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Wedding Pins Gain in Popularity!

Whether for the bride, bridal party or guests, wedding pins are a hot new trend.

They make great wedding favors for guests and can be the item that makes a particular wedding stand out over other similar events. Wedding pins are also a great way to build excitement for coming nuptials. There is bride to be pins, bride pins, mother of the bride pins, maid of honor pins and much, much more.

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Wearing the pins can let passers-by know a special occasion is coming and can also help the get the wearer excited about the coming special event.

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The History of Wedding Pins

Pins have long been associated with weddings, especially bride pins and bridal party pins.

The pins were a great gift that brides to be could give their bridal party members and they were also a great way for friends or family members to show their excitement for a coming wedding by giving the bride a pin.

As with many traditions, pin sharing fell out of favor for a while but has recently come back with a vengeance as more and more brides are partaking in the tradition.

These days at weddings and bridal showers you are likely to see a variety of wedding pins – from mother of the bride pins to a friend of the bride pins to many, many more.

The pins can range from incredibly detailed to more generic designs but weren’t doesn’t change is the pride the wearers show in their pins.

One reason for the resurgence of wedding pins is the ease that the pins can now be ordered online.

For example, at Vivipins, a leading provider of wedding pins as well as numerous other types of pins, customers can quickly and easily place an order through the company’s online ordering process and have wedding pins for family members and friends in a mere matter of days.

Vivipins officials say they receive numerous orders for wedding pins – these types of pins are among the most popular that they make.

The pins can be made in five different material styles:

  • 3D Cast Lapel Pins
  • Cloisonne’ Hard Enamel Pins
  • Die Struck Pins
  • Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins
  • Printed Pins

Here some additional information about the company’s wedding pins:

Vivipins is able to replicate just about any design. Bride pins, bridal party pins and other wedding pins are printed through a CMYK 4-color process, which allows for unlimited Pantone-match colors (PMS) and color gradients. Text sizes can also be printed as small as required — even smaller than is legible to the human eye.

The minimum order quantity is 30 pins. However, Vivipins representatives are also happy to discuss pricing and quantity options for special orders.

One great thing about ordering wedding pins from Vivipins is that after the pins have been manufactured, they are checked at the factory and double-checked at the distribution center to ensure design fidelity and quality. If there are any issues, company representatives notify the customer and then they work together to address any issues.

Vivipins can also make custom shaped wedding pins. However, the pins do require the company to first manufacture a custom mold for the specific shape and size so an order may take slightly longer.

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