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Create your signature with our custom biker patch, available in dozens of shapes and sizes. It can make a great gift or souvenir for members of your club, friends who share the same passions as you do. Put this patch on your jacket for instant street cred! Your sleeve is calling for a little extra flair without having to go broke with your patches. The blue and red, embroidered design of the biker patch is perfect for all occasions. Stay stylin' without breaking your bank! You can customize it with diamonds or hearts or whatever you want! Show how much b-a-d-ass you are to all of your friends and people who don't like your face will lick their wounds because they know that you're not afraid of them (or anything else). Order now!
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Why Custom Biker Patches?

A custom biker patch is a fantastic way to express your individual style and can give you the sense of pride that comes with wearing the colors of your club.  A custom biker patch is great for riders who want to wear their colors, show off their club name or ride! It does not matter what group you are with there is something just for you. There are even patches that can be personalized with your own design so you know no one else will have the same patch as yours! 
You can customize the patch with your own design. 
It's a great way to show off your personality. 
Be proud of who you are.
Be the coolest biker in town.

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When it comes to getting your very own custom patches there is no better choice than us. Why? Because we offer everything you could want in a patch supplier. First off, our patches are custom made so you can get the exact design you want. We are known for creating “thread masterpieces” that stand out and draw favorable comments and reviews. We also do all of this for surprisingly cheap prices. And maybe best of all, we have no minimums! That means you can order as many or as few patches as you want. So to recap, you get striking, professionally designed personalized patches that are of the highest quality and that come with excellent customer service. What could be better than that? Get started today. We also offer fast production and free shipping!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the biker patches mean?

There are many rules for the placement of biker patches. If you join a motorcycle club, it's important to know what those regulations say and how they can affect your membership in certain clubs with different standards than others because every member should always seek clarification before assuming anything about these matters without asking! Most higher-ups will be able offer some advice on where their patch goes best which could save time later when wearing them out at an event or socializing after hours with friends who don't understand all this stuff either - just ask away if there seems like too much confusion surrounding any particular issue within our little society here today.

As a new biker, it's important to havePatch Etiquette manners while wearing your patches. Always make sure you check with the club before sporting any designs or imagery on them that may not be appropriate for their patch standards in order show respect and adherence towards what they believe is right among other members of likeminded teams too!  When it comes to patches and colors, there are many different rules in the motorcycle world. Some clubs have strict guidelines while others give more freedom as a member of that club. For example- if you want an extremely bold design for your jacket but don’t feel like going through all this trouble with Photoshop or some other digital program then go ahead! Just make sure not use any bright colors though because most likely they won't be allowed on bikes during riding season (or at least shouldn’t). The colors of a motorcycle club are important. Some clubs have strict rules about which patches members can wear, while other ones allow bikers the freedom to express themselves through their decorated jackets or vests with any design they want on them outside one's territory but never into another member’s space. 

The biker culture is a unique one, and it's not uncommon for members to leave the club. However, if you happen to lose your membership or voluntarily choose quit then don't forget that all colors must be surrendered so others may never wear them as old uniforms! The patch on the front of a biker's vest is more than just another decoration. It provides protection and an easy way for other members to identify which motorcycle club they belong in because there are strict rules about touching or going near someone else’s color, especially during battles between clubs where rivals might try stealing one another’s patches (or at least make threats). Biker jackets are sacred. You cannot borrow another biker’s jacket with the colors on it, and there is a special occasion where you can let someone wear your club's colors if they're not in membership - when a female passenger rides shotgun as part of an invited guest list at official events or parades (must be females). However this rule varies from one club to another; so check first before letting any non-male wearing member's threads!

The colors and shapes of motorcycle club patches can be an easy way to identify what type or gang bikers belong in. Some examples are that there is a skull with yellow lightning arcing through it, which symbolizes death; flames surrounding three black hearts representing love as well as loyalty to your fellow members; crossed out names bearing knives for removal from the brotherhood list-this means they've been removed because you’ve left on bad terms but also suggests any member may leave at anytime without notice! The American Bikers Association is the leading organization for motorcyclists in North America. This one-piece patch has become a symbol that you represent your club, and are partaking in what we do--riding motorcycles! A two-piece biker patch is used by motorcycle clubs to represent a transition stage of their members. It means that these individuals are awaiting approval from higher ups in order for them to become full blown patched up riders with rights giving out the third piece, which usually signifies your status as an official member or even president within one’s own chapter/state etc.. The design on any 2Pm Patches should not infringe upon other local chapters' logos because then it would be considered stealing and cause trouble between different groups who may have disagreements outside just bike culture but instead unite under its common bond: motorcycles! The three-piece patch is a symbol of membership for traditional motorcycle clubs and outlaw biker gangs. A member belonging to such an organization will often wear these colors on their jacket or vest, showing which club they are loyal too; it can also convey rank within the group since each piece represents different levels inarchy: there's top rocker (club name), middle grounds contain logos/insignias that represent what makes your crew unique from others around town--and then finally bottom row has geographic coordinates where meetings should take place if people want information about events happening nearby! 

