13 Workplace Mental Health Statistics That Show Why Mental Health Is So Important

by | Feb 4, 2020 | business


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Mental health has been a hot debate topic for years now, with many people now realizing its importance. With the newly found statistics, the fact that mental health is crucial has been further proven.

In a society that prioritizes looks, fame, and money above all, the mental health of society as a whole has been depleting. Here are some statistics you didn’t know regarding mental health and its importance!

With all the buzz about mental health, it resulted in many people getting diagnosed because of it.

Statistics have shown that at least 5% of adults in a given area have experienced mental health issues every year. Though it may seem small, 5% still means 43.8 million people every year.

Most people start developing small signs of mental illness at ages as young as 14.

So much so that almost half of the adult population in the United States have had a mental disorder some point in their lives. Statistics show that 46.4% of US adults have admitted to having a mental illness.

Researchers have found out that many feel pressure on social media to be successful and pretty. It causes the overall mental health of the individual to decrease, increasing the chances of developing mental illnesses.

2. The Workplace is A Source of Mental Health Issues!


Image Source: https://www.thewellnesscrew.ie/employee-mental-health-workplace/

They say that work feels like a second home, and that couldn’t be truer in this case. Statistics have shown that 14.7% of people have experienced mental health issues in the workplace.

In fact, 12.7% of absent days due to sickness in the UK was associated with mental health issues.

Furthermore, it was found that women working fulltime had their likeliness to have mental health issues doubled! 19.8% of employed women have been confirmed to have mental health issues, which double from men’s 10.9%.

As a part of society, you should be more courteous to everyone around you, including in the workplace.

It helps as your colleagues may feel more at ease and happy when working there. Not only that, but you also decrease your chances of getting depressed or feeling anxiety during work!

Although it is a small step, this could mean a lot to someone going through mental health issues. You should always bear in mind that mental health plays an important role in everyone’s lives.

Mental health is a vital part, contributing to the overall health of the body. It has been concluded that depression patients have an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases compared to others.

It’s been seen that people suffering from mental issues have a 40% higher chance of developing other conditions.

Other than physical health, poor mental health acts as its own motor; it deteriorates mental health even further.

It was found that 19.3% of US citizens with mental disorders experience substance-use disorder. Overall, out of every 8 patients about mental illness, one visits the emergency room every day.

Not only that, US citizens under 45 have been hospitalized by mood disorders the most. Depression and anxiety have also been proven to be the major worldwide cause of disability. It was found that they felt trapped and uninspired to express themselves!


Image Source: mentalhealth.org.uk/file/suicide-stat-2016jpg-0

Most mental health signs get neglected and left to deteriorate throughout the years. The lack of acknowledgment and treatment for mental health issues has affected millions. If mental health issues are treated at an early stage, the severity of disorders could be lessened or avoided.

113 US citizens commit suicide daily according to the CDC, neglected mental illness being the cause of suicides.

It is a severe concern as many suicide attempts are teens or young adults suffering from depression. Many of the young people today feel overbearing stress and anxiety of daily living to be too much.

If left untreated, mental illness has been proven to decrease adult lifespans in the US drastically. On average, people living with mental illness pass away 25 years earlier, many due to medical issues caused by mental disorders.

Although shocking, mental health keeps getting swiped under the rug and ignored, despite the evidence! You should be careful about what you see online, to not get affected by depression!

Mental health is one of the reasons why you get frustrated and request an absence from work.

It has been shown that mental health issues contribute 40 million years of disability for 20-29-year old. It has been confirmed that mental health is a significant contributor to disability, along with suicide.

But have you ever wondered why mental health is so detrimental to a person’s life and psyche?

If you do not have a strong sense of self-worth, mental issues will affect you drastically. With mental health affecting 1 out of 4 people, it leads many down the road to depression.

But how do we avoid issues like mental health from affecting our lives drastically? Well, we will talk about it more in the points following this one!


Image Source: https://www.mymcmedia.org/mcm-connects-adult-mental-health-live-stream/

The most common disorder has been confirmed to be an anxiety disorder. It is because anxiety disorder consists of OCD, PTSD, and panic disorder, among other phobias. Anxiety disorders typically officially develop around early adulthood in most cases.

If not attended to, adults with anxiety disorder have been proven to be more susceptible to substance – use disorder and depression. The major cause of anxiety disorder itself has been proven to be social ineptness and exclusion.

When talking about the disorder that develops at the youngest age, it would be OCD. Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is often developed as young as early childhood.

OCD has been speculated to be somewhat out of one’s control, often developing to eating disorders later on.

A way to help would be to increase the number of health centers to help them get treated.

Medical professionals should be dispatched out to remote areas to help aid in mental disorders on the outskirts. It could prevent many tragedies of misfortunes that could occur if left festering and unattended.

Although most people with mental disorders do not get diagnosed officially, often diagnosed patients do not get treatment!

Most adults with mental disorders (12.2%) don’t get insured, and 56.4% of people living with mental illness get no treatment. When counted, it could be estimated that 24 million people go untreated for mental health issues.

It may seem shocking, but it has been found that most patients have no access to care. Most of the reason is the lack of facilities to facilitate treatment, even in the most advanced countries.

It results in millions of mentally unfit adults getting overly stressed, lashing out at loved ones, or themselves.

Overall, there is a shortage of medical professionals equipped with the knowledge about mental health.

It causes patients to pile up with no intent or ability to investigate disorders further or prescribe medicine. With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health issues yearly, this problem should be fixed ASAP!

