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Learning about marketing statistics can reveal many interesting and engaging facts about a subject.  Since mobile phones and hand-held devices are now commonplace, it seems only fair to see the budding statistics.

We live in a world where it is common to see people on their phones every day. As such, learning about what is popular and not might seem natural about the topic. 12 mobile marketing statistics of 2019. 

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According to bankmycell, there are right now, over 5.3 billion individuals who own at least one phone. That is staggering to think, given the fact that there are only about 7.7-7.8 billion people alive. Additionally, those numbers who continue to rise with each and every passing year now.

Then again, I suppose I should not be too surprised to find this out for myself. It is not uncommon to see even toddlers and little kids owning iPhones in today’s world. So, I suppose learning that three-fourths of the world’s population owns a phone is not that surprising.

However, it is still one of those whoa moments when you find out about this revelation. I suppose it should not be surprising given how essential smartphones are in today’s modern world.  However, I can not get over how prevalent they have become.

2. Slowness Of The Internet-Especially On Phones; Why Is That?

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One of the things that have always surprised me about phones is, well, the internet on them. No, I am not talking about phones having the internet on them; we expect them to have them. No, what I am referring too is the speed at which our phones can operate the internet today.

Just in comparison, our phones are more capable than the computers NASA used in the late sixties. So, why is that our phones still struggle to load up basic internet web pages at times? Well, the reasons can be one of many, and most of them revolving around the page itself.

One reason, from Computerworld, suggests it could be due to the number of graphics on display. Moreover, despite becoming more powerful over the years, phones are slowing down in terms of load speed.

3Facebook And Social Media As A Whole

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According to Sproutsocial, over 96% of Facebook users access the website on mobile devices. Hearing this news, I was like “really?” However, I stopped to think and realize that it makes sense of why that is the case.

As we have discussed, phones have become a central part of the lives of the average joe. People walk up and down sidewalks with their heads facing downward, continually scrolling up and down. As such, they are most likely on something like Facebook if nothing else, and that is no joke.

Being the most important social media site on the internet does have its many, many perks. That includes people spending 96% of their time on it via their phones, instead of 25% on computers.

That is just staggering to learn about.  Kinda shows how well social media and phones work together.  

4. Speaking Of The Number Of People On Facebook

Once again, according to Sproutsocial, over 43% of people get their news from Facebook and Facebook alone. That is a damning piece of evidence for how intricate cellphones are in today’s world. Especially since television sets are still very much a thing even in third-world countries and Western countries.  

So, not only do 96% of users use Cabook all the time in comparison to traditional mediums like computers. Little over 40% of people ONLY get their news and update from Facebook by itself, and nothing more.  

I mean, this is not supposed to be taken as something wholly wrong. On the contrary, it is great people still give a toss about the news as a whole. It is just surprising to hear it is that high in terms of body count.

5.  Teenagers And Their Appreciation For Portable Facebook

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Okay, last one from Sproutsocial, I promise. According to Sproutsocial once more, 51% of teens actively engage Facebook on a pretty regular basis. Thus by their own metric and scoring system, that makes it the fourth most popular social media site.

Once more, I know I should not be surprised to hear about this, but I am none-the-less. I suppose it has more to do with an individual teenagers psychology, rather than just technology. However, it is still just fascinating to hear how much that website has changed the way we communicate.

Regardless, it is once again, a harmless and simple observation to make at the best of times. I am just surprised to hear how active teenagers are on Facebook and nothing else in this world. Though, I suppose it matters not except to the individual in question.

6. Most Popular Social Media Sites As Of 2019

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Now, I should say this is surprising, as well… however, it is not, not after all this.  Doing some more research on the topic, I have found my way onto a new website. This website, Statista, shows what the most popular social media website on mobile devices currently are.

By this point, you can probably figure out what the most popular website is on mobile devices. Yep, it is Facebook, with Youtube and WhatsApp trailing behind it, and Facebook’s own proprietary messenger behind WhatsApp. You do not even need teenagers to make Facebook the most demanding app on smartphones; it seems like.

Social media is a diverse and engaging field of websites and programs, my friends. I am often surprised by how far we have come with social media and the internet itself. I am honestly surprised by these revelations.

