Ultimate Guide: Where can a man wear lapel pins?

Written by Robin Brown on June 28, 2023
In the nineteenth century, every self-respecting gentleman attached special importance to clothes. The choice was not only about a suitable suit but also of accessories to it. Then these trends subsided. Recently the situation has changed dramatically. Famous fashion houses began actively introducing different men's accessories into the trends. And they began to pay special attention to the jewelry for the jacket's lapel.

Thus, if you are wondering where and when to wear suit with a lapel pin, the answer is simple - almost anywhere and always. Lapel pins can be the perfect accent for:

- accessories for formal events;
- business meetings;
- lapel pin for wedding;
- parties.

They can add a touch of personality and style to your everyday look. You can wear men's lapel pins at work, in a restaurant, or walking around town.
In this article, we'll look at different opportunities where a man can wear lapel pins.

Benefits of wearing a lapel pin for men

Wearing a pin on a suit offers men a stylish accessory and a number of benefits that can inspire its use. Here are some of the main benefits of wearing a lapel pin:

- Sophisticated style. It is a noticeable detail that emphasizes your attention to style and detail. It helps create a finished look that reflects your style and good taste.
- Personal expression. Lapel pins offer a wide range of designs, shapes, and materials. So you can choose an accessory that reflects your uniqueness and individuality.
- Variability of use. Lapel pins can be used in various situations, from formal events to everyday life. You can also wear them at business meetings.
- Extra Accent. Lapel pins can be a noticeable accent for men and their looks. It attracts stares and serves as a good conversation piece. This accessory allows you to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your personality.
lapel pin for men

Formal Attire

Mastering the art of formal attire is essential for any gentleman. When it comes to decorating your formal look, lapel pins are a sophisticated choice. They add refinement to your ensemble. Men's lapel pins are the best option for your appearance at any formal event:

- a black-tie event;
- a prestigious gala;
- a formal business function.

We recommend giving preference to a classic design and understated elegance. A timeless floral boutonniere or a sleek metal pin with a subtle design can complement your suit. Keep in mind that men's lapel pins should harmonize with:

- the color scheme;
- general aesthetic of your outfit.

As it enhances your style without overpowering it.

A black enamel lapel pin can add a touch of modernity to your formal ensemble. It provides a subtle yet distinctive accent. Also, you can see the best two options of suits with a lapel pin below.

Business Suit

The business suit serves as a perfect canvas for adding lapel pins. Wearing a pin on a suit in various ways can elevate his look.

One classic option is the boutonniere lapel pin. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can add a sleek metal lapel pin with a minimalist design to make a more subtle yet stylish choice. You can also personalize men's lapel pins by featuring:

- a company logo;
- a symbol representing a personal passion.


Suit with a lapel pin is a win-win option for spesial events. One classic option is a timeless floral lapel pin, such as a white rose or a black satin boutonniere. This elegant choice harmonizes perfectly with the black-tie aesthetic. It complements the lapel's satin trim and adding a refined detail to the tuxedo.

For a more contemporary twist, a sleek and minimalist metal lapel pin can be pinned to the lapel. Opt for a silver or black pin with a sleek design. It will subtly accentuate the tuxedo's sophistication while maintaining a modern edge.

To give it a more contemporary twist, simply pin a sleek and minimalist metal pins for men to the lapel.

Casual Attire

Casual attire provides the perfect platform for men to showcase their style. Lapel pins offer a unique opportunity to add a distinctive touch to relaxed outfits. Incorporating lapel pins into casual attire can elevate look with individuality for:

- a weekend brunch;
- a casual evening out;
- a social gathering with friends.

When exploring men's lapel pins for casual outfits, the key is to balance:

- laid-back charm;
- stylish expression.

Opt for pins with playful designs, such as:

- quirky symbols;
- enamel accents;
- even novelty shapes.

These pins act as conversation starters, allowing you to showcase your personality. For a more unconventional approach, experiment with different placements. It can be pinning the lapel pin on the collar or near the pocket. This creative freedom allows you to tailor the look to your taste and create a unique aesthetic. Read below about other options of casual attire with pins for men.

Blazers and Sport Coats

Consider unique lapel pins with bold designs or symbols. They reflect your personality or interests for a more modern and edgy look. These pins act as conversation starters and showcase your individuality.

Remember to position the lapel pin slightly below the left buttonhole. It is good for optimal visibility and balance. This placement ensures that the pin stands out without overwhelming the overall look.

