custom Face Socks

Wear a smile on your feet with our personalized face socks! As low as $8.75/per pair! 

Pictures Crew Socks - Visual Delight - Colorful & Comfortable

$8.75 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #117

Face Crew Socks - Personalized Fun-Comfort & Style

$8.75 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #81

Photos Crew Socks - Visual Appeal - Unique & Comfortable

$8.75 - $125.00

Minimum quantity 1

Item #116

Custom Stamp Your Face on Socks That Blow Everyone’s Socks Off

There’s something about your face that no one else has. It’s what makes you unique. Now, what if you use your facial uniqueness to make “you-unique” socks?

Well, welcome to the sock expert world where face socks can be as unique as you. At Viviprints, we blend creative design with the comfort of quality fibers to make your wildest imagination and unique personality real at your feet.

From now on, you don’t have to wear the low-key sock designs everyone else is wearing. Get creative, and tell everyone that socks exist to shout confidence and individuality. With the best image of your face, you can show the best side of you from the top down.

When you choose our face socks, you’ll be ticking all the quality boxes of socks custom-made just for you.

  • Personalized Comfort at Your Feet: Comfortable socks give a cuddly feel to your feet. And now, you can enhance and personalize that feeling by adding your face to the most comfortable sock fibers. We are talking of the warm and moisture-wicking Merino wool that keeps your feet dry and breathing in cold and warmer seasons. A touch of padding will...
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Hi, I am Simon Davis

Product Manager - Socks Department


Employee Tip on Custom Face Socks

Part of my responsibility as Product Manager(PM) of Vivipins' Custom Socks is to provide meaningful tips to our customers.  Here are some valuable tips you must remember as you interact with customers.

  • With custom socks, pay more emphasis on design creativity. Choose color schemes and logos representing your brand and personality for the best outcome. 

  • The choice of material you select matters alot. Synthetic blends and combed cotton can be a great choice to enhance durability and comfort. 

  • For more customization, explore functional features. such as cushioning for sports socks or breathable fabric, great for daily wear. 

  • You don’t always want to forget about color durability and longevity. That said, correct washing and regular care enhance color vibrancy over time.