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Best 9 Metal Business Card Manufacturers To Custom Your Own


March 26, 2024

Metal cards are sleeker, more robust, and more reliable when compared to regular cards. They showcase the creative aspect of the business and leave a lasting first impression - giving the impression that you can go the extra mile. 


Moreover, custom metal business cards help show prospective clients you are always prepared. They are a great way to express your personality and brand and add to any business's marketing strategy.


With many manufacturers claiming to offer the best custom metal business cards, how do you determine which one to buy from? 


Fear not, we have compiled a list of the nine of the best metal business card companies renowned for their innovation, craftsmanship, and experience in bringing your vision to life. 

Top 9 Custom Metal Business Card Manufacturers: 


Our selection of manufacturers will help you elevate your brand with a customized metal business card masterpiece. 


Source Vivipins


ViviPins, formerly known as Vivipins might be synonymous with custom pins. However, part of their offerings are quality metal business cards at a reasonable price. 

What Metal Business Card Options are available at Vivipins?

  • Silver 

  • Stainless steel 

  • Black metal  

  • White metal 

  • Rose gold metal  

  • Titanium business 

  • Brass business

  • Copper business

Why should you opt for Vivipins Metal Cards? 

  • Manufacturing and design control: ViviPrint provides a free in-house artwork service. If you have a ready-made custom design, the design team will create a card from it. 

  • Minimum requirement: They do not require a minimum number of cards when placing an order. 

  • Online ordering: Their website has a section allowing you to submit card orders and artwork. Once submitted, you will receive an email with digital proof of the product. The production of your custom card will begin as 

soon as you approve the artwork.


When is it ideal to make Metal Business Cards with Vivipins? 

If you need a personalized lapel pin at a low cost, Vivipins, as a manufacturer, offers the benefit of working closely with its in-house design team to create a product matched to your specifications.

Disadvantages of creating Metal Business Cards with Vivipins

  • They only provide digital proofs; physical samples of the designs are not offered.

  • Once production has begun, customers cannot make design changes.



You can get intouch with Vivipins via this address: 1986 S. Coast Hwy #1153, Laguna Beach CA 92651   

My Metal Business Card 

Source My Metal Business Card


With over 10 million cards sold, My Metal Business Cards is a source of one-of-a-kind custom metal business cards designed and crafted to perfection. They pride themselves on delivering the finest metal business cards.

What Business card options are available with Metal businesscard?

MyMetal Business Card makes the following business cards: 

  • Stainless Steel

  • Black Metal 

  • Brass Finish Metal 

  • Copper Finish Metal

  • Rose Gold Metal 

  • Gunmetal 

  • Square Metal 

  • White Metal

  • Metal Bottle Opener 

  • Metal Cards Starter Pack

  • Metal Cards Executive Pack

  • Metal NFC 

Why make an order with MyMetal Business card unique? 

  • If you live within the United States, they offer free samples before you can commit

  • Pricing: Prices vary depending on the quantity of the ordered metal cards. A discount of 10% is offered on the first order. The destination country, shipping speed, and shipment weight determine shipping costs. Any additional customs fees or taxes on the package will also be your responsibility.

  • Turnaround time: The turnaround time is 2–3 weeks after the artwork is approved. A rush delivery option is available upon request by the client. Moreover, they offer worldwide shipping to any country.

  • Design options: They offer professional graphic design artwork services for custom metal cards. A digital proof is provided to confirm the artwork design, and you can propose any changes you would like. 

  • Easy Online ordering: Metal business card orders are placed on their website. The quantity and design features of the customized metal business card are submitted on the order page. 


When is it ideal to make metal business cards with My Metal Business Cards? 


My Metal Business Card is your source for unique, custom metal business cards laser cut and etched to perfection. They offer the trusted quality of ultra-fine manufacturing at fair prices.   

What are some drawbacks of ordering with a Metal Business Card?

  • They do not offer free shipping in the US; instead, they charge a flat rate of $10.

  • Customers must complete payment before receiving digital proof.

  • They charge $60 for design and artwork services; free in-house artwork is not provided.

