Top 5 Ways How To Wear a Neck Gaiter?

Written by Robin Brown on June 15, 2021
Among the various accessories we wear daily, neck gaiters are one of the coolest. They come in handy in various weather conditions as well as help us style our appearance better. 

So, in this post, we’re going to learn how to wear a neck gaiter. There are hundreds of ways you can try to wrap your head around it. We’re going to look at the 5 most common ways. 

As a Face Mask

face mask image
Unless you live somewhere other than earth, you know about the Coronavirus pandemic. The leading healthcare organizations in the world has made face mask an essential for the wellbeing of the society. 

A neck gaiter can play the role of a face mask quite well. Although it won’t be as effective as a medical-grade N95 mask, you can get away with the majority of your day’s operations. 

To use the neck gaiter as a face mask, bring it over your mouth and nose to stop any contaminated particles from entering your body.

As a Hood 

hood image
For many of us, having a head accessory is mandatory. It might be a hat, a bandana, a ballcap, or if you’re trying to be innovative, a neck gaiter. 

You can pull the neck gaiter up to your forehead and use the excess fabric to cover your head. This is also a great way for people with long hair to protect their hair from sun damage, dust, or dryness. 

When you’re learning how to wear a neck gaiter, don’t forget to try it as a hood every once in a while!

The Sun Guard

As obvious as it may sound, a neck gaiter can become an ultimate accessory to prevent sun damage. You can wear the gaiter to wrap around your mouth, nose, ears, and neck to keep them away from the sun. 

Moreover, you can cover your head with a ballcap to maximize your protection against the sun. the ballcap will cover your face from the top and the neck gaiter on the bottom will keep you safe against dust and direct UV rays. 

As a Balaclava

Balaclava image
For the youngsters, the use of a balaclava is deemed very cool. Especially for athletes or motorcyclists, a balaclava is an essential accessory. Did you know that you can use your neck gaiter as a full-on balaclava?

To get it done, you need to pull the gaiter all the way down to your neck while wrapping the top portion over your head. Now, your entire head and neck are covered. But your nose and mouth are open. 

You need to create a second fold under your chin and bring the gaiter up to your nose. You’ve got a balaclava on your hands!

Final Words

A neck gaiter has become such a versatile accessory these days. You can use it for your personal styling as well as protect yourself from environmental factors like sun, dust, pollution, and so on. 

The coolness of a gaiter lies in how well you can wear and whether you’re wearing the right style in the right situation. 

Now, you know how to wear a neck gaiter. 
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Article written by Robin Brown
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