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Celebrate national pride with a flag pin representing your country

Many experts believe that the American flag pattern hasn’t ever been more popular than it is today.

Go to a shopping mall or baseball game and you are likely to see countless representations of the flag on everything from cloths to shoes to hats and more. One of the most popular ways to wear the flag is through American flag pins.

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You can fasten these flag pins easily to hats, shirt collars, jackets, belts, shoes and more – and they are widely popular today. It seems like people can’t get enough of flag pins.

A look back at history indicates that this wasn’t always the case. For a century after the flag was created it rarely if ever showed up on personal property. For that first 100 years, basically only government institutions flew the flag.

Things began to change for good when the Confederate Army attacked Fort Sumter in Charleston, SC. Suddenly, people in the North began flying their own American flags.

The “cult of the flag” was born and it has been getting stronger and stronger ever since.

In the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s the flag began appearing more and more on products and advertisements – thanks in large part to improved printing processes.

In was in the 1970s in particular that the American flag lapel pin really gained popularity. At that time, actor Robert Redford starred in a film called “The Candidate” in which he wore a US flag lapel pin. Soon after the release of the movie, President Richard Nixon and some of his top aides began wearing American flag lapel pins.

That trend has continued through to today with politicians from both sides of the aisle – Democrat and Republican – frequently wearing an American flag lapel pin whether they are going to work in the nation’s capital or out on the campaign trail.

Today, you can also find the flag on everything from truck windows to waffles to toy flags and more. But still one of the most popular ways to wear the American flag and express patriotism is through flag lapel pins.

Another reason, flag pins have remained so popular is that they are easier than ever to obtain thanks to companies like Vivipins which has a website online. The site offers easy online ordering, including the submission of custom designed us flag pins.

This makes it easy for entrepreneurs to produce flag pins inexpensively that they can then sell for a profit.

Vivipins offers a variety of pin styles including soft enamel, offset printed, hard enamel, 3D cast and die struck. Site visitors simply choose a style of pin and either choose a design or provide their own. They then place an order and their flag pins are delivered to them a short time later.

Vivipins’ ordering process makes it easy to create custom designed US flag pins – you don’t have to be an artist to do it. The company’s designers will take your notes or samples or sketches and create exactly what you are looking for.

To learn more or to order your own American flag pin Click Here now.

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