Enamel Pins Social Media Marketing Affect Buying Decisions

Written by Robin Brown on June 2, 2021
1. 81% of Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions are Influenced by Friends in Social Media
2. 71% of Consumers Would Buy Something Based on Referrals in Social Media
3. 31% of Consumers Said That They Used Social Media to Browse Products to Buy
4. 84% Percent of Millennials Said that UGC Also Affects Their Buying Decisions
5. 53% of Consumers Recommend Certain Products Through Tweets
6. 48% Follow the Recommendation and Buy Products (Related to #6)
7. 78% of Consumers Stated That Ads on Social Media Affect Their Buying Decision
8. Conversion Will Increase 133% When Shoppers See Positive Reviews

These statistics emphasize the significant impact of social media on consumer behavior and highlight the importance of leveraging social media platforms in marketing and advertising strategies.
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Image Source: searchenginejournal.com
Social media plays a vital role in shaping our lives and, most significantly, influencing our purchasing choices. It is imperative that social media becomes an integral component of your marketing strategy for enamel pins.

Regrettably, marketing your enamel pins on social media can be quite daunting. New social media platforms emerge every few years, adding to the complexity. Furthermore, existing platforms frequently introduce fresh features and modify their algorithms, further complicating matters.

But fret not! I am here to assist you. In this article, I will provide you with comprehensive insights on leveraging social media to enhance your enamel pin business.

Choosing the Right Platform 

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Selecting the appropriate platform is a pivotal aspect of social media marketing. The choice of platform significantly impacts the audience you can reach and the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

When it comes to promoting enamel pins, certain social media platforms prove to be particularly advantageous. Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook stand out as the most effective channels for enamel pin marketing.

In particular, Instagram deserves considerable attention. The visual allure of enamel pins lends itself perfectly to the creation of captivating videos and images that entice potential customers.

Create Videos

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Image Source: Iphonehacks.com
The future of online marketing lies in videos. They possess a remarkable ability to attract customers, maintain their engagement, and leave a lasting impression.

When utilizing social media platforms, I strongly advocate for creating your own videos. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have made the process of video creation and publication more accessible than ever before.

It is noteworthy that only a few years ago, Pinterest did not permit the use of videos. Similarly, Instagram has introduced features such as Stories and Instagram TV to enhance the ease and potency of video content on the platform.

Use Enamel Pin Influencers 

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Image Source: Inc.com
Engaging social media influencers presents a tremendous opportunity to effectively promote your enamel pins to specific target audiences. To maximize success, it is crucial to establish connections with suitable influencers.

When choosing a social media influencer, it is essential to consider both your customers and the influencer's audience. The key is to select influencers whose audience aligns with your intended target audience.

It is important to ensure that the influencers you collaborate with have a substantial following that closely matches the demographic and interests of your target customers.

You can find influencers in several ways, including
●Looking manually 
●Using Social Media recruiting companies. 
●Use custom made apps that help you find            

Use Social Medias Shop Feature To Sell Your Products

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Image Source: mediaindia.eu
Instagram has implemented several business-friendly features that enhance its suitability for promoting enamel pins. It is crucial to start incorporating these features into your Instagram page.

The "Shop" feature on Instagram enables your customers to effortlessly access product descriptions and pricing details.

By tagging your images and videos with your enamel pin products, you facilitate a seamless purchasing experience for your customers.

The Impact of Social Media on Buying Decisions 

For businesses, social media holds far greater significance than mere entertainment. It serves as a potent tool to boost sales and enhance brand visibility.

The influence of social media surpasses common perception, exerting a profound impact on consumers' purchasing decisions. This influence can be harnessed to your advantage, aiding in the sale of enamel pins.

Below are some key statistics on how social media affects your customers buying decisions
●More than 50% of social media users use social media to research products before buying. 
●Social media platforms allow you to gather social proof on your products. Social proof will help you build trust with your customers and increase sales. 
●Nearly 50% of social media users follow product advice from social media influencers.
●Another report found that 71% of social media users are more likely to buy a product if they see a referral on social media. 

Using Social Media to Create Social Engagement 

Generating excitement and buzz around your products is always a desirable goal. Social media platforms offer a valuable opportunity to generate organic social engagement for your products.

This social engagement typically comes at no cost and enables you to begin establishing trust with your customers.

By fostering social engagement, you can showcase that your business is operated by real individuals. It also facilitates a connection with your customers, as they perceive a sense of authenticity and comfort in engaging with your brand.

Furthermore, social media plays a significant role in creating social proof for your products. When you generate likes, comments, and shares on your social media pages, as well as on other users' pages, you effectively cultivate social proof. Products backed by social proof tend to outperform those lacking any form of social validation.

Social proof serves as a powerful mechanism for building trust with your customers, thereby increasing the likelihood of them purchasing your enamel pins.
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Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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