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How To Get More Clicks On Twitter


March 05, 2024

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The world of twitter is home to a variety of people ranging from whiners to social media marketers. Tweeting comes almost naturally to most of us, but the much-needed strategies to get a wider audience can’t be ignored.


Clicks on the tweet is a term often misunderstood by many. Can’t blame anyone, though. The word has a broader meaning than it seems to capture.


What Is A Twitter Click Essentially?


Twitter gods define a twitter click as:


  • Retweet on a tweet
  • Like on a tweet
  • Increase in follower count
  • Click on the link posted in a tweet
  • Clicking on the picture attached with a tweet
  • A view of your profile
  • Click on hashtags mentioned in a tweet


Added more to your twitter knowledge, didn’t it? With the term click having such a wide range, it is definitely not as easy as it seems. Employ the right tactics, so next time you don’t fall into traps like “We help you get more twitter likes and retweets.”


It is indeed a challenge but doesn’t take one rocket science to master the art of attaining clickthrough rate (CTR).


15 Tricks to Master the Science Behind Getting A Greater Clickthrough Rate on Twitter?


Clarity Wins the Game

We must deduce the postcolonial picturesque of savagery, aboriginality; subsequently creating binaries of the white man’s burden. Did that all over go over your head? Let’s admit it.


None of us want to waste time reading something with vocabulary that is not used in our day-to-day conversations. Clarity is essential in all forms of communication. You are definitely not getting any clicks with ambiguous tweets. As long as you’re clear, the CTR is nothing you can’t conquer.


Scan and skim is the primary strategy everyone on twitter uses without even realizing. In that case, incomprehensible tweets are often ignored. Grab attention is a marketer’s job. If you fail at that, you’re simply doing the twitter culture wrong.


 Twitter is a place roaring with tweets; you can’t afford to not publish a ‘clickable’ tweet. Clarity is quite literally the ABC of Twitter marketing. Implying is not the way to go about it. State explicitly, your audience loves it!


Attaching a Link at the Right Place

Want to know the terrible mistake that gets your entire twitter marketing strategy messed up?; attaching a link to your blog or article at the end of the tweet.


That is not the right place, my friends. Ideally, write a few words, add a link, and finish up the sentence. It is a sure shot trick to getting higher user engagement.


Interestingly, statistics reveal that the twitter click rate is inversely proportional to your follower count. As the follower count increases, businesses cater to a grouped audience rather than individual users.


Therefore, follower count shouldn’t necessarily be your target. Work right, and you won’t lose the followers and also manage to maintain sufficient twitter clicks. Get your business soaring!


Pro Tip: Make sure your links work. A common mishap is not putting a space before the link. Nobody in the twitter world will make an effort into copy-pasting the link separately.


 The right way to go about it any business is: make things feasible for your client. If the tweet is not feasible (meaning, it does not make the link easily accessible), forget getting more clicks.


Tweet When Your Audience Is Up and Active!


Good marketers gauge their audience before designing a strategy. That is a basic lesson in marketing tutorials and classes. You cannot hope to boost your business without knowing how to cater to your audience.


Imagine sending out tweets at 3 am as per the time of the country you operate in. A perfect recipe for disaster. Know your audience. It is not just limited to knowing their occupations.


You must know when your Twitter audience is not sleeping and when do users scroll their twitter timelines. Their leisure time, or more appropriately twitter time, precisely.


Once you have done that, make sure you are tweeting at the same time. It ensures maximum views and hence, maximum chances of links being paid enough attention.


For instance, you won’t waste time going through a blog or article linked in a tweet during office hours when you’ve pending tasks at hand. Most probably, you’d bookmark or save it only for it to be remain forgotten for months to come.


 Before we move ahead, in some cases, tweeting on the weekend or post-mid-night generates greater clicks. All in all, it’s all on your audience.


Don’t Link/Tweet More Than 3 Times A Day

A common perception is that the more you tweet, the greater will be your reach. Well, no. That’s not how Twitter works. The twitter realm has unsaid rules for people running businesses. 


Accounts that tweet more than 3 times a day lose CTR. A foolproof trick is to have fewer tweets that promise quality. As the old proverb goes, follow “quality over quantity.” Works in all cases except food.


If tweets from your handle become too frequent, truthfully speaking, users will not pay enough attention. Maybe, tweet enough to let your audience engage yet keep them waiting to see what’s next.


Moreover, make sure your tweets are spaced out in terms of time. 3 tweets in half an hour? Terrible. 3 tweets with the interval of at least half an hour between each? Sounds great!


Conciseness Never Goes Out of Style


Conciseness is not limited to just 7 C’s of communication. It comes in handy in getting more twitter clicks too.


