15 Video Marketing Statistics for Internet Retailer in 2019 [Infographic]

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  • 52% say that watching the video makes them more confident about their purchasing decisions
  • consumers are 174% more likely to buy something after watching a video about it online.
  • Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not.
  • Video results appear in about 70% of the top 100 listings, the type of content most often displayed in universal or blended search results.
  • 54% of video marketing consumers are captivated to watch marketer’s video if it has an alluring content.
  • In total, 83% of global viewers would rather watch YouTube videos.
  • The group of countries with the most interest in video content is Latin America.
  • A total of 73% of worldwide viewers are content with watching social media videos that interest them.

Video marketing is becoming more essential in the business world every year. The advancement of technology in the 21st century has also affected the way businesses try to advertise their products.

We are living in a contemporary world and lagging business owners need to get on board with the program. Here, we will reveal 16 helpful video marketing statistics that will motivate you:

1. Are You Aware That Video Marketing Has Increased By 6% Since 2018?

A video is a stimulating media and is a widely accepted marketing strategy by business owners. Since its infusion in social media, it has rapidly attracted attention to content. A video improves the viewer’s understanding of the product or service.

Image Source: Crewmachine.com

Data Source: Wyzowl.com

In 2018, according to Wyzowl, the percentage of video marketing in business was 81%. However, it has experienced rapid growth and is now 87% in 2019. Video marketing promotes creativity in marketers.

Furthermore, it generally creates a competitive atmosphere in the same industry. Light competition is good for business and it helps marketers to think. A survey revealed that 68% of consumers prefer video marketing over others.

2. More Than 75% of Global Mobile Data Traffic Will Be Video In 2020

The percentage increase from 2016 to the present year has rapidly accelerated. Video marketing is undoubtedly on a fast track. In 2016, video marketing statistics expanded from 63% to 81% in 2017.
Image Source: Jackieyuan.me
In the year, 2018, it achieved a whopping sum of 87% and 2019 is well on its way to increase. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the tradition will continue in 2020. It is advisable that you should adapt to this marketing strategy.

Video marketing is an effective way for both local and international brands to publicize their businesses. We are informing you about this, so you don’t lag in the business upgrade.

3. Facebook Videos Get an Average of More Than 8 Billion Views Per Day

Image Source: Iphonehacks.com

Data Source: Techcrunch.com

Facebook has been the top social media platform for as long as we can remember. It is a platform that you can use to demonstrate your video marketing ideas. Facebook users are equipped with options such as:


  • Live video;
  • Status video updates;
  • Pre-recorded video on your Facebook feeds.

A business associate who used Facebook video marketing for her brand promotion got great results. She sells branded soap and she uploaded a video of her getting reviews from her customers. After its upload on Facebook, the video helped her attract more customers and cemented their trust in her.

4. YouTube Videos Accumulate 5 Million Views Every Day

Image Source: Howtogeek.com
YouTube is also a major catalyst for the video marketing strategy. Even better, YouTube majors in only video upload and is all about selling your ideas. All you have to do is put out a worthwhile video and gain attention from YouTube registered users.

Furthermore, getting YouTube users to subscribe to your account should be your target. It’s a top social media platform for brands like music labels, DIY (Do It Yourself), movie and game analysis. YouTube is one of the app usages that is considered while rating an artist.

5. An Email Header With “Video” Attracts More Attention

Image Source: Cincopa.com

It is undeniable that when you notice ‘video’ in your email subject it will pique your curiosity. If it is from a spam account, then you should totally ignore. When we came across this video marketing idea on the internet, we decided to try it out ourselves.


So, we had repeatedly sent complaints to this particular company about the awful sound their dishwasher made. However, it was when we attached a video of the noisy dishwasher they finally responded to our emails. They replied swiftly and even apologized with a new dishwasher!


Apparently, the experiment worked, and the video attachment was effective. Do you have any information that you have been trying to convey via email but no response? Then you should try this method because it works.

6. As Reported by Forrester, 60 Seconds of Video Makes 1.8m Words

Image Source: Rapidpurple.com
The audio-visual display is better than all audio, textual, and visual media combined. It is often said that a picture tells a million stories. However, a video tells a billion more.

Anybody would view reading 1.8 million words about a subject as tasking. It is only logical to pick a 60-second video in which the same information will be conveyed. This further proves the essence of video marketing.

7. A Billion Snaps Are Viewed Daily on The Snapchat App

Image Source: Showmore.com
Snapchat is a social media app that offers diverse video sharing techniques. Like Facebook, snapchat also offers live video and pre-recorded video. Snapchat has a variety of filters that can be used to make your video fascinating.

Fascination is a key element to add to your video marketing strategy. When viewers find your video interesting, it will make them want to know more. And from knowing more, it can lead to patronage, promotions or sponsorship.

If you are into restaurant reviews, then Snapchat or Instagram is the appropriate app for you. On these apps, you are privileged to share your opinions and physical reactions with billions of viewers. You can use other social media platforms to broadcast the link to the information.

8. Most Millennials Prefer Brands That Use Video Marketing Strategy

Image Source: Valoso.com
We are at a time where everybody seeks the easy and fastest way that will yield good results. The 21st-century generation is moved by what is interesting and in vogue. Video marketing strategy has proven to be captivating.

