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Why Should I Use Golf Ball Markers?

Golf is a game of elegance and etiquette. Golfers are to maintain a certain set of rules when they are out on the course. Marking your balls spot with a marker if one of them. It is common etiquette in golf when both you and a fellow golfer’s balls are inside the putting green. It makes sure that your ball is not getting in the way when your opponent is putting.

Marking your ball is a crucial subject in golf. Not marking your ball when needed or improper marking will be counted as a violation of golf rules. There are also guidelines regarding the size and type of objects you can use as your golf marker. So, make sure you pick the right golf ball marker. If you are unsure of the type of marker you should buy, you can always ask our experts at Vivipins to help you out.

Why Golf Ball Marker Design Matters?

In the past, it was a common practice to mark golf balls using coins. Nowadays, golfers are using personalized markers. Professional and weekend golfers alike prefer to use their own set of golf ball markers. It is a great way to express one’s style to leave a good impression on others. So, it is imperative that you have a tasteful and appealing design in your golf ball marker.

Vivipins has an excellent collection of golf ball markers. You will hopefully find a design that perfectly suits your style. We can also create custom golf ball markers on demand.

What Type of Design do You Offer?

Vivipins offers a wide selection of golf ball marker design. Because we want to ensure that we can meet any type of requests our customers may have. We specialize in the following marker design styles,

  • Soft Enamel
  • Hard Enamel
  • Offset Printed
  • 3D Cast
  • Die Struck

The soft enamel design is the most popular among our customers. It is the perfect balance of quality, looks, and pricing. If you are looking for something more premium, we would suggest our hard enamel golf ball markers. It is more expensive compared to other styles. But, if you are not concerned about your budget, hard enamel design will be an excellent choice.

Our offset printed design service is intended to offer better customization for your golf ball marker. We can print any design or photo on the marker as per your request. This style is quicker and cheaper than enamel designs.

For those who prefer something simple and elegant, we have our 3d cast and die struck marker styles. Both of these have an all-metal look. The depth and detailing of the marker can be perceived through the eyes and the touches. These are a more affordable option than golf ball markers.

What are The Different Golf Ball Marker Accessories?

The golf ball marker is a stand-alone item used in the game. It can be a simple coin or a customized one. But carrying it around proves to be a hassle as it is small and easy to lose. So, golfers prefer attaching their markers along with other accessories to keep them from losing. The most common accessories to pair your golf ball marker is,

  • Divot tools
  • Challenge Coins
  • Magnetic Hat Clips

You will find customized divot tools, hat clips, and challenge coins with a cavity to insert a golf ball marker inside them.

What is the Typical Shape and Size of Golf Ball Markers?

Golf ball markers are typically round or oval in shape and equal to the size of a quarter. It is the most common marker you will see people using. You can use a different shape or size at your convenience as well. But it should comply with the rules. Normally the size is required to be less than two inches and height less than one inch.

Golfers prefer using markers of a standard shape and size. It makes it convenient for them to use it in combination with their hat clips or divot tools.

What Types of Finishing are Available?

Vivipins can offer multiple types of metal finish color. We will find the common metal finishes such as,

  • Gold Plating
  • Silver Plating
  • Copper Plating
  • Brass Plating
  • Nickel Plating

Antique and Matt variations are available for the above-mentioned metal finishes. We can also provide a Black Plating finish for your marker.

Do You Have Any Special Upgrade Options?

Vivipins gives you access to unique customization options for your golf ball marker. Some of our exclusive upgrade options include,

  • Gems
  • Glitter
  • Glow in The Dark
  • Epoxy Dome
  • Magnet, etc.

With these, you can make your golf ball marker stand out from the rest. The gems and glitter upgrade can provide a sparkling finish to your marker. You can also provide a special coating that will make your golf ball marker glow in the dark. It is a cool upgrade for people that likes to wear their markers with other accessories.

An epoxy dome can enhance the look and durability of your golf ball marker. Magnets are another very popular optional upgrade for a golf ball marker. Almost everyone prefers a magnetic marker. Because it is easy to attach magnetic hat clips or as an insert for divot tools and challenge coins.

Do You Provide Custom Design for Golf Ball Markers?

Yes, we design custom golf ball markers. And our design service is completely free! Just mail us your design idea. Our talented designers will make the perfect design for your golf ball markers. We provide unlimited revisions for our design and work on it until you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied with our design, we would 100% refund your money.

Can I Get a Sample of My Product?

We will able glad to help you in any way possible. We send digital proof to your customers first before we go for production. So, in case you feel like making changes in the design, you can let us know in advance. We will make any modifications you need until you are satisfied with the design.

Do You have any MOQ?

No, there are no minimums at Vivipins! We will accept any order request from our customers regardless of the quantity. So, you can order even a single piece of golf marker for yourself. You can also order a set of golf ball markers with unique designs.

Why Should I Wholesale Golf Ball Markers from Vivipins?

You get a ton of benefits if you purchase golf ball markers from us in bulk quantity. We provide a massive discount for large quantities of custom golf ball marker orders. Large orders will have a drastically lower per-unit price than smaller orders.

We have our own production facility, thus saving you the extra fees incurred by a middle man. So, we can provide competitive pricing for our product. If you are not in a rush, we can also provide special free shipping all over the world at no extra cost.

What is The Usual Production and Delivery Time?

Vivipins provide a fast turnaround for its products to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our usual production time for golf ball markers ranges from 7-10 days. You will receive your product within a week or so once we ship your product. However, the golf ball marker’s per-unit price can be reduced if you opt for slower delivery methods. If you do not mind waiting a week or two longer, we can arrange a free shipping facility for you.

What Packaging Do You Use for The Markers?

We usually provide free individual polybag packaging for every golf ball marker. But we also have other paid premium packaging options. They are,

  • Velour Box
  • Drawstring Bag
  • Plastic Box
  • Backing Card

These packing options are perfect if you are planning to gift golf ball markers to someone. It will make it look much more special. So, the extra cost will be worth it.

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