Sweaters and Cardigans

Incorporating a lapel pin can decorate the look when wearing a sweater or cardigan. The key is to choose men's lapel pins that complement the garment's color, texture, and style. For chunky knits, consider pins with larger and bolder designs. They can stand out against the fabric.

Attach the lapel pin to the collar or lapel of the sweater or cardigan. Choose a placement that enhances the overall aesthetic. This can be slightly off-center or aligned with the button line. It depends on your preference and the style of the garment.

Special Occasions

Suit with a lapel pin adds an extra mysterious fleur to your finish look. Gala events provide an opportunity to embrace opulence and make a bold statement. Choose lapel pins featuring luxurious materials, such as a pearl or a jewel. You can choose something to stress your tuxedo or formal suit. These pins exude a sense of grandeur and refinement.

No matter the occasion, it can be a charity ball or a prestigious awards ceremony. Lapel pins allow you to express your personal style and pay attention to the finest details. They serve as a conversation piece, reflecting your:

- taste;
- sophistication;
- dedication to making a lasting impression.

Read below about more variants of wearing a pin on a suit or another apparel.


A lapel pin for a wedding always looks gorgeous. A wedding is a place where lapel pins can enhance a man's attire with elegance and charm. Choose lapel pins that complement the wedding color scheme or theme. Floral lapel pins add a romantic touch, like delicate roses or boutonnieres. Opt for sleek metal pins with sparkle for a modern and refined look. A suit with a lapel pin allows you to express your style and attention to detail. It can make a memorable impression on this joyous day.

Formal Events

Formal events provide the perfect opportunity for wearing a pin on a suit. Choose lapel pins that exude elegance, like those featuring luxurious materials. These pins add accent to formal suits or tuxedos, adding a touch of grandeur to your ensemble. Lapel pins allow you to make a statement and pay attention to the finest details. They ensure you stand out in the crowd at prestigious galas, charity balls, or ceremonies.
suits with a lapel pin

Creative Ways to Wear Lapel Pins

Lapel pins offer a world of creative possibilities for men to express their unique style. Beyond the traditional placements, there are various innovative ways to wear lapel pins. They add a touch of individuality to any outfit. Here are some creative ways to wear men's lapel pins:

- Pocket Square Accent. Instead of pinning the lapel pin to the lapel itself, try attaching it to your pocket square. This unconventional placement adds a charming and unexpected detail, elevating your formal or semi-formal look.
- Collar Decoration. Experiment by pinning a lapel pin to the collar of your shirt or jacket. This unconventional placement adds a touch of quirkiness and personality.
- Scarf Embellishment. Consider attaching pins for men to the ends of your scarf for colder seasons. This creative twist adds a stylish and distinctive touch to your winter ensemble. Also, it keeps you warm and fashionable.
- Hat or Cap Accent. Pinning a lapel pin to your favorite hat or cap instantly transforms it into a fashion statement. This eye-catching placement lets you showcase your personality and style, turning a simple accessory into a true fashion statement.

Hats and Caps

Hats and caps offer a unique canvas for showcasing lapel pins in creative and unconventional ways. Pinning men's lapel pins to your favorite headwear instantly transforms it into a fashion statement. Whether it's a classic fedora, a trendy snapback, or a cozy beanie, adding a lapel pin to the brim or side allows you to showcase your personal style and add a distinctive touch to your overall look. It's a creative way to express your individuality. So you can make a lasting impression with a unique accessory that stands out from the crowd.

Bags and Backpacks

Bags and backpacks provide a creative and unexpected way for men to wear pins for men. Attaching a lapel pin to your bag's strap or front pocket adds a stylish touch to your everyday carry.

In conclusion, lapel pins offer men a versatile and stylish accessory. They enhance their attire in various settings. From lapel pins for weddings to casual outings, they allow for self-expression, individuality, and attention to detail. Explore the possibilities and elevate your style with these fashionable and meaningful accessories.


Should men wear a lapel pin?

Yes, it is a good gesture, especially at formal events. Wearing a lapel pin is a personal choice that allows men to add a touch of style, sophistication, and individuality to their outfits.

Do men still wear lapel pins?

Yes, men still wear lapel pins as a stylish accessory to enhance their outfits for various occasions. They continue to be a popular choice.

Why do men wear suits with a lapel pin?

Men wear lapel pins to add a touch of personal style. They express their individuality and enhance their outfits for various occasions. Lapel pins serve as a unique and eye-catching accessory.

Can pins for men be customized?

Yes, lapel pins can be customized or personalized to suit individual preferences. Many manufacturers offer the option to create custom lapel pins with unique designs, logos, or messages.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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