7 Best Custom Socks Manufacturers USA

Written by Robin Brown on October 9, 2022
For most of us, socks are an everyday item. You can head to an important meeting, hang out with mates, or run the ideal pair of socks to improve the day. You probably do not realize the potential of socks for marketing and branding. What can thus personalized stockings accomplish for you and your company? Consider your brand on a beautifully made pair of socks in a customer's or client's drawer. Consider how often your buyer or consumer would use your brand products for their comfort and benefit everyone. It is a great idea to advertise your company with custom socks. They are reasonably priced, attractive, and will not vanish into an endless pit of pointless things.

We listed the 07 best socks manufacturers for you who can custom your desired pair of socks. You can rely on these companies. 


vivipins 3
For the last five years, Vivipins has developed a reputation for providing affordable personalized items with the best designs and pricing. Marketing and advertising using socks may be pretty effective. Not every campaign will be successful, and the pressure of controlling every aspect of it is enough to discourage you from taking any action. If you run a smaller business or a non-profit, your marketing budget probably will not even last a few months at that pace. Even large-scale companies want to maximize the return on their marketing investments. Your money will be worth business with Vivipins.

Types of Socks

Design option
The in-house design team at Vivipins will help you with every process, from custom design to the quickest turnaround. This service is free. Starting with artistic drawings of your idea, our professional design team will collaborate with you to refine it. Because your brand is so important to you, getting what you want is always at the top of our priority list. You have worked hard to create a suitable logo or picture, and we recognize how crucial it is to show everything flawlessly. Nothing is overlooked, even the precise tone, dye, and tint of your chosen colors.

Order size 
At vivipins, we have no minimum order quantity. But always keep in mind that your order size vary will vary your pricing. 

Online Order
Ordering with Vivipins is so easy. You must visit our website and select the category you are looking for. Get a quote and a free digital mock-up. Then, confirm your order through our engaging website. 

We ensure the best quality product with reasonable pricing. For an exact price, you have to contact our sales reperesantive. 

Turnaround Time
At Vivipins, we deliver within 4-7 working days. Our delivery option is free. 

Find Vivipins
You can place your order from Vivpins at any time from anywhere. Also, you can visit them in the office at 1968 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. You can call them during office hours: 304-900-0055. Their mailing address is info@vivipins.com  


2. Defeet

Defeet logo
Since 1992, custom socks have been an element of the DeFeet DNA. Anyone may create their DeFeet socks with the PrintMySock configurator and buy only one pair. Our customizer is simple enough for non-designers; you may personalize your sock by selecting colors, patterns, and text, or you can download the template and use your design software to make the ideal sock. 

Our artistry is based on the ideas of in-house production utilizing regional recycled material and ethically obtained Alpine wool from the United States. DeFeet socks, which are made for efficiency, longevity, and comfort, are the end product. Your brand gets spread around the globe for decades to come when you use DeFeet socks to exhibit your logo, colors, and patterns. DeFeet was committed to keeping American manufacturing moral and sustainable from the very start.

Types of Socks
Print My Sock
Custom Knit Sock

Design option
A style guide is part of your design choice at Defeet to assist you in selecting a style that fits your sector. For instance, if you choose to manufacture sports socks, you can make crew, knee-high, ankle, or no-show socks. Additionally, there is a design template, a color palette template, and a label template to assist you in visualizing how the personalized socks will be manufactured. All done! We will be the first to inform you that there are many fascinating things to discover about socks and the procedures used to make them. You may learn about them in our blog entries if you have the time, but you do not need a degree to place an order with us. We like to maintain simplicity.

Unisex Socks

Unisex Socks logo
Women's Specific Socks
Womens Specific Socks logo
Order size 
We have two available custom socks. Print my sock has 60 pairs of minimum order quantity, and the rest have no minimum order quantity. 

Online Order,
A customer service person will get in touch with you after you customize your socks on the Defeet website to discuss your socks and give you a price. Choose a pair of socks from the variety of DeFeet styles available in wool or poly blends. Create your socks; send them to us, and we will mock them up in a knit-friendly format with your logo, a concept, or a whole sock design. Obtain the art fee; You must pay a $25 art fee for each unique pair of socks you submit. A digital mock-up of your sock design will be sent to you. Your work goes into production as soon as your proof is accepted! Your personalized socks are placed in the knitting queue after paying the deposit.

Custom socks will initially charge you 29 USD at the beginning. The price will vary with larger quantities. 

Turnaround Time
The average delivery time for US purchases ranges from 2 to 10 business days, according to the chosen shipping option. International shipments will be delivered in 3 to 7 business days, depending on the delivery method selected.

We are unable to alter orders after they have left our warehouse. Please give our staff 1-2 business days to pack and send your entire purchase. However, this period may be extended during special sales and holidays. Orders submitted after noon EST the day before a major holiday will not start processing until the following business day since DeFeet offices are generally closed on such days.

