7 Best Metal Business Card Suppliers in the USA

Written by Robin Brown on October 21, 2022
You may not know what business cards are. They are used to provide a credible image that people will remember. Your business card's appeal and ability to transmit the right impression of your company greatly depend on its design, wording, and surface. Furthermore, in order to meet so many requirements, you must own a metallic business card.

An intricate process is involved in creating a unique metallic business card. While you are making your card, use good discretion. If your company sells children's toys and games, you may try using clear, concise language and terms that are written with children in mind. Instead, adhere to conventional designs like dark stamping on a black, beige, or white background if you operate a financial counseling firm and want your business card to communicate amazing capability and dependability.

So if you are someone who would love to stand out and create an impression with their business cards, then this is the perfect article for you. Here, we have created a list of metal business cards USA suppliers that you should visit today!


vivipins 3
Address: 1440 W.Taylor St#989, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

According to reports, Vivipins is the most well-known company in the USA that produces metal business cards in the USA with etching. They have been in place for around five years and provide several opportunities for change. Basically, you might ask them about what you need or express about a significant work through them. Your designs will be used by their talented in-house designers to create a creative, captivating line plan at that time.

They have collaborated with many of the most prestigious clubs and affiliations on the planet as well as a significant number of its biggest firms as a customized business card manufacturer. Additionally, they have worked with "regular, everyday folks, including business visionaries who were just starting out and wanted to make some money by handing out business cards, and famous big names. From the biggest firm to the lone individual, they all receive the same level of service from them.

Product quality

They provide the most aesthetically pleasing customized business cards currently offered. They have received a few compliments from various customers. They swiftly, effectively, and deftly create anything you want, including games, updates for partnership tasks, prizes for skillful implementation, and much more.

Minimum quantity

There is no minimum order quantity needed for Vivipins.

Delivery  time

Frequently, it takes them 7 to 14 days to actually visit you.


The cost will vary based on the scope and difficulty of your request. By purchasing in quantity, you may lower the price per business card even further!



Zazzle logo
Address: Redwood City, CA. 811 Sandhill Road.

As unique and distinctive as Zazzle's products are, so too are its advocates. In addition to having PhDs, being talented experts, creating aces, possessing licenses, and being creators and entertainers, to name a few qualifications, they are wholly united by a desire to reimagine the organization. They operate under the assumption that anything is feasible most of the time, whether they are advancing their thoughts, creating your most recent innovation, developing their technological comprehension, or guiding you through the internet.

Actually, every business card product available on Zazzle may be personalized! So, feel free to let your imagination go wild. Customize items like socks, magnets, napkins, Christmas enrichments, and even car deodorizers with success! For even more garbage, have a look at their blockbusters, which include discounts, mugs, and t-shirts.

Product quality

Different two-sided metallic business cards are offered in the USA in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their business card design features a concentrated text foundation on a plain white background. Your name and all of your contact information are shown on this sophisticated Engraved Minimalist Business Card design. It is possible to create a two-sided version of the professional white business card design. White is a sophisticated and wealthy choice for a business card. If you want a different tone, be assured that this professional layout is totally adaptable. To make your standard rich business card exceptional, add your personal touches, logo, or photograph. Business Card Art's engraved minimalist business card and professional judgment.

Delivery time

The delivery time for the item is between 7 and 14 days to your door. Delivery that is expedited is also an option.

Minimum order quantity

No restrictions apply to minimum orders. If you purchase more than 10 business cards, though, you can end up saving more money.


Metallic business cards are available at Zazzle beginning at $25.90. Depending on the dimensions and design of the business card, the cost may change.


etsy 4
Address: 5 Washington Street, Suite 512, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Etsy is the primary global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It is the location of a sizeable region of unusual, remarkable objects, ranging from extraordinary, fantastic components to spectacular fortunes.

In an era of accelerating robotization, their main goal is to maintain a human connection at the hub of trade. People created spaces where creativity may live and thrive because they are the ones who feed it. They support local merchants in turning their ideas into successful ventures. Their business connects them with a large number of customers looking for an alternative choice—something truly outstanding with a personal touch—for those brief moments in life that call for original thought.

Product Quality

There are many options available on Etsy. Every option offers a lot of opportunities for changing the results, like choosing an assortment. For anybody looking for a durable metallic business card, the treated steel system is a fantastic option. It is a fantastic gift for your company since it helps you stand out even more! It is constructed of hardened steel, making it highly durable! The laser etching process ensures that the personalized information won't disappear or change.

Minimum order quantity

There is no stated minimum order quantity. However, if you speak with the merchant, you may place bulk orders.

Delivery time

Etsy offsets the carbon emissions brought on by shipping and delivery with this purchase. after being shipped from the USA within 14 days.


The price of the business card varies based on the artwork and demands made, starting at $8.


vistaprint 3
Address: 275 Wyman Street Waltham, MA 02451 USA

VistaPrint, a Cimpress company, helps business owners create expertly planned, amazing tailored advertising - the variety of materials they need to seem knowledgeable, prepared, and connected. The reason VistaPrint is so well-known for them is that they have produced billions of business cards since Robert Keane founded them in 1995.