8. Smartphones Have Been Contributing Significantly to the Mental Health Decline!


Image Source: https://time.com/5555737/smartphone-mental-health-teens/

Smartphones have gotten a significant update throughout the years; now most people have their own phones, even children!

But research suggests that exposing ourselves to “smartphone addiction” is not such a brilliant idea after all! Evidence has been found that one of four children and young adults with smartphones have poor mental health.

Many have contributed it to be because of social media and the glamour of success and fame.

It causes many young folks to be depressed and anxious when faced with the fact they aren’t famous! Many youths have opened up talking about how their life satisfaction decreased when scrolling social media.

How do you stop the epidemic that is smartphones contributing to mental health decline then? Well, first of all, you should learn not to think so highly of photos and videos online. Many people found that they felt empty when comparing themselves to others.

Steering clear of social media is always a good idea once in a while.

ADHD, known as “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,” it has been known to be especially common in young children.

Based on data given by the CDC, 9.4% of U.S. children from 2-17 have been diagnosed with ADHD. It may seem like a small percentage, but 9.4% makes up to around 6.1 million children in the U.S. alone!

How do they determine if a child has ADHD and they aren’t just a very hyperactive kid? Well, ADHD often doesn’t come alone; it usually comes paired with depression or another disorder common in children.

The most notable disorder other than ADHD being depression, with 3 out of 4 children suffering from it!

Another shocking statistic is that the number of children diagnosed with anxiety and depression has skyrocketed!

In the past year, 73.8% of children from ages 3 to 17 get diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It has increased significantly from 5.4% back in 2003 and 8.4% in 2011!

10. Creativity and Self-Expression are greatly linked to Mental Health!


Image Source: https://www.andygarland.co.uk/blog/creativity-and-your-mental-health

As you know by now, mental health is crucially important to our overall wellbeing and health. Studies have shown creativity plays a significant role in improving morale and also the mental health of an individual!

Throughout time, creativity has been crucial, aiding artists and creatives in balancing their mental health, here is how:

● Countless well-known artists, such as Van Gogh and Sylvia Plath, have struggled with their declining mental health.

● To Virginia Woolf, painting has been an outlet for escaping reality and helping her mental health while staying sane.

● Van Gogh had found solace in painting and creating art, as he could not understand why he suffered from anxiety attacks.

● Edward Munch drew his vision of anxiety in “The Scream” helping him let out his frustrations and improve his mental health

● Sylvia Plath often felt alone and “on the verge of madness.” But creating made her mental health improve slightly as she wrote her worries away.

Through this, we can conclude that self-expression is indeed linked to mental health as it provides an escape!

It is a way to remind yourself about your goals and expressing your feelings. Visit this website called vivipins to learn more about self-expression with creative custom enamel pins and how it boosts mental health!

11. The number of Mental Health Disorders has not Increased Significantly!

Many people have the impression that mental health issues have been on the rise as time goes by! However, based on the data from the IHME, that is not true at all! In fact, the accounts of mental health issues have been the same for the past 26 years!

It might come as shocking, as it was for many people, but still remains constant for most countries!

Although mental health disorders have not been increasing, there is a rise in depression rates in adolescents. The observed prevalence of mental health disorders could also be due to that.

Many have debated that mental health has newly been brought to light, and that’s why it’s so prevalent.

The public is just now knowing the severity of mental health deteriorating! So, what can you do about it, you can start movements in nearby societies promoting mental health!

12. Women are Twice as Likely to Have Mental Disorders!


Image Source: http://worldpsychiatrists.blogspot.com/2018/06/women-and-mental-health-have-look-on-it.html

As stated before, there is significant research that suggests women are twice as likely to be mentally ill.

Through a survey conducted by the IHME, women have twice the number the prevalence of depression from men. It concludes that women indeed are more susceptible to mental illness, such as eating disorders.

However, this is not the end; all be all, men are more susceptible to schizophrenia than women. There is also a higher risk of substance addiction for men than women. It could be due to the genetic make-up of the different genders or societal norms.

Many women have confessed that gender bias has been the source of emotional instability and mental health issues.

Females often feel inferior, and they don’t feel secure in their job positions like males are. If left unattended, many women will have long term mental health impacts due to gender inequality.

13. Employment Is Greatly Linked To Mental Health!

Based on OCED statistics, a study was conducted in a group of 25-64-year-old adults with depression.

It was found that the group with the most prevalent depression rate is the below upper secondary class. It was shocking as many assume the ones with proper education would have the lowest prevalence.

You might be even more shocked to hear that people with post-secondary education have the lowest depression prevalence.

Researchers think that this was due to the life satisfaction of the individual that contribute to mental health. There is overwhelming evidence that life satisfaction could be a major cause of depression in many cases!

You can prevent this by not only living life with purpose but also living life happily and contently.

A great way of doing so is to exercise, express yourself, and to maintain a good headspace when things hit the fan. It is crucial to maintain self-love and self-worth to prevent mental disorders from festering.


Well, now you know all there is to know about mental health and why it is so important! Mental health is a big hurdle to overcome; it plays tricks on your mind and perception of life.

At those times, it’s important to be headstrong and maintain an excellent mental state throughout those rocky times.

Although not easy, mental health should be addressed and not ignored. It is because, as stated in this article, mental health can cause catastrophic debilitations further down the line. It has come as far as to increase suicide rates ten-fold as tensions in society rise.

All and all, you should be taking the initiative and not letting emotions and your mental state control you! When times get tough, just practice self-love and self-expression, it will clear your head in an instant!

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