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Top 6 Website To Custom Enamel Pins In Singapore


April 03, 2024

You need customized enamel pins. But you’re not sure where to get them or which manufacturer to trust.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here will go over the six best places to get custom enamel pins in Singapore. So you can finally get those pins right at your fingertips.

Let’s dive in.

Gumtoo Stickers

Gumtoo Stickers is a Singapore-based company that specializes in creating various custom products.


They make various products, including temporary tattoos, patches, socks, caps, enamel pins, and much more.If you are looking for custom enamel pins, Gumtoo Stickers delivers quality products with excellent service.


Here’s what they require:


1. A minimum order of 50 pieces

2. Two weeks arrival after final order approval

3. Minimum pin size of around 1″ and maximum pin size of 2″


Once you have the design of your enamel pin, Gumtoo Stickers makes it easy to move forward.To order, go to their website and fill out their order form.They give you a choice between three different types of enamel pins:


1. Soft Enamel

2. Hard Enamel

3. Epoxy Enamel


Next, decide on the type of backing you want gold, dyed black, silver, and black nickel. Finally, they give you an option to get a custom-designed backing paper.


And you’re done! Expect your pins to be delivered right on schedule.


Vivopress is a full-service company that designs, customizes, packages, and delivers custom-made products.


While they are a full-service company, they also sell individual custom-made products.Offered products include custom made enamel, collar, and lapel pins.Compared to other manufacturers, Vivopress is a bit more strict on their conditions.


These restrictions include:


1. Minimum order is 50 pieces

2. Pins must be within 3cm x 3cm

3. Only offer butterfly clutch backing

4. Color options include one-color, two-color, three-color, full-color, and no printing.

5. 20-30 day turnaround time


One benefit is that they offer discounted prices as you order larger quantities.


Vivopress is considered the one-stop-shop for affordable customized items in Singapore.Although they are more restrictive, Vivopress does offer services that other manufactures don’t.


First, they will work with you to establish a design that meets your needs. They are also able to customize individual packaging and ship your product internationally.

TREA Pte Ltd

TREA Pte Ltd is a local printing company that specializes in custom made products. Their specialty is custom made tote bags with features you can’t find anywhere else.


Although they specialize in tote bags, they also print many items, including backpacks, clothes, and patches.


One of these items includes custom enamel pins. They promise full customization based on size, material, and printing for all their products.


Similar to other manufactures, TREA requires a minimum order of 100 pieces.TREA provides prices on a quote for quote basis.Their quote form is straightforward and easy to complete.


To get a quote, you need:

1. Quantity

2. Print Color

3. Image of your Design


After submitting, they typically get back to you within 24 hours to give you a quote and move forward with the production process.

Custom Enamel Pins

Custom Enamel Pins is a printing company focused on producing enamel pins.They offer custom made soft and hard enamel pins in a variety of different materials.


Custom Enamel Pins is one of the few companies that do not require a minimum order. No matter how small or large your order, Custom Enamel Pins will help you.


The one downside with using this site is that placing an order is not as intuitive as other sites.They also have slightly longer turnaround times than other sites.


After submitting your order, you will receive a sample within seven days for approval. After the sample approval, the average turnaround time is between 10-15 days.


They do offer rush orders, which can reduce your turnaround time to 7 days.

Gift Makert

 Gift makerts is a printing and manufacturing company that produces a large variety of custom items.


Their products are targeted towards business gifts and promotional items.But they do also cater to individuals looking to have custom items made.


Unlike other manufacturers, their catalog includes clothes, electronics, tapestry, and much more.


Gift Makerts make it easy to place your order.With a simple button click selection on each page, you can place an order in less than one minute.They also have a photo of the different options to show the difference in each option you select.


Upon ordering, you will be asked:


  • Quantity – a minimum of 30 pieces
  • Lead time – standard or express
  • Size small or medium
  • Epoxy or enamel emboss
  • Type of packaging – without, with box packaging, or with car backing.
  • Type of backing – butterfly or magnetic
  • Upload file of your design.


Although gift makets offers one type of enamel pin, they provide significant customization to that single pin.


One benefit is that unlike other companies, gift maker does not charge you based on the number of colors you want in your design. Full color and single color enamel pins are the same prices.


Here at Vivipins, we offer a custom enamel with the highest quality pins at affordable prices.


We have a vast selection of customizable enamel pins, including:

  • soft enamel
  • hard enamel
  • 3D cast enamel pins
  • offset-printed glossy pins
  • wedding pins
  • heart pins
  • skull pins
  • food pins


Our online ordering system makes it easy to get started.Before producing your order, you will receive a sample from one of our expert designers.


If you’re unhappy with your sample, don’t worry. We will work with you until you are satisfied with your design.We deliver all orders within 14 days of final approval. We also offer expedited shipping upon request.We are unique in that we do not require a minimum order. But we offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders.


If you want fully-customizable, high-quality pins at affordable prices, fill in our form today!


There you have it—our top choice for online customer enamel pin manufacturers in Singapore.Don’t miss out! Make everyone’s head turn with unique, stylish, and eye-popping enamel pins.

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