Today, VistaPrint provides much more, such as a wide range of personalized privately owned companies exhibiting goods, ongoing access to expert advice and assistance for those in need, and a direct, straightforward explanation for those who are certain of what they need.

Product Quality

Business cards made of metal make it easier to tell people apart based on their personalities, and they also promote your brand by putting it in peoples' hands. Create a unique metallic business card with etchings with Vistaprint to encourage people to think about your company. Every business card may be personalized with a particular message, a name, or the emblem of your company.

Delivery time

Their transportation partners have told us that delays are occurring as a result of persistent floods and interference from freight lines across the nation. Visit their website to familiarize yourself with their conveyance statistics.

Minimum order quantity

100 cards must be ordered as a minimum each order.


Their metallic business cards start at $17 for each piece.

Rockdesign 1
Address: 145 Royal Crest Ct #30, Markham, ON L3R 9Z4, Canada

At RockDesign, they understand the importance of success! Business cards are essential and have a long-lasting positive impact on anticipated clients. Your business cards should reflect how big your company is. Their core conviction is that improving your branding will increase the revenue from your firm. When you give a potential customer one of our valuable cards, they immediately find it engaging and will distinguish you from your competitors. The key thing we can suggest to you is the ability to create a long-lasting pleasant first impression, which will encourage your clients to preserve your business cards and refer future business to you.

When people see a card that is polished and professional, they will believe you and their perception of you as a successful company. They have outlined their position in the industry as providing the best and most ethical printing practices. Their customer service adheres to these standards by providing friendly and prompt assistance both online and over the phone.

Product Quality

RockDesign places a great value on ensuring customer loyalty. In order to choose only the most well-respected paper and finishings, they source and test their stock. This enables them to provide clients with the printing outcomes that are suitable for their plans. Although perfection is impossible when using cutting-edge printing techniques, they make a concerted effort to make sure that every card is incredibly beautiful. Each of their cards goes through a number of steps, from the initial design to the final delivery, to ensure that their customers are receiving great support and product.

Minimum order quantity

You will need to place a minimum order of 10 cards at RockDesign.

Delivery time

Including transportation time, RrockDesign will deliver your order in 4 to 6 business days!


Each order of metal business cards costs $55.00.


Address: 511 S. Harbor Blvd, Ste. Q La Habra, CA 90631

In 2011, MyMetalBusiness Card was founded with the simple goal of providing our customers with goods that profoundly affect people. Since then, we've expanded our product range to include an increasing variety of metal cards, personalized metal drinkware, personalized presents, and the list goes on. Please explore our website to learn more about who we are as a group. Any questions? Just inform us!

Your demands will be their top priority forever, and your cards will create an instant and exceptional relationship. Together with their customers, they have produced over 10 million cards and received more than 2500 5-star reviews. Furthermore, doing so is easy and safe.

Product Quality

Think of MyMetalBusinessCard as your partner in advertising your company or organization since they guarantee you'll have a significant impact, oftentimes without uttering a single word. They design and create the greatest metal business cards in the USA so you can start a conversation without speaking a word. They are experts in their field since they believe that a moving strategy may captivate and elevate anyone's attention.

Delivery time

The estimated delivery time is 5 business days.

Minimum order quantity

As a minimum order quantity, you must purchase 100 items.


The cost of each card is about $2.5, amounting to $250 per order.


Address: 11811 Upham St #2, Broomfield, CO 80020, United States

In 2001, a desire to provide customers with laser engraved presents, freebies, and corporate accolades led to the creation of LazerDesigns. They had no more than a room, a storm cellar, and a laser engraver for their initial "office." They expanded quickly, acquiring a real office and more laser etching equipment in only a few short years. They quickly outgrew that location and relocated to a larger building in 2008 as a result of their constant focus on customer service, defying expectations, and magnificence. Giving enduring, personalized presents may be made easier with the help of LazerDesigns.

Your items will be delivered on time, guaranteed, and they will provide fanatical customer service! You'll be overjoyed with your presents! When you purchase with them, you are working with them to end disease and destitution caused by a lack of fresh water all around the world. Perhaps the nicest present they can give is that of new water to the parched of our reality.0

Product Quality

Their exceptional anodized metallic business cards forge enduring connections and withstand daily use. Excellent, essential metal business cards for individuals hoping to present a professional image to their clientele. These exquisitely engraved metal business cards are absolutely fantastic on the outside, have beautiful, sturdy tones, and won't be easily forgotten by potential customers or business partners (like normal business cards).

Minimum order quantity

There is no minimum order requirement when ordering through LazerDesigns. You can start from 1 piece per order to any amount!

Delivery time

The time required for delivery depends on the size of the order.


The cost per piece starts from $25. Metallic business cards can be second-sided for an additional $0.50 each.

Final words

Given that the card is only 2 inches by 3 inches, it is typically challenging for a business card to express the overall impression of your company. Whatever the case, business cards are often the most important tool for people in the industry to give other people in the industry and potential customers or clients their contact information. So you must also have one for yourself or your business. So what are you waiting for? Customize your own metal business cards in the USA!

Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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