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When it comes to custom products, they are always much more preferable than any regular product. And we know about it very well. If you are looking for custom dog socks, you don't have to look elsewhere. We got you covered. Custom products are different and designed specifically for consumers' preferences. People are significantly more interested in personalizing or customizing products and services because it helps increase your business's value. We offer premium personalized dog socks that will define your brand or unique event. We also love to focus on your dog's comfort. So, don't worry! Your dog will like wearing them. You can pick from various materials, designs, and finishes. Contact us right now to have your socks made to your specifications. Complex designs don't stop us from giving you the desired products. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 
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Why Custom Dog Socks

Custom dog socks are great stuff for your dog to wear in the house. It is also reasonably priced and thoughtful materials for branding your company or event. We can provide any socks, from a simple sock to something flashier and more attractive. In addition, you can make personalized socks or choose from various styles according to your dog's size.
Scratch free floors
Boost your business or event with dogs
Comfortable fit for dogs
Customize on your own
Top-notch materials
Low production cost
Fastest Delivery
No minimum order quantity

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Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“

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Overall good experience - some delays with shipping ... Item quality was very good. I am a repeat customer.

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Understanding and easy to work with! Quick response times and I'm very happy with the quality of the products I received!

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Make Your Own Custom Dog Socks

Dog socks are one of the essential stuff a dog should have for their various benefits. There is no arguing that. We all are familiar with dogs scratching themselves aggressively, especially when they have allergies. They can not help themselves to ignore the itchiness. 

Allergies take a long time to heal; a dog will scratch their skin vigorously during this time. 

Not only that, secondary skin infections add up with allergies due to aggressively scratching. Even trimming nails doesn't help to deal with this problem. In this particular situation, dog socks are the best solution. 

But The benefit doesn't end here. Dogs are also responsible for the scratch marks on your hardwood floors. These small scratches on the floor are something no one can avoid looking at. Here, the socks help to prevent all the unwanted scratches on floors, as trimmed nails don't help much. 

The Dog socks with grip help prevent any unwanted damage on the floor while providing a solid grip on the foundation for the dog. 

As we know, it's rather not preferable to have your dog slip and break things. The other unavoidable benefit is that dog socks help dogs heal their foot wounds. Wearing them prevents dogs from licking and scraping the wound any further. 

Additionally, socks can offer padding to cushion the feet and extra grip, so dogs don't slip while running in the house. It also keeps their paws clean, and most importantly, it will keep them warm from the cold weather. 

The dog socks have a rubberized sole for a better grip. 

Dog socks are normally non-skid socks that are perfect for old or tri-pawed dogs because they need extra grip while walking on smooth and slick surfaces. The rubberized sole on the sock helps your dog walk around comfortably while wearing them. 

We not only offer non-skid socks, but It also comes with adjustable straps. Adjustable straps always give more flexibility to the dogs.

There is also another alternative that helps with grip, which is dog boots. But dog socks are preferable over dog boots. 

Because boots are heavier, which become a burden to dogs for being what they are. Also, old and injured dogs find it hard to walk around with boots as boots have their own extra weight. On the other hand, socks save the day as they are light. 

And dog socks with rubberized soles have extra grip, which makes an excellent alternative to boots. Your dog will love having two pairs of comfortable socks on its foot. 

Custom-made dog socks offer several advantages over regular pre-made ones. 

Obviously, custom products are more customizable, which is not available in the market overflowed with products. In addition, any name, slogan, or complex design can be printed on them. 

Due to this, they have a great potential to be an unforgettable gift to a dog owner.  

Whatever your reasons for having a custom-made dog sock, it sure is the best choice. They can be more funky, stylish, comfortable, and solid, which makes them perfect for anyone who wants a unique and fully customized sock experience. 

As we mentioned, there is no arguing why dogs should have socks. Now when it comes to finding the perfect size, we will make them as comfortable as it needs to be. 

Before having the perfect socks for dogs, you need to consider a few things. And the first thing is sock size. Selecting the size is rather a tricky part. We can make socks according to different breeds, or you can provide the desired size information. To save some time for you, here are the standard sizes:
Size - S : 6 x 1.9 inches
Size - M : 6.5 x 2.15 inches
Size - L : 7.48 x 2.75 inches

If the measurements do not match your dog, let us know! You can order socks with adjustable straps, which helps a lot to fit a dog's feet. 

Then comes the crucial part of custom dog socks: designing; if you want a design that will show your personality, event, or business, consider having your own designs. If you are still confused, our in-house designer will help you to find the desired format to your expectations. We also have some pre-made designs for you that will help you decide which design you should get.

Right after that, we also offer complete freedom of choosing the material of the socks. Numerous materials, including cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, vinyl, polyester, olefins, etc., can be used to make socks (such as polypropylene). Silk, bamboo, or linen are some other materials that could be utilized to get a higher level of softness. The vinyl ones keep your dog's feet dry, and the cotton socks are more comfortable and have incredible breathability. 

But whichever material you want, we can help you with it. Each material has its pros and cons. Whatever the material is, we strongly believe your dog should be comfortable having them on its feet. If they feel irritated, the purpose of having socks will be null. So we always keep the comfort of dogs before making them. 

People often embrace having fun or look for unusual, unique gift options at special events or holidays. Using personalized or customized dog socks in that situation may be helpful. 
Whether you want to resell, celebrity an event, or support your brand to pet owners, dog socks which is custom designed are the best and the right thing. 

You may get them affordably and personalize them to make each component unique according to your preferences. A set of personalized socks is an incredible way to advertise your company. Custom dog socks come in a wide range of designs and hues. 

You can have your business's motto or emblem printed on them, and you can even have them manufactured in the colors of your business.

Prior to selecting a specific sock type, we first start having all the necessary information on making socks. Then if you have your own designs, we proceed with them. If you don't have one, we can design it for you according to your requirements. Following confirmation of the ordering process and the final design based on your demand, we create a prototype to show our clients the exact model before moving on to sourcing raw materials, all of which are available in our country.

If we come to the manufacturing process, we commence mass production as soon as we obtain the necessary materials. Regardless of the color of your socks, we first dye the yarn. The yarn is then spun into socks. An industrial sock knitting machine is being used to spin socks. It enables us to produce socks at the lowest possible cost while also allowing the highest levels of productivity and efficiency. The seams need to be sealed after the socks are spun. This is due to the fact that the commercial sock knitting machine merely produces a tube. The socks are nearly finished once the seams are sealed. To help the socks achieve their desired shape, all that is required is to steam them.

Additionally, steam aids in eliminating any microorganisms that might have been on the yarn or generated during the production process. The ultimate step is to let them dry overnight. After that, we proceeded with extra accessories attached to the socks. The custom dog socks we produce have a rubberized sole on them which can also be designed as you want. 

As we mention, you can be as creative as you like with your design because you have total control over it. You can have your designs customized to your heart's content because we won't stop over a complicated design from delivering you socks of the best quality. We know that personalized dog socks are a fantastic method to market your business. 
What separates our products from those of other companies that sell customized dog socks? We can provide your product with no minimum order quantity. So, you can start with having only a single amount to as much as you want. You can pay low prices no matter the amount of your order. Get your customized socks without breaking your estimated budget.

Moreover, we offer the fastest delivery and provide the necessary digital proofs for you to sign off on before production starts. We make it simple and exciting. So start placing your order right now! You can contact us over the phone or by email.

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Custom Dog Socks

Pick your options, share the artwork of your Custom Dog Socks,
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