12 Steps For Non-Celebrity Influencers To Gain Their Footing

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Influencer marketing can be a tricky subject to broach, especially for first-timers to the scene of outdoor marketing. That is why we are here once more, to bring our guide on how to become an influencer. Now, you could be wondering why we are making that very distinguishing remark about celebrities and not?

It is because celebrities have access to a myriad of different methods to market and are influencers. Moreover, while that can be a list, this list is to go over ways non-celebrity influencers can market. Now that we have said all that, it is time to move onto the actual article itself.

1. Discovering Your Niche In This Vast Open World Of Ours

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Of course, before you can become an influencer over the masses, you need to know your niche. It would be best if you discovered what you want to sell before hopping onto the bandwagon. This is an obvious first step, but an essential one to find success in this field.

Now, becoming an influencer is not a comfortable journey to undertake, and it often ends in flames.  Moreover, often enough, the first few attempts to become an influencer can often lead to frustration. It is usually due to either a lack of knowledge on the subject or lack of attention to detail.

It can take time to discover the right proper niche for you to tackle as an influencer. However, once you do discover what it is you want to talk about, things can pick up again

2. Understanding Your Brand And What It Has To Offer People

Let us continue; our second piece of advice to effective influencer marketing is understanding your brand. Understanding what it is your brand is and what it has to offer to paramount to finding success. Without a thorough understanding of what your brand is and what it has to offer, problems can arise.

These problems can consist of potentially advertising to the wrong crowd or group of individuals at any moment. Alternatively, you could mistakenly use the wrong channel to approach your potential customers, alienating them in the process. Alternatively, you could potentially misunderstand what it is your patrons want from you and your product.

Those are just a few problems that could arise from not understanding your brand and audience at times. That is why it is vital always to consider what it is you are selling.

3. Finding The Right Way To Market Yourself As A Non-Celebrity

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Another essential method to consider is the right process to market yourself. Sadly, as a non-celebrity (or someone with influence), the way to market yourself and your brand are limited. However, there are still ways to become an influencer even without that clout, and that here is how.

Be of service to other individuals when you are first getting started as an influencer. Being of service to others will not only generate positive PR but will also give you valuable experience. While being of service to others, see about sponsoring the brand or company you want to influence.

See about getting involved with your community as an influencer, talk and show off your brand. There are more ways you can build your influence and brand over others; you got to find it.  

4. Finding The Perfect Words To Influence Your Audience

As an influencer, it is essential that you learn how to influence people to believe in you. People need to understand the person or company before they can consider supporting that organization. You need to make them think that you/the brand has their backs, that they are number one.

Being an influencer, at the very end of the day, is influencing other people to think or act in a certain way. These influences are often items or services, paid adverts and monetization, but it can be ideas too. are harkens back to finding your niche in the world.

As such, you need to find the perfect words of bridging that gap between you and your audience. Whatever you have to offer, locate that ideal channel for yourself, my friends. They are out there, find them, my friends.

5.  Building A Community Around Your Influence And Niche.

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Of course, what is an influencer without his or her community to follow them no matter what? For our next piece of advice, we should talk about building a community of your own making, friends. Once you have your niche and you start spreading it, see about building a community around yourself.

This is where having the correct kind of platform comes into play and why I mentioned YouTubers. YouTubers have the innate luxury of having a centralized platform to build their community at large in 2019. Moreover, it is that kind of platform that you will need to cultivate your growing community, my friends.

If Youtube is not your jam right now, then perhaps see about creating a website for yourself instead. Alternatively, you can see about taking advantage of sites like MySpace or Tumblr. Find out what works.  

6. See About Networking Yourself With Other Individuals

Once you have a decent-sized community that follows you in some form, it is time to network. If you have spent even a day in university, you have probably heard this term before. Networking, in short, is the sharing of contacts and information with individuals and building up careers.

Networking can happen anywhere at any period, but they often happen at networking events. These events can range from job fairs to college sporting and club gatherings; they can be honestly anything. Networking is one of the best methods to build a roster of friends and allies for your endeavors.

