16 Email Marketing Statistics That Are Defining 2019

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Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing methods. Even as technology and social media has pervaded our culture, email continues to outrun its competitors.

Email marketing is nowhere close to losing its influence. However, there are a few interesting email marketing statistics that could change how email marketers work.

 Why Email Marketing Still Works In 2019

Content marketing cost in 2018

Email continues to be one of the most popular means of communication. According to Adobe, millennials spend an average of 6.4 hours a day reading their emails.

Actually, checking one’s email inbox tends to be a common daily activity for many people, not just millennials.

It remains one of the most cost-efficient ways for businesses and brands to connect with their customers. With email marketing, brands know they are reaching customers on a daily basis.

Moreover, email marketing is a more personal form of communication. A simple “Happy Birthday” email can tell your customers that you value them.

The more value you show towards your target audience, the better. When your emails have value, customers are more likely to look forward to them. In turn, you can easily drive more customers to answer a call-to-action.

However, not all emails are made equal. You can follow all the benefits and how-tos of email marketing and still have less than mindblowing results. Email marketing is evolving, and subscriber studies are the key to unlocking its effectiveness.

1. 21% Of Email Recipients Report Email as Spam, Even If They Know It Isn’t

Image Source: pcworld.com

Your email can end up in the Spam folder for a number of reasons.

Your emails might end up in the Spam pile if your email is full of spam-worthy words. Words like “Double Your Income” or “You’re A Winner” is more than likely to trigger the email filters. Any sign of trigger words will easily red-flag your email and get you labelled as Spam.

Other spam-y content includes too many caps in your content, bad links, or too many images.

For a comprehensive list of email trigger words, check out this Automational list.

2. 43% Of Email Recipients Click the Spam Button Based on The Email “From” Name or Email Address

Incorrect or ambiguous routing information, like the sender’s email address, can send you straight to the Spam folder. The CAN-SPAM Act states that your sender information must be accurate and clearly identify the sender.

An email recipient is less likely to open an email sent by someone they cannot identify. Chances are even lower if the sender information is grossly misleading.

That being said, make sure you include a name in the “from” field that is memorable. Moreover, do not change it too often. Consistency builds a strong reputation and will help people distinguish your emails down the line.

When you boil it down, it is about legitimacy and personal contact. People respond better knowing they are talking to someone they can personally identify.

3. 69% Of Email Recipients Report Email as Spam Based Solely on The Subject Line

Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Content Marketing
Image Source: newscaststudio.com

An email’s headline or subject line can make or break your email’s effectiveness. Much like buying email lists, the CAN-SPAM Act deems it illegal to mislead people with your subject line.

Brands might try to increase their email open rates just by tricking individuals into opening their emails. But this is a sure-fire way to damage your brand.

Litmus and Fluent found that 50% of people felt cheated or deceived into opening an email based on the subject line. This can result in people marking your email as spam. Worse, it can drive them to ultimately unsubscribe to your email list.

Here are some examples of deceptive subject lines:


  • Urgent – Update Your Information
  • Thanks for your Order!

4. 35% Of Email Recipients Open Email Based on The Subject Line Alone

influencer marketing
Image Source:mshoagiaotiep.com

Like we have already seen, the subject line can be more valuable than the body of your email. So, what does encourage customers to open an email based on the subject line?

When you think of a headline, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about how they would react to your headline and adjust accordingly.

The best thing to do is to keep it simple. People respond well to clear and concise information in subject lines. In fact, Mail Chimp found that short, descriptive subject lines are more accepted by email recipients.

That is not to say that creative subject lines are unacceptable. You can try for comedic or controversial subject lines as a means of capturing attention. If you do so, remember you have to do it well in order for it to be effective.

Another effective way of framing your subject line is by personalizing it. As in, your subject line should reflect the personality and wants of your target audience. In turn, they will see content of value for them.

using symbols in your email subject lines will increase open rate from 10~50%

Symbol Fun Facts:
  • Subject lines with symbols had a higher unique open rate in 56% of brands we analyzed
  • The black heart (♥) is the most popular symbol, but provided only a modest open rate lift of 2.2%
  • Of the 5 most popular symbols, the black sun with rays had the highest lift in open rates (14.9%)
  • Trying a different symbol may add a ‘wow’ factor to subject lines.   Airplanes (✈) had a 10.7% lift in unique open rates, while umbrellas (☂) generated a 50% lift

5.  IP Addresses Appearing on Just One Of The 12 Major Blacklists Had Email Deliverability 25 Points Below Those Not Listed on Any Blacklists

Voice Searches Will Be Half of All Online Searches in 2020
Image Source:wp2.pepipost.com

While you might not send spam, someone else could send spam under your IP address. This could result in domains blacklisting your IP address. This means that any email sent from the IP address link will bounce or get blocked.