Understanding your target audience’s preference will help you determine the marketing strategy to apply. Nevertheless, video marketing strategy is the most sought-after media strategy since some years ago. Your business marketing will attract customers so endeavor to make it your priority.

Here are some bullet points for you to understand the preference scale for video marketing:

  • 54% of video marketing consumers are captivated to watch marketer’s video if it has an alluring content.
  • In total, 83% of global viewers would rather watch YouTube videos.
  • The group of countries with the most interest in video content is Latin America.
  • A total of 73% of worldwide viewers are content with watching social media videos that interest them.

The zeal to improve your business will make you conform to video marketing strategy. It is a way to attain and create an interactive session with your customers and potential ones. Visit the Vidyard website to learn more.

9. 50% Of Businesspersons Are Switching to Digital Video From TV

Image Source: Inc.com

More people are becoming familiar with why video marketing is important. Without further ado, statistics clearly indicate how well the video marketing strategy is helping businesses. It is good that business owners are adapting to the technique.

Don’t be the last person to get on board with the program. Turning a blind eye to the video marketing strategy will do more harm than good to your business. From the 63% of brands using video marketing strategy, 82% believes it is essential to their business growth. And 99% intend to advance their business with the video marketing strategy.

10. In 2018, 92% of Video Consumers Shared Videos with Others

Image Source: Tubefilter.com
One of the major benefits of video marketing is that people have the opportunity to share fascinating videos. Gaining recognition would go a long way in improving your business. Remember that your video must be in regard to the product or service you are selling.

You shouldn’t drift far away from the video content because that is what viewers are watching out for. You are required to always have your target audience in mind while creating video content. Also, after gaining attention, you should ensure that you maintain it too.

11. According To MWP, There Was A Total Of 55% Online Video Consumers

As a matter of fact, acquiring views for your videos is no longer a challenge. And having a domineering online presence will help you reach your audience. Nevertheless, several internet users are now into watching videos so getting consumers won’t be a struggle.
Image Source: Dmnews.com
Video marketing is a thriving strategy that isn’t going to see its end anytime soon. Many more internet users are becoming familiar with the concept daily. And even internet marketers are getting accustomed to the strategy.

12. According to Hubspot 2018, 95% of Video Marketing Consumers Further Knowledge on The Sighted Product or Service


Image Source: Proceedinnovative.com

Data Source: Biteable.com

A fascinating video will go a long way in piquing consumers’ interests. A brief yet descriptive video about your product or service will make the viewer want to know more. In this case, you should provide information on how they can contact you.

It is important that potential clients have a way to reach you. Because you don’t want them getting the product or service you marketed from another source. That is why you must leave a trace of your identity in the video.

13. Hubspot Also Reported That 64% Of Video Marketing Viewers Actually Purchase Products Online

Image Source: Videezy.com

Data Source: Hubspot.com

Well, not only do video marketing consumers watch and enjoy your videos. The good news is many of them actually patronize you! And others will eventually do too.

Video marketing is usually a fun way of getting an audience for your business. However, you can cleverly employ tactics that will make them buy a thing or two. For example, an acquaintance of a friend who sells kitchenware did something we consider clever.

She intentionally uploaded her pre-recorded video in the evening when everybody was settled and comfortable in their homes. Then she tagged her friends in the Facebook post to mention 5 lovers of kitchenware they know. She made it a competition and the winner with the highest engagement gets free kitchenware.

What might go unnoticed to these people is that she cleverly used them to reach a wider target audience. From the many lovers of kitchenware that were tagged, a reasonable percentage will patronize her.

14. SmallBizTrends Acknowledged That Video Marketing Users Enjoy 41% More Web Traffic Than Companies That Don’t Use


Image Source: Crazyegg.com

Data Source: Smallbiztrends.com

One of the bonuses that come with video marketing is web traffic. The numbers don’t lie, and statistics prove it. Organizations that used video marketing strategy accumulated 41% more web traffic than organizations that didn’t.

There are several undisputed proofs of how video marketing generates an impressive income. Don’t know what you are waiting for. You should be in front of your camera creating a digital video right now!

15. 80% Of Video Marketing Viewers Can Recollect the Advert Even After 30 Days -Hubspot


Image Source: Marketingland.com

Data Source: Lemonlight

Intriguing video marketing appeals to the cognitive skills of consumers. You should endeavor to create content consumers can relate to. This will help them to have an easy recollection of your Ad.

As long as you create video content worth remembering, then viewers will recall. And that is really the core of video marketing: a video worth remembering.

16.  As Reported by Digital Information World, 67% Of Businesses Bloomed as A Result of Video Marketing


Image Source: Lynda.com

Data Source: Forbes.com

It has already been established that video marketing is effective, and the numbers agree too. However, it is critical to follow the guidelines on how to execute a captivating video. That is the only way you could achieve improvement in your business.

To learn more about how video marketing can help convert customers and increase engagement with your brand, check out the infographic below from Vidyard.

VIVIPINS Infographic_10fps


Now you know the importance of video marketing and how they affect a business positively. Apply them on your business and enjoy the power of video marketing. I hope that this article has been of great help to you. Feel free to ask questions and make suggestions in the comment section below.
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