Custom Enamel Pins

 If you’re in need of custom enamel pins for an event or for reselling through your business, you’ve come to the right place. Vivipins has been offering top-of-the-line custom enamel pins with no required MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)! Whether you’re looking for hard enamel pins or soft enamel pins, the policy is simple. You place an order with us and explain exactly what you need. Our team will evaluate your designs and declare an ETA to you. Then, your job is to wait for the order to arrive. 

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Why Enamel Pins?

Custom made enamel pins are easy to produce and quite cost-effective. You have the ultimate freedom over your design choices because enamel paint is easy to work with. No matter how complex your design is, Vivipins can deliver the top-quality custom enamel pin to your doorstep.
Superior design freedom
Cheap to produce
No minimum order quantity
Free shipping
Variable sizes available 

How We Works?

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Submit an order
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Approve the proof
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Receive your product

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fast turnaround time, easy ordering, no minimum, best prices



Brooklyn, USA


Brooklyn, USA


Brooklyn, USA


When I first ordered my pins at Vivipins, I was afraid of the quality. But nonetheless, the quality of the product came out amazing! I had several questions during the manufacturing process. The customer service team was very professional and knowledgeable to provide me with answers. The shipping time was exactly what Vivipins promised me! Much recommended.

Customer Reviews

I have faced issues before with online vendors due to my complex pin designs. All of them promised me a lot only to not deliver. So, I was naturally skeptical about Vivipins. But all of my fears were gone after I received my pins. The design came out exactly as I hoped for! As mine were hard enamel pins, I know for a fact that they’ll last a long time as well! From now on, Vivipins is my go-to vendor.

Customer Reviews

The ordering process was a breeze. The website has on-point navigation. The customer support is also spectacular! I own an art business and I’ve recently introduced enamel pins to my audience. I was looking for a reliable vendor for my bulk orders. Although we went through a few print cycles, Vivipins has marked all of the boxes effortlessly!

Customer Reviews

Make Your Own Enamel Pins

Whether you’re looking forward to developing your corporate identity, arrange a fundraiser, make collectibles for your fans, launch a new lineup of products, or anything else, Custom Enamel pins fill the void quite well. If you’re not sure what enamel pins are, they are the good old lapel pins that you know but covered in enamel paint. The design you have in mind will be brought to light using the clever use of enamel paint layers. In terms of quality, you can go two different ways. Soft enamel pins and hard enamel pins. Soft pins have only one layer of paint and it sits below the metal casing of the pin. It creates a ridged finish that you can fill with your touch. The other type of enamel pins is hard pins. Instead of using one layer, these enamel pins are made with multiple layers of paints and baking them separately. It creates a very strong bond between the layers. Finally, the pins are polished to flush against the casing. 
Ordering with Vivipins is as easy as it gets. You need to navigate to our website and select lapel pins from the top navigation menu. You’ll find all the different color options, attachment options, plating colors, packing options, different upgrade options, and so on. After you’ve decided what you exactly want, you need to contact our support to talk to one of the design managers. After further discussion, we’re going to confirm your order and let you know the exact delivery date. Now, all you have to do is wait for the products to arrive. We can guarantee you stellar quality and top of a line finish on the enamel pins. Our designers can also help you to create your unique design if you don’t have one ready yet. And you will have top quality enamel pins with wholesale price.

Custom Enamel Pins Bulk

Pick your options, share the artwork of your custom Enamel Pins,
and we’ll get you a mockup within 12 hours.

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