7. The General Success Of Social Media Marketing

It cannot be understated just how much effect social media has had on the public and smartphones. Being able to get access to your news feed, or watch Youtube on the way home is empowering. Moreover, it seems like marketers and big companies understand this philosophy, as well.

Oberlo made an interesting and arguably exciting revelation about marketing and how successful it is on social media. According to them, over 73% of marketers believe that social media is an effective platform for online distribution marketing.

Knowing that people arguably spend more time on Facebook and Youtube on their phones, this is not surprising. While being out and about, people might be more tempted into impulse spending if they see ads on websites. Social media and smartphones just seem to go oh-so-naturally with one another, do they not, my friends?

8. The Number Of Apps Is… Unreal, To Say The least

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Not only has social media taken a whole new form underneath smartphones, but so have the App Store. Hostingtribune once made a somewhat surreal and perplexing statement about the App Store itself.

In 2009, the App Store only had roughly sixty-five-thousand apps available for users to download and or buy. However, in 2019, there are over three-billion apps available, nearly one-half being relegated to gaming applications and activities. That is how essential mobiles have become in the past decade, and how lucrative change can bring.

It is scary to think about how much phones have changed society as a whole these past few years. What started as a gimmick, or something that would never catch on-is now all of this combined. It is easy to see why advertisers, marketers, and every other conglomerate is jumping to mobile devices.

9. Four Out Of Five Individuals Uses Smartphones To Shop

Another unsurprising, but still fascinating revelation is the title I decided to go for with this section. According to the information I discovered when researching this topic, is that the title above is correct. This information is brought to us by Comscore 20, who explains that people use their phones to shop.

Now, this is probably the least shocking topic I have researched while writing this particular article. However, it makes sense, given the simple fact that everyone practically owns a cellphone in today’s world.  As such, companies ensure their websites are comfortable to traverse on mobile devices.

Additionally, websites like Amazon, Alibaba eBay, Esty, and other significant eCommercerces websites make sure they work on mobiles. Moreover, with the amount of advertising I see for these websites-yeah, I see why this point sticks. Especially when I am on my phone.

10.Over 96% Of Search Traffic On Mobiles Is Through Google

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This is another one that I suppose is not too surprising given the search engine we are also referring. Google’s own proprietary search engine is one of, if not the most popular search engines in the world. Because of that truth, I am not surprised to find this out about mobile traffic and Google.

However, when you think about it, that leaves Yahoo and Bing as the only other notable search engines. Those other competitors only have a two and one percent stacks on the market in comparison to Google.  As such, it is obvious why most people use Google when looking things up on their phones.

Though, at the same time, it is something to ponder and discuss as it currently stands. Not to mention, it is, once more, interesting to learn about in addition to everything else.

11. 75-80% Of Emails Are Opened On Phones In The US Alone

Now, I will not lie, this one was honestly really surprising to find out about via my research. To find out via Leighton Interactive that in 2018, 20-75 percent of emails are opened on mobile. Like, really? Then again, at this point, I should accept these facts about mobile marketing in general.

I mean, it makes enough sense since most email providers already provide multiple ways to get your emails. So, hearing that most people in the US get their notifications through their phones is hardly surprising.

This is a minor fact to include, I thought it was to be a fun one to add. Moreover, there is one inherent advantage that comes with getting your emails through your phone. And that is getting notifications from enamel pin customs right away, even when traveling.   

12.Nearly 140-Billion Spent On Mobile Advertising And Marketing

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For our last topic of the evening, let me turn everyone’s attention to this very last fact. The title is no joke, that is how much money conglomerates spent in 2019 on mobile marketing alone. Experts project it can be around 210-212-Billion by 2021.

If anyone still doubts that mobile is the future, then I ask you to look at these subheadings. Perhaps at one point, smartphones were seen as a gimmick and a waste of time, but not anymore.  No, smartphones, iPhones, androids, you name it, companies invest in it.

Cellphones (and just mobile marketing, in general), is the way to go about handling business today. If someone is not working or are not doing something important, they are most likely on their phone. And advertisers and marketing departments know this simple truth about their customers and fanbases.


There are many more budding and expanding mobile marketing strategies being developed even as I type this.  Conglomerates and businesses alike understand that the tide of marketing is shifting dramatically every day. As such, there is always more to learn and discover.

If you have any questions, thoughts, opinions, or something on your mind, please do not hesitate to comment.  We will always want to hear back from everyone.

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