Find Defeet
Visit us at  371 I-40 Access Rd, Hildebran NC 28637. Call for further information at (800) 688-3067. Our mailing address is support@defeet.com. 

3.Custom sock lab

Custom sock lab logo
We can provide a high-caliber product with rapid turnaround times since we are a bespoke sock manufacturer and designer headquartered in the USA. Unlike other custom producers, our personalized socks are not created elsewhere and then transported here to be sold. We know that you have many options when purchasing bespoke socks in bulk. But if we did not share some reasons why our customers keep using us, we would be doing you a disservice. They are often used for entertainment or marketing. Custom socks are a popular item to purchase for corporate giveaways. The change from the standard business t-shirts distributed to the staff is welcome. Or maybe they are having a contest. It is a great approach to get the most of your money to purchase custom socks in quantity, whether you are a sports club or a non-profit organization.

Types of Socks
Classic Cotton Athletic
Cotton Ankle / Footie
Performance Athletic Crew
Performance Athletic Ankle
Wool Boot / Hiking
Wool Winter / Ski
Knit Drink Koozies

Design option
Making socks begins with a concept or a pattern in the first phase. A team's season may be starting, an upcoming event or a business may wish to offer its workers a memorable, helpful present this holiday season. Whatever the cause, we must decide how the socks will appear. For us to make a prototype, the buyer must provide some design, emblems, and color schemes. There are various methods to do this while working with Custom Sock Lab. We can discuss the details if the customer explicitly communicates their idea to us over the phone. If they already have something more particular, they may also provide us with a design to work with. A formal design file should preferably be available to the buyer. Socks may be produced with the most fantastic accuracy.

Pricing & Turnaround Time
Try out our accelerated services at any time, 48 hours after the confirmation of the transaction. Don't hesitate to contact us to check on stock availability and service coverage in your region before making an order. Regular delivery times inside the USA are between 5-7 business days. Delivery in a hurry is location and availability-dependent. A mid-range budget may easily afford their excellent price.

Find Custom sock lab 
Our office is in Queen City, and we are always open to meeting in person. Visit us in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mon through Fri, 9 am to 5 pm EST, we are accessible to talk about your project and answer any questions. (704)-765-2135. Feel free to email us. hello@customsocklab.com

4.Socks Rock

Socks Rock logo
Our whole product line is made in the USA, even the stitching. We never have, and will never, outsource our manufacture to another country. Every order for personalized socks is different, and we take great satisfaction in our ability to alter every facet of a hose. Our cutting-edge sock manufacturing method and specialty materials provide excellent odor resistance to all our stockings. Your colors will not fade or run.

Types of Socks
Reaktor Custom Sock
Perimeter 2.0 LOGO Sock (LPMPCT)
Hyperion Custom Sock
Cygnus Custom Sock
Solaris Custom Sock
Argo Custom Sock
Accelerator TEAM NAME SOCK - (LACN1)
Axiom Custom Sock
Atlantia Custom Sock
Cascade Custom Sock

Design option
Regarding our personalized socks, not only is the fabric of the highest quality but it is also made with your comfort requirements in mind. Variety in size and length is a serious issue. Our socks are available in five different lengths—ankle, quarter, crew, knee-high, and European—and in sizes ranging from small to extra large. Increased breathability is possible thanks to our premium yarns and knitting techniques without compromising strength or elasticity. 

Your socks can keep their form and hold because of our premium materials and accessories. When ordering personalized socks, our clients may choose from various colors. Socks with a printed corporate or team emblem may be ordered by businesses to give away to their clients, workers, and customers. Customers at SOCKS ROCK have several possibilities for their stockings, including custom socks with logos and almost anything printed. Thanks to our cutting-edge knitting technique and patterns, your feet will stay cool for a very long time, even in the heat.

Order size 
We have a 12-pair minimum purchase requirement because you should not have to spend a hundred pairs to have customized socks. However, whether you order 12 or 12,000, we are devoted to providing you with top-notch support and prompt delivery.

Online Order
You may get socks from Socksrock in whatever color you like. To create the ideal bespoke socks for your sports club or organization, choose from more than 35 different colors. Add a logo or mascot for the best custom socks for your company or sports team. We can help you make a statement by knitting any brand or picture onto your socks. Pick a size that best suits the demands of your company and group. Our socks are produced in the USA using the best materials to achieve a great fit.

The pricing starts from $8, and it can be up to $20 each. 

Turnaround Time
We can deliver their order within 3-7 days.

