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Show Your Pride With a School Pin!

Few things are more valuable in life than a good education … so why not show off your school pride with a school pin?

Customers can then give away the school pins to foster school pride or to recognize academic achievement or they could sell them for profit!

Get A Free Design and Quote

Vivipins makes it easy to create custom school pins, including school award pins, school badges, and nursing school pins. 

In fact, it’s never been easier to design and make attention-grabbing school pins. At, customers can use a simple online ordering process to ensure they get the pins of their dreams.

Vivipins Makes the Best School Pins

That’s because employees understand that lapel pin is more than a simple method of communication. They understand branding; they respect logos, and they listen to what customers say and respond in a personal and professional manner to any questions. 

The company’s answers, advice, and solutions allow it to create unique custom lapel pins that fit the specific needs of its customers.

Order Your School Pins Today!

The online ordering process for a school pin or school badge is simple and involves just seven steps:

Step 1: Choose the required material. If you are not sure what material would work best, you can get additional information from the product description or you could contact a Vivipins representative.

Step 2: Next, you select the size of your custom made lapel pin, the colors you want used in its design, the finish and the quantity. One note when it comes to the finish: fine polish yields products with a surface finish that is more suitable for a collection. Also, do not forget to assign the quantity for the chosen metal finish color.

Step 3: Now it is time to choose the attachments. Many clients opt for the free attachments but if the custom pin badges are for an important client or event you may want to consider the premium attachments, which are all reasonably priced.

Step 4: At this step, you can select from a number of pin upgrades, if so desired. You don’t have to select anything at this step. These options are totally up to your preference.

Step 5: Here you select how you want your pins packaged. For example, the organizer of a prestigious activity, event or conference might want premium packaging while someone making lapel pins for individuals or a company may be fine with free packaging.

Step 6: Upload your logo file at this step. If you do not have a logo design, you can skip this step or request our design service to have a logo created for you.

Step 7: The final step is to select a delivery date. We will then automatically set up the proper fabrication date to match the assigned delivery date.

Just seven steps and you can have an order of school awards pins or school badges delivered right to you. It’s never been faster or easier to show off your school pride or to give recognition for terrific academic performance.


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