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Top 5 Websites to Custom Enamel Pins in Canada.


March 26, 2024

Enamel pins have been used for a long time, and their popularity is increasing across age groups; even Gen-Z loves them - a generation that highly values personalization. 

Over the years, manufacturers have upped their game as the popularity of custom enamel pins has increased, with people having a variety of choices.

But the question is- which are the ideal manufacturers to make customized enamel pins?

This article will present five options for Custom Enamel Pins in Canada via links to their websites. 

Read on and learn more!

What Are the Top 5 Websites for Custom Enamel Pins in Canada?

Six Cent Press.

Six Cent Press is a printing company based in Canada, and it’s known for its superior custom products. Established in 2003, the company has grown its reputation with customers in Canada and beyond.

As it goes for Enamel Pins, Six Cent Press offers 3″ x 3″ soft and hard enamel pins with customized backing. 

Advantages of Six Cent Press

As a manufacturer, Six Cent Press has its advantages.

  • One of its unique features is that it offers creative and design assistance to its customers at a reduced cost. 

  • They offer more excellent services with a short four to six weeks turnaround. 

Disadvantages of Six Cent Press

Some of the disadvantages of the cent press include:

  • Relatively expensive compared to peers in the market

When it comes to choosing what to order, Six Cent Press has custom options to choose from. They include

  • A Logo or design.

  • Type of Metal: Gold, black nickel, silver, or nickel plated. 

  • Rubber or metal pin clutch. 

  • Number of Colors.

  • Kind of Enamel: Hard or Soft.

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pieces. 

  • Size – between 1″ and 1.5″.

Ideal Use Case.

  • Six Cent Press offers custom enamel pins, allowing you to create your unique design which is a great option for businesses and organizations who want to create promotional items.


Join Six Cent Press today to order Customized Enamel Pins at 20% off. Design experts will design different styles that you can choose from. 

The Pin People.  

This company is renowned for making only enamel and lapel pins across Canada. They have specialized in making pins since 1976. 

They have vast experience with a team of dedicated artists to design and make pins. 

In 1988, the Company pioneers convinced the Canadian Olympian Association to let them design pins for the 1988 Winter Olympics. 

The company has since gotten more licenses for several organizations in Canada, such as the World Curling Federation and the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees.

Advantages of Pin People 

  • The unique feature of this company is that it offers prices based on quotes per quotation, but its form is user-friendly and comprehensive.   

  • They also provide bulk pricing at 100 pieces and don’t have minimum order requirements like other pin makers. 

  • They offer greater customization than other manufacturers. 

Disadvantage of Pin People

  • They provide a slower response time than the rest of the manufacturers, even with the Pin People's reputation.  It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for rush orders and 6 to 8 weeks for standard orders, which is characteristically slower than other pin producers in the industry. 

Ideal Use Case.

  • Pin People can represent specific professions or hobbies. These are ideal for individuals who want to display their passion on their clothes and bags.

The Pin People offers customized pins; you can order today at a 20% discount. You will have options to choose from. Options like:

  • Creating designs for you if no design or logo is provided.

  • Pins range in size from 1 inch to more than 2 inches. 

  •  Seven plating choices include bronze, nickel, gold, and silver.


Founded in 2017, Vivipins is a thriving company in the field of custom enamel pins. Their dedicated designers will take your input and create beautiful enamel pins that satisfy your needs. 

Although they're not in Canada, they will deliver your product per your request. 

Why Choose Vivipins?

As a custom enamel pin buyer, you may be working on a tight budget and have to settle for lower-quality pins rather than higher-quality craftsmanship.

At vivipins, you will not have to worry about all that. 

vivipins will take that decision out of your hands. You will get quality bespoke Enamel Pins at affordable prices without worrying about minimum orders. 

You can order one or a thousand pins, and viviprint has you covered at a lower cost. Join today and order quality enamel pins at a 20% discount

Vivipins offers different custom pin selections. They include

  • Glossy pins with offset printing. 

