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Just What the Doctor Ordered –
New Medical Pins!

The long-standing tradition of wearing medical lapel pins by doctors, nurses and rescue personnel is stronger than ever today.

Many professionals pride themselves on wearing eye-catching medical pins that display their pride in the work that they do, their academic achievements and more.

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And why not? Medical professionals have devoted a great deal of time and effort to their professions; they deserve to be rewarded and to be able to show off their accomplishments.

That’s why medical pins are one of the most popular items ordered at

Vivipins is the leading provider of lapel pins and challenge coins to customers around the world. Each year, highly-knowledgeable and artistic designers and staff use the latest technology to customize pins and coins for more than 5,000 clients.

Many of those clients are medical administrators looking to reward hard-working doctors, doctor assistants, nurses and rescue personnel. Medical pins are also purchased by grateful patients as gifts and by entrepreneurs looking to make a profit by selling their new designs to medical professionals.

Vivipins offers customers five types of medical lapel pins:

3D Cast Lapel Pins – 
This type of pin offers a level of detail and depth not available in a standard 2D die struck lapel pin. This pin creates a 3 dimensional look through the use of multiple surface levels at multiple angles.

Cloisonne’ Hard Enamel Pins –  

Cloisonné is an ancient metalworking technique developed centuries ago in China during the Ming dynasty. Creating these pins requires a multi-step enamel process that produces truly jewelry grade products.

 Die Struck Pins –  

This type of pin is noted for both its simplicity and understated elegance. To create this pin, a soft brass or copper base metal to achieve high quality stamping. Customers may select from many plating plating choices and design options.

 Die Struck Soft Enamel Pins –

These pins offer a traditional look and good quality for a terrific price. To make these pins, we make a die with your design in it and then use the die to strike the design into a copper or iron base.

 Printed Pins –  

This type of pin is good for complex designs featuring things like multiple colors or color blends or photo reproductions. The Offset Printing process used to create these pins is the same process used for printing photographs and other complex images.

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Volunteer Pins6
Volunteer Pins4

These types of pins are available in a variety of medical pin and medical assistant pin designs, such as:

  • Nursing pins
  • Doctor pins
  • Rescue pins
  • Ambulance pins
  • Angel pins
  • Social worker pins
  • And many more 

All the pins are carefully crafted and professionally produced to ensure that medical professionals will love to wear them and show them off. One of the great things about Vivipins is that customers can create custom designs using the company’s simple online ordering process.

The ordering system makes it easy to create unique designs – even for those without artistic ability. Then Vivipins provides proofs before creating the pins so that changes can be made to ensure the designs are exactly what the customer wants.

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