  • Free sample shipping to the United States only alienates international customers

  • They don’t offer rush services


Get intouch with Metal Business card via this address: 511 S. Harbor Blvd., Ste. Q. La Habra, CA, 90631

Rock Design

Source Rock Design


RockDesign interprets and presents the customer’s fundamental company principles creatively and visually. From the first sketch to the final delivery, their cards go through many steps to ensure their customers get the best service and product possible.


Metal Business card options

  • Luxury black metal 

  • Stainless steel 

  • Metal 

  • Black metal  

  • White metal 

  • Copper metal 

  • Gun metal 

  • Gold Metal 

  • Rose gold 

What Makes RockDesign Metal Cards Unique? 

  • Payment and Pricing: The order will proceed to processing and production after full payment. All the prices for the various cards are mentioned on their website

  • Order size: Different minimum order quantities are required for different types of cards.

  • Online ordering: If you have a print-ready vector design file and know the finishings you want to use, use their pricing calculator and place your order online. Their online ordering team will contact you within one business day to verify your specifications.

  • Turnaround time: The time it takes to get their business cards back to you will depend on the cardstock’s job quality and complexity. The minimum response time is as follows:

  • Luxury and premium cards take 12–16 business days plus transit time 

  • Cards made of plastic take 10–12 business days plus transit time 

  • Ultra-thick PVC Cards take 12–16 Business Days plus transit time 

  • Classic Cards take 7–10 business days plus transit time 

  • Metal Cards take 18–30 business days plus transit time 

  • Quick Cards takes 3–5 business days plus transit time  


Location: #30 - 145 Royal Crest Court Markham, ON  Canada L3R 9Z4


When is it ideal to make metal business cards with My Rock Design? 

If you want your custom metal business card to express your business values, Rock Designs creates metal business cards that reflect the customer's key business principles creatively and visually.

Disadvantages of creating Metal Business Cards with My Metal Business Cards

  • They do not guarantee an exact color match, leading to some customers experiencing quality issues.

  • All turnaround times provided on their website are estimates in business days and do not include shipping time.

  • Prices are listed only in United States dollars.



Silk Cards

Source Silk Cards 



At SilkCards, talented designers and printers customize high-quality metal business cards. They design extraordinary cards that are eye-catching and leave a memorable experience. 


They offer laser-cut metal cards with various finish options that add elegance and durability. 

What Makes SilkCards Metal Cards Unique? 

  • Order size: They have a minimum order size of 50 cards. 

  • Turnaround time: The average turnaround time is 12–14 business days, but it can take longer depending on how intricate and specialized the print job is and where they are shipping to. Rush orders within a specific time frame are possible free of charge. 

  • Re-orders: SilkCards maintains an order history that can be utilized to place new orders for the same product. This history can also be modified when changes to the product need to be made. 

  • Pricing: All payment details for the metal card project are displayed on their website

  • Online ordering: Explore their catalog to locate the goods, customizations, and coatings that best suit your taste. To help you visualize the final product, they will send a mockup of your design. Once it's ready for print, you'll have one last chance to review it and make any necessary edits.

  • Design options: Their design consultants can be relied on anywhere. A design fee is charged after the order has been submitted, and it will take about two to three days of business time to complete the basic design. A digital proof of the design will be sent via email to confirm design accuracy.


When is it ideal to make metal business cards with Silk Cards? 

Silk cards offer metal business cards that are visually appealing and etched. They transform regular metal business cards into a lasting impression and conversation starter. 

Disadvantages of Creating Metal Business Cards with My Silk Cards

  • Customers cannot upload files larger than 20 MB to their website shopping cart.

  • Due to continuous product updates, the actual products may differ from the samples received in a sample kit.

  • Promotional codes cannot be applied when making custom metal business cards.

Pure Metal Cards

Source Pure Metal Cards


Pure Metal Cards creates metal business cards and membership cards suited to customers' ever-changing demands. They offer the widest variety of customizable options for making your card while maintaining all-inclusive pricing. 


Their card innovation and smooth process will help you create a unique metal version of your existing business or membership card. 