Each patch represents membership in an elite club. You have to be a full member and obtain sanction by fellow members, which you do through stages beginning with awarded the top rocker that features your name on it as well as logo for our chapter - collectively making up two-piece pin/patch set designating eligibility for entry into events we organize or invite only status depending upon invitation level attained at time of acceptance (three pieces).  A traditional three-piece patch motorcycle club follows strict protocols, code of conduct and traditions that set them apart. Motorcycle clubs are better known as MCs because they have a vetting process before one is allowed into the group or given permission to wear their colors with pride on your back.

Why do bikers wear patches?

Bikers are often seen wearing jackets with patches on them that give the biker's club affiliation. These patches convey a message only known to those in this world, and can serve as decoration for otherwise boring clothing or signify their membership status when out riding around town looking tough without being intimidating which makes up part of why people like having these things attached proudly onto themselves! Biker patches are worn by members of motorcycle clubs as a form of message to let people know which club they belong. These colorful pieces can be seen on backpacks, clothes and motorcycles alike; some bikers even go so far as adding them in the design or colors traditionally associated with their specific chapter for greater effect! Bikes aren't just used for getting around town - these symbols tell everyone who you associate yourself too: friends from different chapters will recognize each other quickly because it's not always clear where one ends but also begins another when everything blends together into one big family under god (or goddesses).  

Biker clubs are very diverse and can range from the motorcycle associations that only have two patch designs, which is a blue oval with an overlapping red square in its center; all other bikers' patches bearing their respective club's colors. The three-piece design is often regarded as the outlaw motorcycle club patch. Clubs that have three or more patches are not recognized by AMA and do not form part of its organization, which can lead to confusion about their meaning among those who don't know anything else about bikers' style - especially outsiders like me! But it turns out these crescent shapes actually come from rockers: they represent what we call "the hangin’ loose" attitude in our community so wearing them means you're an authentic member with roots going back decades (or even centuries!).  Bikers are members of motorcycle clubs that have earned their patches. In some cases, they may be given to people without much effort involved in order for them to wear it as an identifier and others might purchase these types if membership is not required from those who want one too. The type a biker belongs will depend on what specific patch you see - there's no set rule about how many pieces make up each individual assignment so every club has its own unique style!  

Biker patches are worn on the back of one's vest or jacket and they serve as a central location for all other smaller, personalized pieces. There is often more than just bikers' clubs that have unique designs; it can be difficult to find these items in shops due to their popularity with motorcyclists who ride together across town after school each day! A biker can use a back patch to illustrate their distinctive character. The main piece of who they are as part of the club, or lone wolf community is portrayed in this small accessory that tells everyone around you what kind of bike rider you want to be seen as!
If there was ever an excuse for wearing one thing consistently throughout your outfit then I believe it would lie with motorcycle jackets; after all - these jackets were created specifically because people didn't want other cars' license plates slowing down traffic while driving past them on busy roads? Bikers have used patches to show their distinctiveness and what they truly believe in. The coarse appearance on most back patch is only a way of illustrating the distinctive characters of that person but do not, in any way indicate an allegiance with any group or gang. Picking the perfect spot to put a patch on your jacket can be tricky, but there are many different methods. The best way is sewing it into place or gluing with super-strong adhesive if you don't want any risk of removing them later on down the road. But what about all those other options? Well let me tell ya this one thing: When deciding between sticking something under normal circumstances (with pins) vs using an air hook like we do here at Patchworks HQ - which does require some skill – go straight for option C without hesitation! Biker patches come in all shapes and sizes, with the most common ones being large ones found on motorcycles. First of all you should know that if your jacket has a renewable liner (such as cotton), then it's best to take this out first so be sure not only does polyester or nylon thread exist but also no 100%cotton at all is used for sewing purposes because once these react together during tanning they will rot quickly causing holes within just months/years from now! 

I always recommend using clear thread if possible, and I usually do my best to match the color of a jacket's border. You will need thimble needles for this project as well; they come in many different sizes depending on what type or size patch you are working with (thimbles can also be found at your local craft store). To hold everything together nicely once all stitching has been completed see below: push down hard under pressure so knots form where edges meet up before removing any extra length needed after sewing unless its something very detailed like full skirt facings which always require an excess amount removed from each side because those pieces have their own pattern applied over top ours when we add layers later during construction process - just make sure not too tight!). Once you have stitched about a third of the round each under and pull off the tape, one thing to remember while stitching is that it’s important for your knots not be visible from outside. To keep this patched piece in great condition as well as provide an extra layer against wear-and-tear (knotting), we recommend using threading that starts internally when beginning at edge with concealed endings so there are no rough ends poking through any fabric layers beneath like other methods may do on occasion even if they don't rip right away because most shops offer different styles or types depending what type coat/jacket etc. 

What are Biker Patches Made of?

Biker patches come in all shapes and sizes, but they always have certain features that are common. Colors can vary depending on what biker club the design belongs too; however most colors used for bike clubs will fall under orange or white tones. Bikers like their patch to hold up well against wear-and-tear so these heavy fabrics such as denim or cotton tend do best when trying out new designs because there's no need for complex stitching techniques which means less waste material by cutting logos into smaller pieces before sewing them onto jackets etcetera!

