How To Make Enamel Pins?

Written by Robin Brown on May 10, 2021
This guide will help you turn your designs into eye-catching enamel pins step by step.

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Step 1: Prepare your pin design

Tip 1 : Make sure that the linework is crisp and connected.
The lines will separate the colors, so it's important to have clear and well-connected linework. This is crucial for the manual pouring of colors onto the pin.

Tip 2 : Make sure that the design is simple enough.
Working with small pin sizes (1 to 2 inches) can be challenging. Avoid complex designs that may make it difficult to pour colors accurately. Simplifying the design will help expedite the manufacturing process.

Tip 3 : Do not use small texts.
Text on a small pin will be hard to read. It's best to avoid small text altogether to ensure legibility.

Tip 4 : Try to use bold lines and colors if possible.
Given the small size of pins, bold lines are more visible from a distance. Muted colors may appear less visually appealing, so opting for bold colors is recommended unless you specifically require pastel shades.

Tip 5 : Do not use shading on your design.
Shading and gradients are challenging to replicate accurately on a pin. Manufacturers typically prefer solid colors. Avoid wasting time on design elements that will ultimately be removed during the manufacturing process.

Tip 6: Make sure that you use the Pantone color matching system
To communicate the desired colors for your custom enamel pins, use the Pantone color matching system. Most manufacturers rely on this system to achieve accurate color reproduction. This ensures that the final pins match your original design.

Step 2: Decide enamel pins material

Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel pins provide a jewelry-quality design with an exceptionally smooth surface, ensuring both durability and longevity. These pins are created using a die-struck iron metal base. The enamel is added before the plating process, followed by multiple rounds of polishing.

Due to the requirement of adding each color separately, hard enamel pins tend to be more expensive. However, their durability is a noteworthy advantage. It's important to note that the multiple polishing stages limit the level of intricate detail that can be achieved in the design.
hard enamel pins image

Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins are known for their three-dimensional appearance, featuring a textured surface with intricate details. The design is stamped onto an iron metal base and then cut to the desired size. The badges are attached to the metal plating, and the recessed areas are filled with enamel. The pins are then baked to ensure the enamel hardens.

Soft enamel pins typically have a slightly bumpy surface, unless an epoxy coating is applied. The use of epoxy allows for even more intricate details to be included in the design. Additionally, soft enamel pins are often more affordable compared to hard enamel pins.
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Step 3: Decide how many pins you need

Most of the enamel pin manufacturers would ask you to order 100 pcs as the minimum order quantity. If you want to low down risk, you can also work with a few companies which can custom sample pins such as vivipins, wizardpins.

Step 4: Find the right pin company

Once you have your design ready to be sent to the manufacturer, the next step is to find the right manufacturer. There are 7 points for you to find a right enamel pin manufacturer
-1 Do they produce the type of pin you want (hard or soft enamel)?

It is better to choose the vendor who can produce hard enamel pins; soft enamel pins; 3D cast; Die Stuck; off-set printing.
-2 What is the minimum order quantity for the custom enamel pins?

Most of the vendors required MOQ 100 pcs for the custom pins. But most of the time, you just need a small quantity for your design
-3 How long will it take to get the pins made and shipped?

Normally, it will take the vendor 2 weeks to produce the pins and 3-5 working days to deliver your pin. In case you need urgent order, confirm the delivery date before you place your order
-4 How fast the manufacturer responds to your queries?

Do they answer your call immediately? Do they respond to emails within the day? The faster their response, the higher you can put them on the list of manufacturers to consider.
-5 Any real customer reviews?

Whether they have a third-party reviews, and what other customers say about this company?
-6 Ask to see some actual samples of their work?

Some pins might look great on a photo but not in real life. Nothing beats having the actual product in your hand to really check out its quality. Check if the vendor was able to copy the exact color of the submitted design.
-7 Will they send digital proof before production?

Send digital proof of your design will avoid mistakes before production
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Article written by Robin Brown
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