Metal Business cards options

  • Matt Black 

  • Stainless Steel 

  • Titanium 

  • Brass Gold 

  • Copper 

  • Carbon Fiber 

  • Metal Gift Cards & Loyalty 

  • Custom Shaped 

  • Precious Metal 

What Makes PureMetalCards Metal Cards Unique?

  • Order size:  The floor in order size depends on whether the card is made of metal or carbon fiber. Metal cards made of stainless steel, brass, or copper require a minimum order of 200 cards. There is a 100-card requirement for orders of carbon fiber cards. 

  • Turnaround time: Standard production time for greeting cards is 7–10 business days, plus 1–2 days for express courier delivery. They have shipped orders to over 70 countries at no cost to the customer. 

  • Online ordering and pricing: On their website, Order Your Cards category, select the category of your order, the material and finish of your card, the card thickness, and the number of cards to order. 

  • Design options: After the checkout, you can include a design file with your order when ordering the custom card. The artwork should ideally be in vector format. You can also email them your artwork for review before you place an order. 


When is it ideal to make metal business cards with Pure Metal Cards? 

If you are looking for custom metal membership cards, Pure Metal Cards offers high-quality metal membership cards that are custom-made to match the needs of each customer. 

Disadvantages of Creating Metal Business Cards with Pure Metal Cards

  • Their minimum order requirement is high compared to other metal card manufacturers.

  • They have limited payment options, only accepting payment by bank/wire transfer or PayPal.

  • Sample cards incur a fee when the order is less than 1000 cards.

 Metal Kards

Source Metal Kards


Metal Kards focuses on making the best, most affordable, and most luxurious custom metal business cards. Their foundation in graphic design and print production gives them extensive experience designing metal business cards.


Their creative and service-focused team works with clients to create fantastic art and marketing products. They create the best genuine stainless steel metal business cards. 

Metal Business Card options

  • Stainless steel 

  • Black metal 

  • Gold metal 

  • White metal 

  • Copper metal 

What are the Advantages of Working with MetalKards?

  • Order size:  Their recommended minimum ordering quantity is 50 cards with their production process. 

  • Turnaround time: Their general production takes 12 to 17 business days. There is no urgent service available at this time. 

  • Design options: Their skilled in-house design team will carefully design and lay out your metal cards. They offer design previews to show what your design will look like on different metal card finishes. 

  • Online ordering and pricing: Their ordering process and price chart are detailed on their website in an easy step-by-step procedure. 

When is it ideal to make metal business cards with Metal Kards? 

If you want to make metal cards with the resilience of steel, Metal Kards begins with genuine stainless steel and then adds an actual metal-colored hard coating.

Disadvantages of Creating Metal Business Cards with Metal Kards

  • They do not offer 24-hour customer service; it is only available from 9 AM to 6 PM on business days.

  • Design service fees are non-refundable.


Get in touch with Metal Kards support and get a custom quote for your metal business cards. 

Luxury Metal Cards

Source Luxury Metal Cards


The world-class in-house design experts at Luxury Metal Cards make unique, hand-crafted metal business cards. You can easily customize your metal business cards with them. You just have to give the required information, and they will make a card for you. 

Metal Business Cards Options

  • Semi-Gloss Red Metal 

  • Bentley Black  

  • Silver Foil Business 

  • Custom Metal Cards 

  • Silver Cards 

  • Stainless Steel Metal Card Frosted Mirror Finish 

  • Metal Casino VIP Card 

  • Racing Business Metal Cards 

  • Electrician Handyman Metal Business Cards 

  • Gold Cards 

  • Copper Cards 

What are the Advantages of LuxuryMetalCards?


  • Online ordering: Designs and quotes are available on their website. There is also the possibility of uploading your design. The proof is provided for your approval. If the changes don't meet your expectations, they will send you more than two proofs or involve the creative team.  

  • A free design before commitment to buy

  • World-class business branding services

When is it ideal to make metal business cards with Luxury Metal Cards? 

If you are looking for classy business cards with free design and revision services, you can get them at Luxury Metal Cards where they offer unique hand-crafted metal business cards. 

Disadvantages of Creating Metal Business Cards with Luxury Metal Cards

  • They are not obligated to inform a customer when changing the terms of use.