  • Hard & Soft Enamel Pins.

  • 3D cast Enamel Pins. 

Advantages of Vivipins

  • They do not require a minimum order. 

  • We have the fastest turnaround time in the enamel pins industry. 

  • They prioritize customer satisfaction.

  • Easy Ordering process.

Are you searching for a quality enamel pin manufacturer? Look no further because vivipins have you covered. 

Why not choose Vivipins?

  • When you need orders fulfilled within 24 hours or earlier

Ideal Use Case.

  • Because Vivipins has no minimum order quantity, they will be ideal for businesses or organizations that want to produce Enamel pins in small batches for events and promotional purposes. 

Ultimate Promotions. 

Founded in 1971, Ultimate Promotions manufactured Enamel pins, but due to high labor and manufacturing costs in the U.S. and Canada, they stopped manufacturing in 2002.  

The company took a new direction and started distributing enamel pins to customers by getting their products from a manufacturer in China, a practice that has been continuous for 15 years. 

If you’re interested in ordering from Ultimate Promotions, there are a few things you need to know.

Ultimate Promotions have a variety of products that they can offer. They include

  • Sports Trading Pins.

  • Enamel Pins.

  • Logo Pins.

  • Employee Pins. 

  • Years of Service Pins.

  • Friendship Flag Pins. 

  • Canada Flag Pins. 


Advantages of Ultimate Promotions

  • The ordering process is simple, and you can get your product quickly at a reduced 20% offer


Disadvantages of Ultimate Promotions

  • In terms of orders, Ultimate Promotions has a fifty-item minimum order requirement, and they charge about $1 for every order below 100 pieces.

  • The turnaround period is three weeks, and although they do not produce custom enamel Pins, Ultimate Promotions offers expedited shipping. 

  • Orders and prices are not based on quotation per quote, so making your order may take some time. 

  • Because Ultimate Promotions does not produce customized enamel pins, they will show you the final vectorized designs and accept any logo submissions from their customers. 

Ideal Use Case.

  • Ultimate Promotions offer discounts for bulk orders and they are ideal for companies with large quantities of for trade shows or employee giveaways. 



Artik started in 1985 by selling screen-printed clothing at flea markets. They put a lot of effort into making their product quality flawless. Co-founders Saul and Rafi made constant efforts to streamline Artik's operations. 

Artik's founders put in place new computer systems to maintain order in the shop. To make Artik what it is today, investments were made in more modern equipment and an improved website.

Why Artik? 

As a 39-year veteran in the printing business, Artik has perfected its screen printing and embroidery process with a qualified team to deliver quality custom products on time. 

They have an excellent reputation and accept positive customer feedback, and most of their work is done in-house to save money and lower costs.

Artik has friendly sales representatives who will answer your questions and help you place an order. Your dedicated sales rep will be by your side until the products are in your hands with satisfaction. 

They have a satisfaction guarantee because they keep it simple, replace any products in case of mistakes, and can deliver on time. 

What makes Artik Unique?

Artik offers unique enamel pins that other pin manufacturers do not offer in Canada. They include

  • Printed Lapel pin.

  • Express Lane Lapel pins.

  • Die-struck lapel pins made of Soft & Hard Enamel.

  • Photo-etched lapel pins 

They also offer several Customizing options, such as

  • One Pattern with seven distinct hues.

  • Pin Thickness- The pin measures between 1 to 1.5 inches.

  • Ten Distinct Metal Selections. 

  • Magnet or butterfly backing. 

Disadvantages of Artik 

  • Artik charges a setup fee for every order, which can add a significant cost to even minor orders.

Ideal Use Case.

  • Known for its high-quality enamel pins, Artik is ideal for designers and artists who prioritize a premium look for their pins. 


Concluding summary 

Your requirements and preferences will guide you when selecting the ideal enamel pin manufacturer. Whether it is a turnaround period or you want a company that delivers products quickly, we have detailed the top 5 websites you can visit to explore and place your order. Opt for one that meets your needs and expectations.

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