To combat this, you can do two things. First, you can get certified on a list of approved senders. In this way, many email providers will have an easier time identifying you as a viable sender.

Second, there are a number of email marketing services that protect your sending reputation. They have several security measures in place ensure your IP address will not be blacklisted.

6. Email Lists With 10% Or More Unknown Users Get Only 44% Of Their Email Delivered by ISPs

Value-Added Content Is Your New Secret Content Marketing Weapon

The biggest reason is if you did not get permission to email in the first place. It is general rule of thumb to never buy an email list. First of all, it is unethical and could cost you up to $16,000 under the CAN-SPAM Act. Secondly, it is ineffective.

Just as the statistic says, purchased email lists is an easy way to be labelled as spam. Worse, it is a surefire way of getting flagged and blacklisted. This is why less than half of your emails are being sent.

The more unknown users you have, the less likely your content will be sent.

Emails should be sent to someone who has willingly opted in. Customers can do so via a form on your website. That way, it is perfectly clear to them what they are signing up for.

7. 17% Of Americans Create A New Email Address Every 6 Months And 30% Of Subscribers Change Email Addresses Annually

How To Dominate Content Marketing In 2019

As the statistic shows, people can be fickle. Some people change their email addresses because they forgot their passwords. Some simply have more than one email.

Whatever the case, this affects your email deliverability. If a person changes their email from what is on your list, you could be marked as spam. Moreover, your IP address could be blacklisted, and your messages will bounce.

If you find that your emails are bouncing more frequently, your list probably needs an update. This is also where you have to keep up regular contact with your customers. Infrequent emails will not encourage customers to re-subscribe to your emailing list.

Granted that is not to say you should badger them with a horde of emails every week. That is also an easy way to get people to unsubscribe.

Once a month is always a great start. Once you build up a good reputation, you can always move up to a bi-monthly or weekly schedule.

8. If Marketers Optimized Their Emails for Image Blocking, ROI Would Increase 9+%

Another one of the largest problems facing email marketing is image blocking. Whether it is personal preference or a default setting, images are blocked for many users. In turn, this greatly affects how an email is communicated.

First, it undercuts the power of your message. Second, it may even make your email look broken and therefore, not worth opening.

Moreover, mobile viewing your emails is becoming more popular.  In times of bad signal, however, your image might now load. And your customer is left staring at a bunch of question marked boxes.

On top of that, too many images affect the loading time. If a page or email takes longer than 3 seconds to load, people are likely to click away.

Email marketers have to make emails that are still legible even without their images. Or they can learn how to better structure and size their images to their text.

9. 84% Of People 18-34 Use an Email Preview Pane

How To Dominate Content Marketing In 2019
Image Source: technumero.com

In addition to optimie for images, you have to optimize for preview panes. A preview pane is part of many email inboxes. It allows users to peek at an email to see if they want to open it at all.

In this way, a preview pane is actually where your email has to make its first impression. As a matter of fact, 53% of subscribers in B2C emails see the preview pane first. But, as our statistic shows, more and more people use the preview pane as their own personal filter.

Thus, email marketers have to know how to work that space. If you cannot attract people in that small strip of space, they will ignore or delete your message.

A few simple design changes can actually give you an advantage with preview panes. For example, fill the top of your messages with eye-catching details. Some of these details might be your company logo, a compelling headline, or a strong call to action.

10. People Who Buy Products Marketed Through Email Spend 138% More Than People That Do Not Receive Email Offers

As we saw earlier, people are constantly checking their email. In turn, email marketing has a high conversion rate. This means that people are more likely to purchase a product after seeing it in an email.

As a matter of fact, email marketing works 40 times better than social media at drawing in customers. So why is that?

Well, as we have said before, email is a much more personalized form of communication. The products they see in personalized emails are likely to entice their attention.

Emails are quite adaptable as well. They are a great way to keep people informed about sales, coupons and deals. Meanwhile, they can also inform people about webinars, ebooks, and send alerts.

The accessibility and flexibility of emails is what makes great at drawing leads and sales. It is a quite inexpensive marketing method that ensures that you do get more payoff in the end.

However, the effectiveness of emails in drawing sales relies on how well your content turns leads into buyers. There are a variety of email styles that can get people from bystander to active shopper.

11. 44% Of Email Recipients Made At Least One Purchase Last Year Based on A Promotional Email

How To Dominate Content Marketing In 2019
Image Source: mdirector.com

Email marketing and promotional emails are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic towards your product.

True, it seems like brands are taking more and more to social media. It seems like the easiest way to connect with the masses. But social media does not have the biggest user base–email does.

Actually, with social media algorithms, brands have to work harder to get their ads and promotional content in front of people.

