6 Tips To Make Enamel Pins Design More Easy

Written by Robin Brown on March 12, 2021
You need customized enamel pins. But you’re not sure where to get them or which manufacturer to trust.Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.Here will go over the six best places to get Are you overwhelmed with the thought of designing your enamel pins? Are you thinking of hiring a professional designer?

Don’t worry; there is no need to spend money on designing your enamel pin. It’s much easier than you think.In this post, I will go over some tips to help guide you through the design process.Let’s dive in.

1.  Sketch Your Design on Paper

sketch your design on paper image
image source:youtube.com/watch?v=ZJXKAzmNjWM
The first step to designing your enamel pin is getting all your ideas onto a piece of paper. You can start doing this by sketching a rough draft of your design.

Consider doing many sketches and different variations of your design.

This will give you an excellent visualization of your ideas. You can use this to brainstorm different versions and combinations.

If you are having trouble coming up with ideas you can use this time as a free space to explore different concepts.Look for inspiration from other parts of your life. This can be your daily life, kids, sports, or favorite show.

You can also use your hobbies or passions. Another great way to generate ideas is to choose a theme.

For example, let’s say you want to create pins around a sports theme. You can use this to help promote your ideas. If you are still having trouble, consider combining two themes or concepts together.

For example, you could combine sports and animals. The result is animals playing sports.This is a great way to help generate ideas if you have a hard time coming up with a design.

Once you are happy with a few designs, you are ready to start working on your design’s digital version.

2. Outline

Once you have your sketch, you can scan your sketch and upload it to your computer.Outline your sketch using digital design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

With an outline of your sketch, you can create a skeleton design of your drawing.

When converting your design to a sketch, consider the size of your pin. Make sure you shrink your drawing if you are going to be making a smaller pin.

If you are not sure about the size, remember that enamel pins are between 0.50″ and 2″. Make sure you can fit your design into this size without losing too many details or running your design.

3. Refine Your Design

refine your design
image source:youtube.com/watch?v=ZJXKAzmNjWM
When designing your enamel pin, it’s crucial that you keep your design simple. Simplicity will make for a better pin. Overly complicated designs do not translate well into enamel pins.

There are a few things you can do to refine your design:
●Remove Shading and Gradients
The color system on enamel pins is simple. To start, you can remove any shading or gradients.

Shading and gradients can not be displayed on an enamel pin. If you want to add three-dimensionality to your pin, you can use a soft enamel pin to add ridges to your design.

●Eliminate Unnecessary Detail
Look for areas of your design that has unnecessary detail. Enamel pins are not capable of capturing intricate detail.

For example, lines designed to add subtle pattern or texture are not necessary. Remove these and replace them with a solid color.

You can also remove small details or shapes that don’t add to the design. Make sure that the lines and shapes in your design have a purpose and contribute to the design.

●Eliminate Negative Space or Gaps In Your design
If there are any gaps or dead space in your design, these should be eliminated. All the space in your design should contribute to the appearance.

Gaps will result in lapses in your design. These gaps will need to be filled with a color. As a result, it will look strange if there are gaps in your design, and you don’t have an overarching background.

●Use Large Fonts
Remember to avoid using small fonts. When converted to a pin, the small text will be unreadable.
The exact font size will vary on the overall size of your pin.

As a baseline, avoid using fonts smaller than 5pt.

4. Select Your Colors

select your colors
image source:youtube.com/watch?v=ZJXKAzmNjWM
Once you have finalized your design, it’s time to select your colors.

Pantone is a color system that has unique codes for each color. Pantone is used for physical paints. In comparison, other standard color-coding systems such as RGB and CMYK are for digital screens.

For the most accurate results chose your colors using Pantone. After you have decided you can use a color detection system to find the exact match between Panton and RGP.

5.  Separate Colors Using Borders

separate colors using borders
image source:youtube.com/watch?v=ZJXKAzmNjWM
When choosing your colors, remember that there must be raised metal between them to use two colors.
Shapes without borders must be the same color.

The reason for this is because of the manufacturing process using to create enamel pins. The colors are not painted on with a brush. The enamel is poured into the designs until the shape is full or to the desired level.

If you tried to combine colors without a border, the colors would mix.

If there are areas in your design that need different colors, add a line to represent the raised metal. Otherwise, when manufacturing your design, you won’t be able to make adjustments.

6. Choose Your Pin Type

enamel pins type image
The final consideration when designing your enamel pin is to choose between hard enamel or soft enamel pins.

Soft enamel pins have a three-dimensional, textured appearance because the ridges are exposed. Hard enamel pins have a smooth and even surface because they are filled and polished.

Use soft enamel pins if your:
●On a budget
●Design requires three-dimensionality or texture
●The design has subtle details
●Want more plating options such as painting.

Use hard enamels if:
●Want a professional feel
●Want to create a bubbly or cartoony effect
●The design should look shiny and sleek
●Want a more durable pin


That’s wasn’t that hard, was it.

Using the tips outlined above, you have what you need to design your enamel pins. Don’t wait any longer.

Start designing, so you can bring your enamel pins to reality.
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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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