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Why settle for anything less than the best? Vivipins is a one-stop shop that creates vibrant custom lapel pins that follow your design. That means you can get unique pins that fit your business, organization, or special cause perfectly. Plus, we offer no order minimums, free shipping, and incredibly low production costs. In other words, there is no better place to get your custom lapel pins, including pins for sale, award pins, military pins, formal pins, commemorative pins, achievement pins, decorative pins, and much more. We offer all popular pin types (such as hard enamel, soft enamel, printed, and diestruck) and we are available for rush production to ensure your deadline is met. So don’t settle for less, get beautifully designed pins that you can be proud of from Vivipins! 
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Why Lapel Pins?

Compare us to the competition and we believe you’ll recognize right away the incredible value we offer. Vivipins starts off by making the order process easy and we have a highly responsive customer service team that closely manages your order to ensure you get exactly what you desire. With Vivipins, you can also count on expert design and printing that result in eye-catching custom lapel pins that grab attention and ideally represent you, your business, or your organization. Here is more of what separates Vivipins from other pin makers:
Design Creation - Our talented designers take your sketch or instructions and carefully create pins that look amazing!
Expert Guidance – Our team has created custom lapel pins for a wide variety of clients and will guide you through the process so you have a stress-free experience
Unlimited Options – We have numerous materials and colors to choose from so you can get custom lapel pins that are perfect for what you have in mind.
No Order Minimums – While many pin makers require you to purchase a certain number of pins, we have no such requirement. You can order as many or as few custom lapel pins as necessary!
Low Cost – You are going to be pleasantly surprised by our inexpensive fees! We have built a reputation for providing high quality for low cost. Contact us now to learn more.

How It Works?

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Why Choose Us?

Often those seeking custom lapel pins have a decision to make – pay much more for high-quality work or receive inferior quality pins while staying within a lower budget. We eliminate this decision for you! With Vivipins you get the highest quality custom pins at prices you can afford. Plus, we have no minimum orders! You can order anywhere from 1 pin to 10,000 or more pins – and you can count on paying cheap prices no matter the quantity of your order. Get your personalized pins now without breaking your budget. We also offer fast delivery and we provide digital proofs for you to sign off on before production begins. Get started now.
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Brooklyn, USA


Brooklyn, USA


When I first ordered my pins at Vivipins, I was afraid of the quality. But nonetheless, the quality of the product came out amazing! I had several questions during the manufacturing process. The customer service team was very professional and knowledgeable to provide me with answers. The shipping time was exactly what Vivipins promised me! Much recommended.

Customer Reviews

I have faced issues before with online vendors due to my complex pin designs. All of them promised me a lot only to not deliver. So, I was naturally skeptical about Vivipins. But all of my fears were gone after I received my pins. The design came out exactly as I hoped for! As mine were hard enamel pins, I know for a fact that they’ll last a long time as well! From now on, Vivipins is my go-to vendor.

Customer Reviews

The ordering process was a breeze. The website has on-point navigation. The customer support is also spectacular! I own an art business and I’ve recently introduced enamel pins to my audience. I was looking for a reliable vendor for my bulk orders. Although we went through a few print cycles, Vivipins has marked all of the boxes effortlessly!

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What pin style is best for my project?

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a custom lapel pin type. For example, your design and what you plan on doing with the pins can make a difference in which pin type offers the most value. 
If you are looking to create a formal pin that will be awarded to employees or given to individuals to mark a specific achievement, you may want to use a hard enamel pin. 
If you are looking to sell your custom lapel pins or to create decorative pins that show the wearer’s allegiance to a specific cause, you may want to use a soft enamel pin, whose textured surface will draw favorable attention.
If you are not sure what pin type makes the most sense for you, contact our customer service team for guidance. Now here is more information about the five main types of custom lapel pins that we produce here at Vivipins:

Soft Enamel Pins –
This is by far the most popular pin-style in today’s marketplace with as many as 90% of all pin customers choosing this style. The main reason it is so popular is because it offers precision design for a low cost. Here are more details about popular soft enamel pins:
These pins are made from an iron or zinc alloy base, which is then filled with enamel color. The resulting pin has a textured, or grooved, surface with high and low areas that give the design greater depth and “artistic warmth.”
Something to keep in mind about soft enamel pins is that all colors that are used in the pin design have to be solid with no gradients or shading. Also, all different colors are separated by metal lines. One more thing, with this type of pin custom shapes can be produced at no additional cost. 