50% Embroidery - This type of embroidery is often used for simple designs with basic text and sayings. It can also be found in less complex patterns, because at least 50% or more twill background material will always show through when applying this style; however there are times where only a small part displays due to its simplicity. This type costs significantly less than other kinds which makes it perfect if you're looking into doing something like patchwork on your clothing!

75% Embroidery - This type of embroidery is most common on biker patches because it's fast, easy and affordable. It can be used for any design with little risk involved in terms or quality-control issues due to only 50% being covered by threads before sewing it all together!

100% Embroidery - The highest quality patches have intricate embroidery and are designed for people who want the best accuracy possible. Reading them requires a very close eye, as even small details can be seen on these patches when worn under light or at night time visibility conditions are poor; this is because there's almost no background visible (the twill). These types of designs often require high-quality threads with silk ends so that they don't frays easily during production which would make stitching more difficult than necessary but also reduce cost in doing business overall due to their durability - not having any broken strings means less wasted material!

All materials used in making biker patches should be manufactured with adhesive backing to allow for iron on application. On the same note, each patch has its own seal across its backside and front face which protect it from dirt or moisture so they last longer as well! Patches can also have a distinctive embroidered border that makes sewing easier than ever before; this is great because nobody wants errors when customizing their gear! The embroidered patch should be designed to have the best color vibrancy, most detailed stitching and accuracy. The colors will provide a long lasting enjoyment because they're machine washable as well can stand up against wear from being laundered regularly or exposed in harsh environments like water.

How are biker patches made?

Bikers are proud of their patches and wear them proudly. Patches can be used to show support for different organizations or ideas, which is why biker groups have such a variety in what they represent. Most often these pieces will adorn vests or jackets on display at all times - never staying hidden while out on rides if it's something important enough! Making your own? It doesn't require much more than some sewing skills; just make sure you're equipped with everything needed first so that way nothing gets left behind: material (the thicker = better), thread colour(s) specifically chosen depending upon design desired by wearer). 

Most biker patches are made from heavy duty fabric such as denim or other strong cotton, because they have a tendency to last longer. Sketch out what type of design you want for your patches. You can look through car or motorcycle magazines to get ideas, but don't worry if that doesn't work because there are also plenty available on the internet as well! Tracing paper is a fun way to make quick mistakes without permanently damaging your sketch. You can add color or lines for extra detail, but don't worry--you'll be designing on the computer soon enough! Once the image is outlined, it can be colored and scaled to create an embroidery design on items such as shirts. The outline of your original artwork should remain in place unless you adjust its size or color before outlining for different materials like felt with a needle that has been used previously by someone else who put their initials inside - this means there are no guarantees about what will happen when putting something new into these old closed loops! Once you've created your final design, upload it onto the sewing machine. Make sure to do so before loading up any adjustments or resizing in an attempt at achieving that perfect outcome. Once you've centered your fabric, place it in the embroidery hoop and select a machine setting that works best for creating patches. The settings will allow your machine to automatically sew the design based on what was designed by our software team! 

Once the patch is complete, remove your fabric loop and slide it away. Check for any flaws or loose threads before trimming off excess material to make sure that this small detail won't ruin your project! Most biker patches are sewn onto their garments rather than ironed on because they're constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions; sewing them in place will give you peace of mind knowing how well protected everything underneath stays clean no matter what Mother Nature throws at her kids today.

Where do I put my biker patches?

If you ride a motorcycle, then your vest is necessary. Not only will it protect from road debris and rocks while also protecting against bugs like an introduction of those who meet with patches that tell others what organizations or groups one might be apart - in this case through their taste for layout proper on leather vests depending upon the viewer’s preference. Moto jacket meets hot-rodder's uniform: The casual observer may bypass these men entirely if they are not looking closely enough; however anyone more observant will notice them long before anything else does due to how flamboyantly garish each design can get at times (the colors were still neon bright after sunset).

The back of your vest should have an organization's logo on it. This is the place for motorcycles clubs and organizations that offer patches to show how long they've been around or what year you joined, depending on their tradition. If there are no specific places designated in clubhouses then simply lay them near each other; just make sure not too crowded so as not damage any stitching if necessary! Leather vests are a long-standing tradition in motorcycle clubs. But if you want your name or nickname made into an official patch to wear on this classic garment, be sure it's placed at the left side front over one’s heart - that will make others look first when they see what yours says! If holding office within an organization (club), then place under 'NAME'. The perfect layout for your memorial patches can be as individual and creative as you want. Some bikers start a row along the bottom of their vest, while others choose to scatter them around on their bike jacket or pants like confetti at an event celebrating someone special in life who has died; this is both respectful towards our fallen brothers & sisters (and those still living) but also allows members who feel more comfortable with one style over another freedom when choosing where it goes best based off personal preference alone! 

You may not always be able to remember the names of every event that you've attended, but your vest is a road map for life. When it comes time for an upcoming biker gathering or concert with some patches from different places in mind; just ask any vendor around and they'll sew them on so all can see where their passion takes them next! 

Custom Biker Patches

Pick your options, share the artwork of your custom biker patches,
and we’ll get you a mockup within 12 hours.

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