Keep your tweets short and concise. It definitely doesn’t mean that you let go off the first trick mentioned in this article (really hoping you didn’t have to go back to check the first rule).


Clarity and conciseness must go hand in hand. Don’t sacrifice one for the other. Reality check: if you’re a good marketer, you’d know how to get a perfect balance of both.


Yes, Twitter has increased its character limit to 280 characters, but here’s a take: it isn’t for you to unnecessarily lengthen tweets.


Sure, write a detailed tweet when needed, but only if you can ensure that your users will not run out of motivation to read all of it (there are loads of us here who loathe reading more than two sentences).


Tip #1: To keep your tweets short, trim your links, and tweet those custom short links to save the valuable 280 characters.


 Tip #2: For the love of God, do not make threads. Nobody clicks on those to read the whole thing. Forget increasing twitter clicks. Period.


Caps Lock Is Never A Good Option

Even if your keyboard is badly bruised and caps lock is the only option for you to tweet in, DON’T (I did it only for the emphasis).


Essentially, caps lock give users at the other end of the screen an impression of being shouted at. It paints an aggressive picture with a loud tone. Eh, nobody would love that. Not only that, it is distracting.


Use sentence case with proper punctuations (please, I beg of you to not ignore punctuation). The sentence gives off a very cool vibe and sends out an inviting message for users to click the given link.


I am definitely not clicking on a link when a tweet orders me to do that through caps lock. Say that nicely, and I might just do it. Hence, avoid caps lock. Capitalizations work only when one is tweeting a headline, and that too is limited only to capitalizing the first sentence of each word.


 Check your keyboard for caps lock keys before you tweet.


Questions Are the Best Hook Out There


Remember, when you were asked to begin your essays with questions as to grab the attention of the reader? Well, it works here too. Asking questions to invoke a response is the right way to go about it. Let’s take an example.


Attaching the link of an article that outlines tips on weight loss should have a tweet like, “Do you want to lose weight and have always failed miserably at it? Well, here’s [link] the blog to guide you perfectly about weight loss.”


The above example will fare well and bring sufficient clicks. It will specifically grab the attention of all those who are struggling with weight loss because of the question posed at the very beginning of the tweet. Notice how the example also follows the six previous rules mentioned in the article.


Statistics Is A Big No

Adding a really shocking statistic to tweet, along with the link, seems a really inviting trick, but trust me, it isn’t. As opposed to the general view, statistics do not make your audience curious enough to click on the link. Want to know the psychology behind it?


Well, a statistic may grab the user’s attention enough to read the tweet but not enough to click on the given link. Why you ask. That statistic appears to be the gist of the article or blog post. Why would users read an article when they know the central idea of it? They won’t.


Henceforth, save the statistics, facts, and figures for the main post. For the tweet, follow the previous trick. It would do you more good than you think.


Hashtags Is an Underappreciated Friend


Hashtags may seem annoying, but they fetch more audiences than we think. However, the rule of the thumb is using general hashtags. General hashtags are accessed by a plethora of twitter users daily. Using such hashtags gives your tweets a wider reach and specifically to the users who are looking into the same topic. 


Increasing online presence can be easily achieved by adding one or two hashtags. However, do not overdo them. Going overboard with general hashtags like “#cute #adorable #london #fun” will honestly speaking, freak out your audience. Have mercy on them, and don’t do this. Increasing twitter clicks is easy but requires little knowledge beforehand.


Images Win You More Clicks

Visuals attract more attention isn’t a lie, after all. Text can be annoying and monotonous among the roar of tweets since 75% of tweets are text-only. To be sure your tweet doesn’t go unnoticed, simply add an image. Now that really doesn’t mean add any image.


 Create a relevant logo, poster, or image that depicts what your main post is about. If the image is made right and attached to the tweet, users will be naturally compelled to stop scrolling for a minute and have a look at your tweet. Once that is done, a click is ensured.


Use Active Verbs

Nouns and adjectives do not compel one to do something. Verbs, and adverbs too, in some cases, push the user into clicking on the link. Not only that, but you must also employ active verbs rather than passive.


Getting more twitter clicks is just a game of knowing the right tactics, after all.




With the 11 tactics to increase twitter clicks done and dusted, it is the time to act. Hoping these tricks and tactics will have now given you the expertise and guidance needed for getting more twitter clicks.


Buckle up and do what is needed for those much-needed clicks. No sales, no business, no money. Not exactly the scenario any of us need. Like they say, too many wants and needs to afford to be broke.


Employ the ways mentioned above, get your engagement and tweet visibility soaring up, and it is guaranteed that you won’t have to look for any other way to market your business/product/blog. Leave a comment in case of any query or suggestion. I’m all ears to both and would be happy to help.

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