Custom Gaiter Mask

Masks are more critical today than ever before. Most people rely on reusable face makes. But, these masks are wasteful, hard to use, and not comfortable. Here at Vivipins, we have the solution: custom gaiter masks. The custom gaiter is easy to use, breathable, comfortable, and practical. Not only are they easier to use, this means they are safer. We offer high levels of customization, making it easy to place any design on your neck gaiter. Place your order today using our easy step-by-step ordering process to bring your pins to reality.
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Why Custom  Gaiter Mask?

Custom gaiter masks are a great way to help make protect yourself during these uncertain times. These neck gaiters take your safety to the next level while making your life easier and more comfortable.
Custom neck gaiters are easy to use and practical because they stay around your neck at all times. 
Custom neck gaiters are comfortable and flexible, making them breathable. 
Give your face coverings a personalized touch, so you don’t ever wear the wrong one. 
Neck gaiters are reusable and washable, making them good for the environment. 

How We Works?

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Why Choose Us?

Tired of neck gaiters with poor designs or made from inferior material? We allow you to create custom-made neck gaiters that feature the highest quality designs on the highest quality material. Neck gaiters are in high demand these days and creating your own custom-made masks could prove to be very popular with employees, prospects, paying customers, and more. We offer cheap pricing and no minimum orders. You can get the exact number of custom neck gaiters you need. You are sure to love the comfortable fit and the vibrant designs! Our designers are great at creating exactly what you need or at taking your suggestions and creating something beyond your expectations. Get wholesale price for neck gaiter now.

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Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“

Customer Reviews

Overall good experience - some delays with shipping ... Item quality was very good. I am a repeat customer.

Customer Reviews

Understanding and easy to work with! Quick response times and I'm very happy with the quality of the products I received!

Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should you consider when buying a gaiter maks?

No matter what product we buy, we take comfort into consideration, so this is one factor we need to consider carefully when choosing products and making our list.


What a thing is made of often determines all other factors, but there's so much more to it most  headwear is made from their signature fabric, which is its own proprietary blend of 100% microfiber polyester. Some of their products do have a large percentage of wool in the blend, so we make sure there are subtle differences that would normally occur depending on the use.
In addition, you need to pay attention to design, quality, seam, and hem placement. This is because it will be wearing directly on your skin and you want to make sure the seams are as flat, small, and of high quality as possible. You don't want a large, poorly sewn seam to irritate your neck or part of your face however after referring to all reviews of previous orders we found few complaints about fabric, structure, and seams so we are confident to recommend our face towel.


Whether or not they are versatile, it is important that they can withstand time and wear. One of the reasons towel products have quickly become so popular is their versatility. You can use them as neck protection, face protection. Running caps, bandannas, ponytails, etc. Because you never know what you'll be doing or where you'll be, you need to know the product is durable. In our research, we found that most people were happy with how well their headwear held up over different uses.


One of the most common uses is as a mask, which is just one of the reasons it needs to be breathable. Light yellow products are known for being comfortable, stylish, versatile, and, of course, breathable. These are very important for several reasons. First, one of the gaiters' most popular uses it as a mask. In this case, it covers your mouth, so obviously it's important that it allows you to breathe comfortably while wearing it. Another popular use is as a headband to absorb sweat and prevent it from getting into the eyes.

How to Wear a gaiter?

It's really useful because they have a lot of features, they're lightweight and they can be packed. In areas with little vegetation, they're great for blocking UV rays, or preventing skin from getting sunburned, while providing a source of warmth to keep you dry when it's cold outside -- perfect for outdoor activities like camping! If there is wind, these luminaries protect the body from harmful exposure by reflecting some of the sun's energy back to its source (the Earth).Sunset time; Light blue relieves pressure through evaporation too cold? Use woolen warm sweaters if you need them -- white reflects light better than other colors, but all colors will resist cold nights without sacrificing a touch of style;)

How to Wear a gaiter - 13 Most Useful Ways:
1. Scarf -- Wrap a gaiter scarf loosely around your neck
2. Neck warmer -- Put it around your neck, but cover your chin
3. Face mask - Pull it higher; It's supposed to cover your nose, but under your eyes
4. Sun protection - cover your chin in front and pull the back up over your head; It works well with a baseball cap or helmet
5. Headband - Keep the front under your chin and pull the back over the entire top of your head
6. Balaclava - Start with the headcover, then grab the material under your chin and fold it over your nose
7. Headband -- Like a scarf, it's fairly straightforward
8. Beanie - Twist it in the middle and then pull down the top part of the bottom to make a cap shape
9. Bandanna -- Tied to make a hat shape
10. Sahara -- Lying flat with head down, with openings in the front and back; Place one hand on your forehead and with the other hand pull the top layer back to secure it
11. Headbands - Start with a scarf and pull it up
12. Headband - Just like a headband, but also pull the top back to cover your hair
13. Scrunchies -- Also very straight, use them to secure your ponytail.

How many ways can a gaiter mask be used?

There are many uses for the versatile gaiter. Most people use 100% polyester, but you can also choose an ultra-lightweight or durable material such as cashmere and even heavy-duty waterproofing on the outside of your neckline where it is most vulnerable to cold temperatures and wind attacks. The following will list some other functions these items serve:

Protects from harm by sheltering sensitive areas like around your collar bones from freezing weather conditions that would otherwise penetrate deeper into one’s body with its frequent exposure; Moisture wicking fabric absorbs excess fluid thus preventing uncomfortable chafing or rashes at troublesome sites while Air circulation helps keep things cool in warm environments.

