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Getting Custom Lapel Pins is Now Easier Than Ever Thanks to the Internet &

One reason custom made lapel pins are increasing in popularity around the world is that it is now much easier to get them thanks to the 24/7 convenience of the Internet.

In the not too distant past, placing an order for custom pins meant a significant time commitment as the person placing the order would need to physically visit a custom enamel pin maker or talk to them on the phone.

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The time commitment inevitably would interfere with other important tasks and make the whole process stressful. There were other problems, too, such as not being able to find a trusted supplier who would deliver high quality personalized pins for a reasonable price.

But those difficulties are a thing of the past now. Today, consumers looking for custom metal pins, custom soft enamel pins or any other type of pin can simply log onto the Internet.

What is

It is the website home of the Vivipins company, a leading provider of personalized pins to customers around the world.

Vivipins employees understand that a lapel pin is more than a simple method of communication. They understand branding; they respect logos; and they listen to what customers say and respond in a personal and professional manner to any questions.

The company’s answers, advice and solutions allow it to create unique custom lapel pins that fit the specific needs of its customers.

Vivipins has also quickly gained a reputation for assisting customers so that they get the exact custom design enamel pins they desire. For example, company officials are able to reproduce AI source files and also will patiently explain the differences in materials, designs and more to ensure customers are able to place custom orders to their exact specifications.

Here is More About Vivipins & Its
Online Ordering Process:

Vivipins has built a simple and fast custom order placing system online. In fact, 90% of past customers say they were easily able to complete their custom order and add it to the website shopping cart.

Once Vivipins receives an order for custom lapel pins, it creates a design draft and sends it to the customer to confirm the actual design for the project. Once the design is confirmed, Vivipins then creates the custom lapel pins and ships the product before the assigned delivery date.

Vivipins doesn’t just stand out with its ease and convenience of ordering, the company’s personalized pins are also known for being of the highest quality.

For example, the company uses a 36-hour plating process that provides its products with good resistance against color fading. In comparison, most suppliers only provide plating for 12-hours.

That’s just another reason why if you are looking to create your own pins, Vivipins is an outstanding choice.

If it is your first time purchasing a custom badge pin, a Vivipins representative will walk you through the process and a talented designer will work closely with you to ensure you get the exact design you want. In fact, Vivipins offers unlimited revisions.

For those interested in ordering lapel pins online, here is the ordering process:

Here is More About Vivipins & Its
Online Ordering Process:

Step 1: Choose the required material. If you are not sure what material would work best, you can get additional information from the product description or you could contact a Vivipins representative.

Step 2: Next, you select the size of your custom made lapel pin, the colors you want used in its design, the finish and the quantity. One note when it comes to the finish: fine polish yields products with a surface finish that is more suitable for a collection. Also, do not forget to assign the quantity for the chosen metal finish color.

Step 3: Now it is time to choose the attachments. Many clients opt for the free attachments but if the custom pin badges are for an important client or event you may want to consider the premium attachments, which are all reasonably priced.

Step 4: At this step, you can select from a number of pin upgrades, if so desired. You don’t have to select anything at this step. These options are totally up to your preference.

Step 5: Here you select how you want your pins packaged. For example, the organizer of a prestigious activity, event or conference might want premium packaging while someone making lapel pins for individuals or a company may be fine with free packaging.

Step 6: Upload your logo file at this step. If you do not have a logo design, you can skip this step or request our design service to have a logo created for you.

Step 7: The final step is to select a delivery date. We will then automatically set up the proper fabrication date to match the assigned delivery date.

There’s Never Been a Better Time
to Design Your Own Pins

Thanks to the ordering process outlined above, it really is easy to make your own lapel pins today – even if you don’t know the first thing about designing enamel pins or other types of pins.

Here are the most common orders for custom pin badges that Vivipins receives. Keep in mind that the company’s ordering options include custom lapel pins no minimum and custom pins no minimum.

Common types of custom made lapel pin orders include:

School Pins

Do you work for a school as a teacher or staff member? Do you attend school as a student? Show off your school pride with a school lapel pin! These are perfect for academic achievement, department designations, honor merit rewards and more.

Flag Pins

Celebrate your national pride with a flag pin representing your country. These are great for citizens, embassies, and government employees who want to demonstrate their patriotism.

Trading Pins

Whether the pin represents a sport, hobby, or group activity, many young people love to trade them with friends and add them to their own collection. Many seek out really unique designs, so what could be better than a custom made lapel pin to display and give away? For team sports, trading pins are a long-standing tradition. Our softball and baseball themed options are just some of the examples of the ones every kid would want to add to their collection.

Sport Pins

Have a favorite team or sport you love to play or watch? Get a stylish team, mascot, or game pin and wear it with pride. Vivipins offers lapel pins for many sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football, as well as pins for varsity, junior varsity, freshmen and other teams. You could order for the whole team and even the fans as well. Wearing a custom lapel pin is a great way to show support and spirit!

Employee Pins

These pins let employees know you appreciate their contribution to the company. A recognition lapel pin in an eye-catching design will improve participation, productivity, and morale. The happier workers are and the more they feel like their bosses recognize their good work, the more willing they are to do it. Professionally-designed and custom-made employee pins do not have to cost a lot in order to deliver the message you want to send.

Holiday Pins

Holiday lapel pins from Vivipins give you a truly unique sense of style you will not find on a department store shelf. Be creative, encourage family or group unity, and celebrate any season with a special pin. They make great gifts too!

Volunteer Pins

Spend a day cleaning up a park or volunteering at a soup kitchen to give back to the community. Wear or hand out volunteer lapel pins to thank participants and inspire others to get involved. Attractive, top-quality pins like these are great motivation to volunteer again and again.

Hobbies & Interests Pins

Share your love of a hobby or activity with the world when you design and wear a lapel pin with the right design. Do you love to play chess, ride a motorcycle, care for orchids, or use a ham radio? We can offer a huge range of different special interests to individuals and social groups based on hobbies.

Academic Pins

Support the most important investment in the world’s future by awarding academic achievement pins to top-quality students. These custom lapel pins clearly show the benefits of working hard and becoming an excellent role model for other students. That is why we at Vivipins create stylish and valuable academic achievement lapel pins in a variety of styles. Recognize excellence in teachers and students, and they will continue to do great in a school setting.

Safety Pins

Increase awareness of safety guidelines or reward those who follow them the best with a safety lapel pin in a unique design. Not only are they great to hand out to employees, but they also help you get the message out about staying safe in any environment.
The Bottom Line on Creating Custom Made Pins

Vivipins has simplified the process of ordering custom lapel pins online.

The easiest way to get started is to utilize its SUPER EASY ordering system to complete purchases. The company also offers a “Free Design” button at the top of its web page.

All a customer has to do is let the company know the specifications of the pins they are looking to order. The in-house graphics team will then put together a digital proof of the pin design.

Each digital proof is accompanied by a detailed quote that breaks down the cost of the order. The company will then provide the customer with unlimited revisions until they are 100% satisfied. Once the order is placed, the custom lapel pins will be produced in just 10-12 days. All orders include DHL Priority Shipping.

So what could be easier – or less expensive – than that? This is your chance to get custom lapel pins cheap.

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