Masonic Challenge Coins

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Masonic coins are among the most recognizable items in history. Their design is unique, filled with details, and they are often created for a specific lodge. Some of these coins carry incredibly complex reproductions and they are an essential symbol of Masonry.

These coins are often custom made and by using different materials. Let’s have a look at what to expect from a Masonic Challenge Coin.

What Are Masonic Challenge Coins?

Masonic challenge coins are among the most complex and details filled coins out there. They are often custom made for a specific lodge and the rich symbolism engraved on them makes them unique.

When a butch is made, they can be used by the whole organization or delivered exclusively to the leaders. Moreover, they can be assigned to specific people outside of the lodge itself.

Often these individuals are recognized as affiliates or they have an affinity with the lodge.
Lastly, they can be used as a commemorative or recognition gestures to be delivered in occasion of achievements and anniversaries.

Common Features and Design

On Masonic Challenge coins you will be able to notice a complex design filled with intricate symbolism.

Often, they display the number and the name of the specific lodge, the foundation date, and some basic symbols important to the lodge.

Occasionally, entire buildings and temples are recreated on the coins with all the details you can notice in the real scale one.

Artists and creators would go through the process of analyzing the building under each angle to avoid missing out on any detail.

The most common symbols you can notice on these coins are tools and the all-seeing eye, altars, mosaic tiles, and natural elements such as the sun and moon.


Masonic Challenge coins show respect and pride in belonging to a specific lodge.

Today, to recreate such difficult designs on the coins, they are represented in 3D shapes and colors can be added at the end of the process. Lastly, coins in disuse can be found online to be purchased.

Do you have a Masonic Challenge coin? Did you know what its history is? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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