Hard Enamel Pins – 
While soft enamel pins are the most popular type of pin, hard enamel finishes a close second place behind the leader. The main difference between hard enamel and soft enamel pins is that with hard enamel pins the enamel color is filled to the very top of the mold and then polished flat. 
In other words, hard enamel pins have a smooth, polished surface compared to soft enamel pins which have a rough or textured surface. The smooth surface of hard enamel pins makes them a great choice for clients looking for a more formal pin presentation – for example, for achievement or award pins. 
It may help you to separate these two pin types by thinking of them this way: hard enamel is a more serious pin while soft enamel is a more fun pin. 
One more thing, hard enamel pins are slightly more expensive than soft enamel pins due to the extra work that goes into polishing or smoothing the surface.
Other than the differences in surface and cost, soft and hard enamel pins are very similar, including custom shapes are allowed in hard enamel pins with no additional cost – just like with soft enamel pins.

Printed Pins – 
This pin style is ideal for designs that are highly detailed and require color shading or color gradients. With this type of pin, the design is printed instead of a mold being filled with enamel color. The printing process produces a pin that is highly detailed but has a lower perceived value than soft enamel or hard enamel pins. A couple of things to know about printed pins:
They are usually covered with an epoxy to improve their durability and custom shapes are allowed at no additional cost. 

Diestruck Pins – 
This pin type is similar to soft enamel pins in many ways with the big difference being no color is used. The end result is you get an antique metal looking pin with a textured surface and no color. Custom shapes of this pin type can be produced with no increase in cost. 

Sand Blast Polished Pins – 
This final type of pin is similar to diestruck pins; however, the surface is polished flat instead of textured. With this style of pin you get a shiny metal surface that features no colors. 

Please note: For rush custom lapel pins, please contact our customer service team for design and material options and a projected timeline. 

What are your available pin-plating options? 

We offer the following plating options for our soft and hard enamel pins:

Soft Enamel:
·Rose Gold
·Your choice of Any PMS Color

Hard Enamel:
·Rose Gold
·Black Nickel

Please Note: Contact us for plating options for printed, die-struck, and sandblast polished pins. Plating choices can be changed during the proofing process before production has begun. 

What size should my pins be?

Our standard pin sizes range from 0.75 inches to 2 inches – for more specific sizes please look at our website or call our customer service team. Please be aware, the above range is just for our standard sizes. We may also be able to produce other custom lapel pin sizes, please contact our customer service team to discuss your particular needs. By the way, pin size is measured on the longest edge of the pin.

How do soft enamel and hard enamel pins differ?

The main difference between these two pin types is the surface finish. Both soft enamel and hard enamel pins start out the same way. They are die struck out of metal, typically brass or steel, and this process creates indentations that are then filled with color.

Hard enamel involves a powdered polymer that is fired in a kiln and then polished. Soft enamel involves a liquid application that is then baked dry. Both pins are handmade with the hard enamel pin having a smooth surface and the soft enamel pin having a textured surface.

The one other difference between the pins is that the hard enamel pin is slightly more expensive than the soft enamel pin due to the extra work that goes into hand-finishing the smooth surface.

Do I have to create a pin design?

No, you do not. If you don’t feel comfortable with your art skills, you can simply write out instructions for our design team to follow. If you don’t have a design idea at all, our design team would be more than happy to come up with one for you. We will send you a proof and then you can make changes or suggestions to ensure you get exactly what you need. Please rest assured we will not start producing your pins until you have approved the design. 

Do you have a copyright policy to protect my design?

Yes, your design is yours and yours alone. We will not use your design, or the molds from your project, with any other client. Also, no client will be allowed to order your design or copy it. We hold client molds for two years so that you can place repeat orders if needed. 
Please be aware, we do use some clients’ work in our own promotional materials to show what we are capable of producing. If you do not want your design to be used, simply let us know and we will make sure it is not included in any of our promotional materials. 

Custom Lapel Pins Bulk

Pick your options, share the artwork of your custom lapel ins,
and we’ll get you a mockup within 12 hours.

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