  • Compared to other manufacturers, their design services are expensive; their design team charges $75 per hour.

  • They require the customer to maintain a copy of any original files sent as they are not liable for any accidental damage to any media or files supplied.

  • Turnaround time:  Their production process typically takes ten business days, and orders are shipped out as soon as they are ready.  



Get in touch with Luxury Business Cards and get a chance to place your order. 


Source Zazzle


Location:  Redwood City, 

California, United States


Zazzle allows designers and customers to create custom products using images from third-party partners. As a result of this and other collaborations, Zazzle currently offers an extensive collection of digital photos from significant businesses. 

Zazzle Card Business Card Options

  • Professional Elegant Modern Black Plain 

  • Elegant Professional Plain Black Modern Metal Look 

  • Metal Aluminum Silver Brushed Industrial Border 

  • Professional Metal Elegant Modern Plain Black

  • Rose Gold Brushed Metal Monogram Stylish Script 

  • Real Estate Agent Metallic Gold Marble 

  • Pressure Washing Power Wash Cleaning Faux Metal Card 

  • Metallic Brushed Industrial Business Card 

  • Professional Metal Welding Fabrication Contractor 

  • Metal Aluminum Silver Brushed Home Hammer Logo 

  • Monogram Navy Blue Modern Metal Frame Professional 

  • Modern Construction Monogram LOGO Black Gold Metal Card 

  • Monogram Professional Elegant Modern Silver Metal Card 

Why Opt for Zazzle Metal Cards?

  • Design options:  You can start from scratch when making your custom metal business cards, or you can look through the templates that are already there and add your information. 

  • Order size: The minimum order quantity is one pack card.

  • Online ordering and pricing: On their website, you can select the card options to customize your own. After customizing, place your order by paying and adding shipping information. Prices are mentioned on the business cards on the website.  

  • Turnaround time: High-volume orders may take two to three business days. Digitizing stitch files can add one to two business days to the production schedule. 

When is it ideal to make metal business cards with Zazzle? 

When you want a connection with the artist of your custom metal business card, you can get it at Zazzle, which connects customers with artists’ beautiful designs. 

Disadvantages of Creating Metal Business Cards with Zazzle

  • Customers cannot modify the product details once they finalize them and complete the checkout process.

  • Customers must hold damaged items for 30 days before they can return them.

  • Zazzle does not reimburse shipping costs incurred by the customer when returning a product.

Lazer Designs

Source Lazer Designs


Lazer Designs provides customers with laser-engraved presents, giveaways, and corporate rewards. They specialize in personalized gifts and quality promotional items. Their high-quality laser-engraved custom metal cards never wear off. 


Metal Business card options

  • Custom Aluminum 

  • Custom Gold & Silver Metallic  

Why choose Lazer Designs Metal Cards?

  • Design options: They often work with any logo you provide, so emailing your art as a reply to order confirmation is the most efficient method of placing your order. If you need to know whether they will accept your art, you can ask their experienced art team through email for advice.

  • Order size: The minimum order quantity is five cards. 

  • Online ordering: choose your cards and customize them, then ask for proof. The proof is offered for purchases over $250, or that need a preview to verify engraving. The production process starts once Lazer Designs approves the requested/required proof, followed by shipping.

  • Turnaround time: they ship most orders in 1 to 4 days. You can get rush service the same day, the next day, or the day after.     


When is it ideal to make metal business cards with Lazer Designs? 

If you need high-quality, custom-made metal business card presents for life's important events, Lazer Designs has you covered with metal cards that never wear off.

Disadvantages of Creating Metal Business Cards with Lazer Designs

  • Individual customers cannot access samples; they are only available to qualified companies.

  • Lazer Designs imposes a cancellation fee when customers cancel an order.

  • Lazer Designs applies a running charge of $1.50 to $0.60, depending on the item and quantity, for the personalization of products.

  • Lazer Designs reserves the right to ship 5% over or under the amount ordered.


Whether for one or many metal business cards, contact Lazer Designs, and they will have your order ready. 


Bottom line


The above companies are best known for their custom metal card service. So, if you want companies to order your cards from, don't hesitate to contact them. If you need further assistance, contact ViviPrint.

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