Find Socks Rock
Our visiting address is 13004 Murphy Rd, Ste 224, Stafford, TX, 77477. Our Phone Number - 1(866) 200-2416. Email us at sales@socksrock.com

Custom sock shop logo
Types of Socks
Baseball & Softball Socks
Dress Socks
Marketing Socks
Athletic Socks
Athletic Bundles
Sock Fundraisers
Wholesale Socks

Design option
Your ordering of custom socks from Custom Sock Shop does not need design costs. Without charging you more, our creative staff will collaborate with you to develop the ideal design. Before making any payments, you will get a free digital mock-up of your items. You may get a sample of how your sock will feel and look for $10 plus delivery from Custom Sock Shop. We will bring you the closest match based on your chosen colors and style. Please note that you will only get a pair of socks that are somewhat comparable to your design.

Order size, Pricing, Size & Style

Order size Pricing Size Style logo
Online Order
It’s a five-step process. Select your product category, sock, and product type. You may submit your logo and change the colors and images of your socks. Complete checkout and place your purchase. Within 48 hours, get proof of your artwork, which you may accept or edit. Get your fantastic personalized socks and enjoy them!

Turnaround Time
Custom Sock Shop usually delivers within 7 working days. 

Find Custom sock shop
Visit us at 34272 Doreka Dr. Fraser, MI 48026. Call us at (888) 557-9185 for further inquiry. 

6.Ever lighten

Ever lighten logo
The manufacture of personalized clothing and accessories is changing thanks to EverLighten! To better enable the manufacture of personalized garments and accessories in "small batch, fast turnaround time, zero inventory," we directly own factories and continually improve the tools, methods, production processes, and organizational structures. Our team of totally committed experts puts their heart and soul into every product we assist in creating. We are willing to work with our customers to develop new goods tailored to their needs at the best possible price. From our hands to yours, we promise that everything will make you completely satisfied.

Types of Socks


Design option
Every step of our design consultation process is collaborative. We want your personalized socks to be flawless. You can rely on our experience to ensure you get the most excellent personalized socks that meet and frequently exceed your expectations. There are only a few things you need to be aware of, despite the desire of many bespoke sock firms to educate you on every facet of sock production. 

You can start without needing to "get up to speed," knowing that we will manage your project carefully. You can use our sock design package's simple-to-use templates and advice pages. Without needing to become an expert sock designer, they will assist you in expressing the aesthetic you want for your sock.

Order size 
A minimum of 24 pairs, or two dozen, must be knit. You may have a dozen (12) of each of the two sizes inside those 24.

Online Order
We make the process of creating unique items straightforward and uncomplicated! All you need is a concept; the rest will be handled for you by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable design and manufacturing staff! Click the "Request A Quote" button, enter the details of the product you would want to produce, and, if applicable, upload any artwork. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable product specialist will get back to you within two hours of receiving your quotation!

They manufacture in bulk. Factory direct pricing is only $3 each for 1,000 pairs. We appreciate individuals here at EverLighten! We are committed to helping you from the beginning to the finish, regardless of how small or large, your purchase may be.

Turnaround Time
Depending on the availability of the Products, EverLighten may decide to dispatch your orders to you separately. Unless you can produce sufficient proof indicating the contrary, the quantity of the Products as recorded by EverLighten at dispatch is conclusive evidence of the amount received by you at delivery. Unless you notify EverLighten in writing of a non-delivery within two weeks of the date the Products would generally have been received, EverLighten is not liable for any Products that are not delivered.

Find Ever lighten
Visit us at 1440 W Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60607. Call us at  (888) 445-1402. Our mailing option is service@everlighten.com

7.Pro Socks

Pro Socks logo
Two college buddies who had spent years working in finance decided to start a company in 2013, which is how the Pro socks journey started. Rewind to the present day. Our business expanded with the brand, and now we are working with some of the world's greatest names to establish a wholesale operation. Our success has been fueled by our basic principles of openness and consideration for our clients, and we will keep doing so. Our commitment drove our continued growth to transparency and client service. These principles propelled us forward and will be with us in the hereafter.
Types of Socks
Custom Ankle Socks
Custom Athletic Socks
Custom Dress Socks
Custom Knee High Socks

Design option, Order size & Turnaround Time 
Using our simple design process, you will have all the resources necessary to create premium personalized socks. After the design is finished, we will deliver your purchase and provide a warranty. Although it has not occurred, we will make it right if you are unsatisfied with your premium Italian-made socks. We also have a minimal 100-pair order requirement so that you may create various sock designs for your next trade fair, giveaway, competition, swag offer, charity event, etc. 


Pricing sock
Find Pro Socks
If you have any questions about custom socks wholesale, please call us at 1-(800)-355-1448 or E-mail us. 

You know the recipient will appreciate receiving a pair of excellent bespoke socks created in the USA. Custom socks double as a walking billboard for your business and something you can give away that will last a long time. They think of you whenever your customer slips their foot into a pair of your superbly produced socks.

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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