With promotional emails, brands can easily cater their messages and send them directly to their consumers. Additionally, emails can even be segmented even more according to consumers likes and interests.

However, like other types of email marketing, promotional emails require some extra steps to be considered high-converting. It is a matter of getting them past opening the email to getting them to click on your call to action.

12. Subscribers Below Age 25 Prefer SMS To Email

How To Dominate Content Marketing In 2019
Image Source: proideators.com

While emails are quite prevalent, there are even more who have a cellphone. With cellphones, there are text messages. Next to emails, text messages are a popular, direct form of communication that marketers can take advantage of.

Text messages are a short, immediate form of email. With permission, they can share updates and retail specials with customers.

What makes text messages stand out is its accessibility. Text messages have a 98% read rate and a 100% open rate. On top of that, most text messages get read within 15 minutes of being received.

This is why SMS is preferred for young people. It is quick and immediate, and the messages tend to be short and sweet.

For email marketers, it is a ripe opportunity to expand your reach with young people. Text messages have a greater chance of catching their attention and creating more leads for you.

We receive countless email and social media marketing messages daily. A marketing text message could be a pleasant change in what people expect of marketers. Not to mention, there are several benefits to incorporating SMS marketing.

13. 35% Of Business Professionals Check Email on A Mobile Device

How To Dominate Content Marketing In 2019
Image Source: bluefountainmedia.com

The world is going mobile. Whether we like it or not, that is becoming our reality. In that sense, marketing efforts have to be streamlined to accommodate mobile devices and lifestyles.

On the topic of business professionals, emails are key to maintaining strong business-to-business connections. B2B emails can cut costs, improve employee efficiency, and work closely with resources. That is why vivipins continue to use email to maintain customers. 

The fact that 35% of business professionals use their mobile devices to check their emails show how businesses are adapting. Mobile emails are not just valuable marketing devices. They are also vital to helping professionals stay on top of their company’s activities.

14. 73% Of Companies Surveyed Prioritize Mobile Device Optimization Of Emails

Interestingly, brands and businesses once resisted the call for mobile optimization. However, in 2018, we have seen businesses adopt mobile email optimization even more.

Businesses are starting to see the value of mobile optimization. Mobile optimization is vital for consumer retention and engagement rates. It is through mobile devices that content can be communicated in an efficient way.

So, what does this mean for email marketers?

Now, email marketers have to pay close attention to the design of their email. It is not enough to write your best content and insert photos. If it does not work well on mobile, your message will get lost.

Here are some tips for email marketers:

Go for a minimalistic look with the design. With mobile optimization, do not overdesign with too many images and graphics. As we saw, you might run into the image block issue or the email will take forever to load.

Use a responsive template. It essentially adjusts to whatever screen its on.

Be smart with your words. Like we mentioned before, avoid spam trigger words. Be able to deliver the most important things in few words.

15. 80% Of Social Network Members Have Received Unsolicited Email or Invites

How To Dominate Content Marketing In 2019
Image Source: lerablog.org

We have normally seen unsolicited emails and invites in our discussion about spam emails. Fortunately, email filters have helped users effectively decrease spam from their inboxes. However, spam has found a new victim in social media.

Spamming in social networks is rampant. There are countless fake social media accounts that will try to befriend celebrities for legitimacy. Once they do that, they are able to access more channels for spamming.

Spam accounts can send out bulk messages filled with malicious links. They can clickbait people into sharing their content while stealing their personal information.

For email marketers, this means being more cautious about conducting their own email campaigns. It means protecting your IP address is more important than ever.

Spammers and hackers are getting smarter. What are the odds they will use your email and social media content for nefarious goals?

16. Interactive Emails Can Increase Click Rate By 300%

How To Dominate Content Marketing In 2019
Image Source: mavenbiztech.com

Amongst all the other forms of marketing, one of the most powerful forms of marketing is video marketing. According to WordStream, marketers who use video increase revenue 49% more than non-users.

Video is a unique and interactive way to engage with your consumers. Combined with email marketing, you have personalization and consumer engagement pat down.

Emails do not need to be newsletters. People’s attention spans are too short to be reading long emails. Too many images can bog down your message’s overall effect.

The great thing about video marketing is that it is an efficient way to deliver a message. 72% of people would rather learn about a product or service through a video than read about it. Moreover, people are more likely to remember something they watched rather than read.

In the realm of email marketing, this should only empower your brand even more. It should help it stand out and make an impression. On top of that, videos are easily adaptable to mobile devices, so people can take your message with them on the go.


Now you know the value of email marketing and how it is still a driving force in the industry. In this upcoming year, we hope you will apply these statistics to your marketing practices. Hopefully, you might reap some of its rewards.

We hope this article was helpful to you! If you have any comments or suggestions, please share them with us below!

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