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Custom lapel pins as low as $0.55/ea, no middlemen

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Average Production Time 3 weeks. Rush order? Contact us

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Free shipping & APO/FPO are addresses available
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NO minimum quantity & Bulk Discounts up to 40%
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100% Money Back Guarantee for all errors of products
Lapel Pins Plating Styles
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silver metal pin
copper metal pin
dye black metal
antique silver metal
antique gold metal
black nickel metal
antique copper pin

Custom lapel pins packaging options

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Offset Print Photo
Offset printed lapel pins are the perfect way to design and customize artwork in detail. 
Capture gradient, fine text, and drop shadows without distorting your artwork or image.

(The lapel pins are created through brass metal blanks and stainless steel that are cut to meet your design. Once the design is made, the creation process is finished off with epoxy coating to protect the image and leave it with a smooth feeling. )
Pin Backstamp
Pin Backstamps are customized designs that are pressed to the back of a lapel pin. Unlike a standard product label or tag, customized backstamp pins give you more ways to brand your business, showcase a logo, or increase exposure. Instead of limiting your design to the front of the pin, you can extend the design to the back to clearly expose numbers, names, copyright information, and other organizational information that distinguishes you from anyone else. Feel free to create customized designs that you can use in retail and sell to the public. 
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glitter pins 2
Glittering pins are made the same way as enamel pins, except for the final step: mixing glitter into the enamel. Finished glitter pins will feature a stunning combination of colored elements and sparkling design. It’s the perfect contrast to a typical enameled pin. Add glitter to all types of enamel pins. They come in several bright colors and radiant shades to form a masterpiece of kaleidoscopic sparkle. Keep in mind, glitter colors are meant to be mixed with a combination of colors. When glitter and color are batched together, the outward appearance might be a little different. If you used a green color with glitter, it might not completely match the final design, but its radiant appearance will still be as close to the original design as possible. 
Epoxy dome
Make your pins shine! An epoxy dome gives your lapel pin a dome shape. It is a transparent coating applied to the surface of a pin. It gives it a bright, glossy, and smooth appearance. It can be added to photo etches, soft enamel designs, offset pins, silkscreens, and even small objects like coins or covers. If you’re looking for a glossy, shimmering appearance on a product, adding an epoxy dome is perfect for you. Plus, it even adds a layer of protection to your design making it look good and functional. This design is optional for customers who have soft enamel pins.  
epoxy dome
glow in the dark pi
Glow in the dark
Give your soft enamel pin a special effect and fun design. Glow in the dark pins is a fun way to draw attention. Basically, glow pins are made the same way as soft enamel pins, but dark pigment is added before enamel pins are filled. The dark pigment can be added to any enamel pin which will make it glow in the dark. While it won’t light up a dark room, it will draw attention and add a spark of creativity to your unique design. Simply walk in and out illuminated areas to see its effects to see its glow in the dark effect. 
Rainbow Metal Plating
Give your pins an eye-catching design that stands out. A rainbow plated pin creates eye-grabbing allure that comes in a full spectrum of colors. The colors change when shifted and turned providing a vivid phantasmagoric appearance. Like a holographic trading card or psychedelic strobe lights, adding rainbow metal plating is best to show off a variety of rainbow colors. Colors can change depending on what types of colors are applied during its creation. 
rainbow metal
Lapel pin with danglers
Transform any style pin into one that’s hard-to-ignore. Add danglers to your custom-made lapel pins. These secondary pins are hung using a short chain or jump ring. Create a different style, shape, and size dangler to your custom order. There’s no limit to what you can create. We’ll cut danglers into recognizable shapes or text. It’s a great companion for any lapel pin. It’s also the perfect way to honor an accomplishment, promote an event, or even for remembrance. For your business or organization, these danglers are the perfect way to celebrate an achievement or milestone. They can be attached or removed whenever the occasion arises, saving you from having to order new ones all the time. The recipients of these pins will enjoy the extra mile you went for them.  

Soft Lapel Pins vs Hard Lapel Pins

soft enamel type
Soft enamel style
Soft enamel pins with raised metal edges with a more refined texture. It has a bumpy feel to it, especially after being enameled. The process is simple. We take your artwork, design, or image and stamp it in metal. We then cut it into the right size. Badges are put in metal plating and enamel is added to the raised areas. We bake the enamel to harden it. Once dry, the enamel will remain below the plated edges. We’ll also add an epoxy coating to protect the enamel and give its a shiny, smooth, and bumpy feeling. 
Hard enamel style
In comparison, hard lapel pins are durable, flat, and smooth scratch-resistant pins. Their polished, finished look makes it ideal for people looking for a simple but eye-seducing design. To create hard lapel pins, the enamel is added prior to plating. They’re first filled with specific colors. This is followed by placing the pin on the ground to be flattened. It’s then baked in the oven. It is then flattened and polished again to form a badge. Since the process is long, the final form sees less detail in comparison to soft enamel pins. 
hard enamel type 2

Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create a pin design?

No, you do not. If you don’t feel comfortable with your art skills, you can simply write out instructions for our design team to follow. If you don’t have a design idea at all, our design team would be more than happy to come up with one for you. We will send you a proof and then you can make changes or suggestions to ensure you get exactly what you need. Please rest assured we will not start producing your pins until you have approved the design. 

Do you have a copyright policy to protect my design?

Yes, your design is yours and yours alone. We will not use your design, or the molds from your project, with any other client. Also, no client will be allowed to order your design or copy it. We hold client molds for two years so that you can place repeat orders if needed. 
Please be aware, we do use some clients’ work in our own promotional materials to show what we are capable of producing. If you do not want your design to be used, simply let us know and we will make sure it is not included in any of our promotional materials. 

What size should my pins be?

Our standard pin sizes range from 0.5 inches to 2 inches – for more specific sizes please look at our website or call our customer service team. Please be aware, the above range is just for our standard sizes. We may also be able to produce other custom lapel pin sizes, please contact our customer service team to discuss your particular needs. By the way, pin size is measured on the longest edge of the pin.

Is there any minimum order quantity for custom made lapel pins?

No minimum order quantity.

How long can I receive my package?

Standard production time 18-26 days, shipping time 5-6 days. Rush order? Contact us

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