Not to mention, networking is how you open doors for yourself. Additionally, it can just be great to have access to associates in your field.  That is why networking is on this list of ours.

7. Listen To The Community That You Are Now Starting To Build

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However, as lovely as it is to have a community/audience, it would be well to listen to them. One of the most natural pitfalls for new influencers to fall into is not listening to their audience. It is easy to think, “I know what I am doing,” before losing their entire audience and credibility.  

How often do we see once-beloved stars and celebrities become nothing but husks because of their egos? Because they refused to change or listen to their fans who only wanted the best for them? Please, if nothing else gets to you from this article, let it be this, listen to your community.

Your community is your lifeblood, and if the majority is saying you should do something, consider it. Yes, not everything they say is right or correct, but at least hear them out.

8. Always Be Willing To Learn From Others No Matter What

This is a tip that I have had to learn harshly from myself when it comes to living in general. Growing up, I was the kind of person who never wanted to learn from others, no matter what. So, learn from tiny little me and be willing to learn from others who might be more experienced.

In my opinion, this is another step that I would recommend anyone and everyone consider in their life. By learning from others, you can share and cultivate knowledge between groups and circles. Moreover, by doing that, you are networking and gaining potential friends and allies at the same time.

Not to mention, by learning from others in your field, you expand your own horizons additionally. It is a win-win situation with this area of influence. That is why this is here.

9. See About Branching Out Into New Uncharted Territory

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For our next suggestion on this list, we suggest the idea of branching out into new ideas eventually. For example, if you influence people through cooking, perhaps expand into baking and take a crack at that? Alternatively, if you cover American news and topics, maybe branch out into international politics and debates instead?

Humans like it when they see variety in their lives, I can attest to this concept personally, friends. Branching out not only gives you more to talk about, but it can show a lot on your character. You show your community that you are not afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone.

Even more so, you risk broadening your horizons even further by branching out in life, which is good. Often I see people unwilling to change or expand. That is why this is number nine.

10. Do Not Take Shortcuts With Any Of These Tips, My Friends

I know as kids, we are taught to take the road less traveled, but not this road. As lovely as it would be to take shortcuts to the finish line, do not do it. There are reasons why some steps come before others on these kinds of lists in 2019. 

I do understand the allure of skipping directly to the finish line to collect the reward. However, you cheat yourself and your audience if you take any skips to get to the end. Not to mention, your audience can tell when you are not honest in what you are talking about.  

The public is not as blind as some might believe. They can pick up when people are lying to them. Trust me; you do not want your audience to think you are lying to them.

11. Can Anyone Become An Influencer In 2019?

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The short, simple, and clean answer to this question is a resounding “perhaps.” It would be wrong of me to say, “yes,” when that is not the case. Not everyone can become an influencer because not everyone wants to become an influencer.

That being said, everyone who is in the business of selling or providing a service is an influencer in one way or another. That includes firms that sells enameled pins  and similar other companies.  Their goal is to sell or provide something to others; as such, they need to influence them.

12. Lastly, Understand That It Can Take Time To See Success

For our last topic of the day, please understand that it will take time to see success. Like any other business endeavor out there, it will take time to see the pot of gold. Moreover, while to some that is annoying, to me, that is part of the journey we undertake.

When it comes to lists like this, I like to leave it off on this note because it speaks volumes to me. Success is not something that comes with a single article or video-no-it takes a lifetime to see. However, that is okay in my eyes because that is part of the fun at the end.  

I like to say that there is an easy way to the top, but there are none. All I can do is give advice, and I honestly hope that is enough.


Thank you all for reading our shortlist on how to become an influencer for non-celebrity individuals. Being a celebrity does have some advantages, but not enough to discrete non-celebrities. It just might take a lot more work and a bit more effort to see results.

Regardless, thank you again for reading our list. Please leave us your comments and opinions down below on anything we missed. Thank you again, and please have a beautiful day.

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