Custom Lunch Bags & Coolers

Find durable, insulated lunch bags & Coolers for fresh, on-the-go meals.As low as $2.96.

Reusable Non Woven Insulated Grocery Tote Shopping Bags


$5.46 - $9.17

Minimum quantity 100

Item #25

Promotional Therm-O-Snack Tote Lunch Bags


$5.79 - $7.76

Minimum quantity 100

Item #180

Budget Insulated Lunch Kooler Tote Bags


$2.96 - $5.51

Minimum quantity 100

Item #185

Hilltop Bucket Cooler Lunch Bags

$9.43 - $13.00

Minimum quantity 50

Item #24

Square Non Woven Insulated Lunch Bags

$3.91 - $7.21

Minimum quantity 100

Item #38

Icy Bright Cooler Lunch Tote Bags

$27.40 - $30.98

Minimum quantity 50

Item #64

Paws and Claws Polyester Kids Lunch Bags

$4.34 - $8.68

Minimum quantity 75

Item #103

Chic Polyester Cooler Backpacks

$11.39 - $18.88

Minimum quantity 25

Item #120

Giveaway Polar Lunch Bags/6-Can Cooler

$4.20 - $9.86

Minimum quantity 100

Item #184

Grip Handle Insulation Lunch Cooler Bag

$4.86 - $9.66

Minimum quantity 50

Item #186

Promotional Pack It Up Lunch Bags

$8.08 - $12.62

Minimum quantity 50

Item #187

Make Lunchtime Special with Custom Lunch Bags

Personalized lunch bags are thoughtful gifts for your clients, employees, friends, and family. They infuse a special touch into the everyday lunchtime routine and convey your appreciation. 

With your logo and message, these lunch bags help spread the word about your company while keeping the meals fresh for hours. 

Eco-friendly customizable lunch bags can align with your sustainability goals. 

Personalize Their Lunchtime Experience

Custom lunch bags are one of the few promotional gifts that blend practicality with sentimentality. 

Putting someone's initials or name on them makes them feel unique and proud. Knowing you took time to personalize something for them can make your clients or employees feel valued. 

A small gesture such as customizing a lunch bag can go a long way in building strong, long-term emotional connections by showing how much you care about their lunchtime experience. 

Choose an Insulated Design for Maximum Benefit

Regular, non-insulated lunch bags are made of lightweight polyester, nylon, or canvas. They are suitable for quick trips when you are not too fussed about keeping your food hot or cold. 

But, as a caring brand, you would want your people’s food to stay fresh and delicious for hours. That’s why we recommend insulated lunch bags. 

Premium-quality insulated bags have...

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Employee Tip on Custom Lunch Bags & Coolers

  • Do not use oversized logos or excessive branding. The size should be subtle enough to grab people’s attention without overpowering the bag’s design and appeal. 

  • Opt for neutral, timeless colors. They appeal to a broader audience and hide food stains better than lighter colors. 

  • Check weight capacity. It should comfortably hold ample food, drinks, and snacks without busting at the seams. 

  • Prioritize functionality over aesthetics.  

    • Lunch bags should be easy to clean. People may only use them briefly if they get stained easily. 

    • The straps should be thick and padded. 

    • The zippers should be smooth and reliable. 

    • They should be sturdy enough to last everyday use. 

At Vivipins, we specialize in designing custom lunch bags that can showcase your brand’s thoughtfulness. Contact us today to get started.