It will protect you from the cold and the sun

The main purpose of a gaiter is to keep you wrapped up, and it can be done in many ways. When the weather gets cold, use your pack as an extra layer on top or underneath other clothes- this will help regulate body heat! If things get really chilly out there wear it like protection from Frankenhooker with surgical tape holding all four corners together at neck level so that only air flows through them . The elasticity here really comes into play: according its needs are flexible enough to serve either as part coverup for traveling hikers who need something light weight while camping , blankets hunters needing.

It doubles as a sleep mask

The challenge of sleeping while traveling may seem difficult, but a good sleep mask can make it easier. I've learned how to use ear plugs in order attain this goal—they're very soft and cover my entire head so even if I move around all over town they won't budge! Additionally, this pair of headphones holds my ears securely at the perfect position for listening music or blocking out other people's noise-depending on what you want your end result to be.
One potential downside however is that light colored fabric used as straps has limited absorption ability when compared with darker material; if darkness is required before bedtime then try either folding up sleeves/hemming gowns into socks (to keep them from touching eyes)or select heavier clothing options.

It keeps your hair away from your face

When my hair first got stuck on me, it was a true uncomfortable. According to what you need for the time being; neck straps can be used as belts/belts or headscarves depending on how long your braids are before they start getting too thick and heavy for one style of use with them (e.g., hiking). Once I began growing longer strands into pigtails though- when walking became an issue because there just wasn’t enough room left over from cutting off all these new locks -I started wearing those same buns around town instead!It can be used as a washable rag.

I don't have anything to clean my face with, so I use a tissue. It's not really good for the wounds on your neck either - it just absorbs more dirt than anything else and becomes saturated quickly making you break out in acne again soon afterwords...

I tried throwing away that piece of cloth as an emergency handkerchief once when there were no other napkins or towels around but then realized how useful they could be in certain situations where paper goods are scarce (eateries)  and would rather go without something small if necessary instead wasting space inside packs while searching high

It is small

Forgetful of its existence? The carrying gaiter is not subject to any penalties. They are lightweight and small enough that you can carry one in your daily or travel bag without noticing until it's needed for use - saving yourself at least a day when compared to other bags on the market today!
Make an arm sling

There are many ways to support your arm when it's injured. The first thing you can do is wear an elastic around the area where there was bruising, then wrap some cloth tightly around this bandage and secure with another tie just below your elbow so that no matter what position or angle in which they lay their arm on themselves (or others), everything stays put together without being uncomfortable as well protected from possible further injury due pulling off any loose ends of other pieces used like dressings if necessary.

A tourniquet

If you need to apply pressure against a wound in order to stop blood flow, all that's needed is one stick and an improvised hemostat. Place it just below the injury so as not obstruct any organs or major arteries with this placement method; wrap your arm around if necessary for extra support while applying pressure by repeatedly moving back-and forth until enough space has been created between two layers of fabric (the belt).

If you forget the outer shoulder strap of your backpack, then this belt will come in handy for securing anything that needs to stay put. Just throw it on over whatever item is being carried and secure with both ends through any loops or rings on an object's surface using one side as a buckle; there are two types here: clips that attach by pressing down while twists open tightly around something thin like wires, cables etc.; buckles which engage teeth when pulled shut tight against their respective surfaces so they won’t slip out even if yanked sideways

As a mask

Don't wear a mask to cover your face, but rather put it on top of your head. The breathable material is light enough for quick breathing and will not get in the way while you're exercising or performing any other activities; but if there's ever an issue with dust/dirt entering through open pores then this can be used as protection against those things! It works best during protests because they let people wear these types of masks without having obstructions blocking their mouths - which makes them perfect gloves when handling fireworks at Fourth July celebrations too (I know from experience).

What's the difference between mask and a Gaiter?

Neck gaiters are a closed tubular fabric, also known as a gaiter mask. It is a garment used to cool or warm the neck and head area and can be used to cover the ears/face/nose/throat and head...

What is breathability and why does it matter? 

Breathable clothing allows moisture vapor to escape, keeping you comfortable. If the fabric traps excess humidity inside your clothes while you're moving around in hot weather or stopping for an extended period of time - which happens often when camping outside- then they will become damp with sweat causing rapid cooling of body heat leaving people feeling chilly waiting too long before resuming activity again! This poses risks outdoors during cold seasons like winter where proper layering can be crucial if one goes on long hikes through snow covered forests

How should I clean my gaiter mask?  

For most gaiter, we recommend that you use gentle soap suds in water. This is because the material has a tendency to get dry and brittle with time; if this happens it can break off pieces of bristles or cause clogging pores near its base due to accumulated residue from previous washes - resulting in unsightly stains! So don't soak for long periods while washing dishes by hand without rinsing first (and avoid using harsh detergents), but instead only gently scrubbing under running warm/cool tapwater between 30-second sprints until they're free from dirt particles

Custom Gaiter Mask

Pick your options, share the artwork of your Custom Gaiter Mask,
and we’ll get you a mockup within 12 hours.

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