Hard Enamel Pins. Vs Soft Enamel Pins- Which is Right for Your Purposes?

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Custom lapel pins are a fun and interesting way to say something. It’s a way to show off a bit of personality that’s small and compact.

It’s also excellent for use in advertising campaigns for your business or event. Can be great gifts for friends, and good for fundraisers or small awards.

In this article, we will discuss about Hard Enamel Pin Vs Soft Enamel Pin.

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1. Hard Enamel Vs. Soft Enamel: What’s The Difference?

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When searching for lapel pins, you’ll have to decide whether you want to choose soft enamel or hard enamel pin. This is less to do with the type of paint used and more to do with how the pins are made.

You don’t really need to know the difference between hard enamel pin vs soft enamel pin. You just need to make an educated choice.

Soft enamel are the most common type of pin. These pins use a paint kept within the lines of the imprinted metal. The actual metal mold is what stops the paint colors from bleeding into one another, a rather simple technique.

This, then, also means that these types of pins have a more textured look and feel to them. You can see and feel the ridges of the metal through the pin. This gives the pin a type of texture that many people enjoy.

2. Known as Cloisonne Pins

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Hard enamel pins, sometimes also known as Cloisonne pins. They are not painted into the metal mold. They are painted to the same level as the metal mold. Then they are polished so that they are smoother are far less textured.

This creates a far more durable pin, but a far smoother feel and look to them. You can still feel the texture through the enamel paint as with soft enamel pins. But you won’t be able to feel it nearly as much as you would with a soft enamel pin.

3. How are Custom Enamel Pins Made?

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Custom enamel pins are made by putting enamel paint into a metal mold. Soft enamel pins are made by laying the enamel into the lowered, or recessed areas. And then put in ovens to bake the enamel so that it sets.

There is only one round of paint. All of the paints used in the creation of a pin will be painted on at the same time. They use the higher ridges of the mold as a barrier so that the enamel paints won’t mix.

This creates a bumpy, textured feel to the pin as the paints and molding barriers are on different levels. This creates an entirely different look and feel. You can feel the metal through the pin when you run your finger over it.

Made by Using Several Rounds of Paint

Hard enamel pins, on the other hand, are made by using several rounds of paint. The enamel is painted far higher on these pins, so that they match the height of the metal ridge. Then, they heated in a high temperature to harden the enamel quickly.

This means that for every color used on the pin, the paint must be added. And then the pin heated another time. After all of the paint has been added and hardened, the pin is then polished smooth.

This creates a shinier and smoother look and feel to the pin. That’s why you won’t be able to feel the metal through the paint on the pin.

4. What are the Benefits of Hard and Soft Enamel Pins?

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Each type of pin has its own set of particular benefits or drawbacks of use. There are several different things to consider when it comes to choosing Hard Enamel Pin vs Soft Enamel Pin.

This includes how complicated the design is. And how many colors will be used. How you want the pin to look and feel, the cost, and how long you want the pin to last.

Each of these different points of contention offer a different answer. So, it’s important to weigh the individual pros and cons before deciding which type of pin you choose.

Soft Enamel Pins Are Extremely Versatile

They are easy to make which means you can use basically any design. It’ll be solid colors, of course. If your design is more complicated perhaps you may want to look into other types of pins.

They are also far more cost effective. And additionally, they look and feel cool.

The texture of the completed pins is interesting. And there is also a more interesting look to the pins when you see them from far away.

Rather than the hard enamel’s glossy finish, soft enamel pins look textured. Even from a distance, so perhaps you are looking for a more interesting look.

However, these pins, as they do not take as much time to make and are cheaper, are also less durable. These pins will not last anywhere near as long as the hard enamel pins will. If you need your pins to last a significant period of time, perhaps soft enamel won’t be for you.

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Hard Enamel Pins, On the Other Hand, Last for Years

They never lose their shine, never lose their colors, not for several years after purchase. They are extremely high quality and made with care. So, when you choose a hard enamel pin, you are choosing a pin that will last you forever.

This is also the perfect choice for people who enjoy a far glossier finish to their pins. The smooth, almost bubble-like final feel of the pins can be really appealing to people. And the shine will be impressive to anyone.

If you like the texture and feel of this smoother pin, hard enamel will definitely be for you.

Slightly More Complicated

These pins can also support a slightly more complicated design. Again, enamel pins only work with solid colors. So, it wouldn’t work with anything overly complicated design. As the colors are applied individually over several rounds of paint, the paint is applied more carefully to smaller spaces.

There is also less fear of paint mixing. When you don’t have to pay extra close attention to the height of the paint. This means you have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to your design.

However, hard enamel pins are definitely the more expensive of the two types of pins. And that’s because they take far more care to make and are of much higher quality. It’s important to consider if you’re concerned about the cost of whatever your purpose may be.

5. What’s the Price Difference Between Hard and Soft Enamel Pins?

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One of the most important things to consider when choosing Hard Enamel pin vs Soft Enamel Pin is the price. The price of enamel pins can vary based on the size; the type of enamel used. And other factors depending on the company.

The primary difference, of course, between the different prices for pins will be where you order them from. It’s important to look around your options. So that you know what is available and what might be best for the price.

This could be the quality of the pins, best reviews from customers, whatever you feel is most important. The first pricing barrier is, however, always going to be where you decide to go for your pins.

Other Factors to Consider

Once you’ve chosen your company, there are many different factors that go into the pricing. The first is the size of your pin. There will be different prices for different sizes, the bigger you want the pin, the larger the price.

However, the price will obviously depend on how many pins you want. Many companies, including All About Pins, offer a quote via email. Rather than an outright pricing list, offers separate prices for each pin depending on how many pins you buy.

The more pins you order, the lower the price will be for individual pins.

Many companies, including All About Pins, charge customers for each pin, but lowers the price if you buy more. This may mean you’re paying $2.50 per pin if you only order 100 pins. But then you pay only $0.50 per pin when ordering a larger number like 10,000.

This keeps the pricing far more comparable and fairer based on how many pins are being ordered.

Price Difference

In moving from hard enamel to soft enamel pins, the price difference will really depend on the company. However, an average of a $0.10 difference between the price of hard enamel pin vs soft enamel pin.

While this seems to be a small difference, this $0.10 can really add up. When you’re trying to calculate the final size. This is $10 per 100 pins. So, if you’re ordering 10,000 pins, this will add up to an extra $1000. This is certainly something you will want to consider.

6. Why Order Custom Enamel Pins?

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There are several reasons why you might want to order custom lapel pins.

They are perfect for advertising your new company or organization. They can be given out at events. Can be sold to raise money at a fundraiser. Can show your support for a particular team, group, club, or even fandom, and they make excellent gifts.

Primarily, custom pins are simply a fun way to get your message across.


Market Your New Business


You want to advertise yourself? Are you campaigning for a particular position? Or trying to market your new business? These pins are a unique way to advertise that shows a more creative side to your business.

It also separates yourself from businesses that might be less laid back than you want to be. It’s become extremely fashionable. Especially for young people. Particularly in college or just after graduating, to have several pins on their bags. Or jackets to denote their favorite sports teams, their Hogwarts houses, their favorite shows, even their majors.


Make People Interested


It’s a way to show people who you are. It’s a way of adding something fun that announces your message just by being there.

This makes it ideal for fundraisers and even awards in local or school competitions. They’re easy to make and order and can easily denote reaching a particular milestone or winning a competition. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s straightforward, making it extremely versatile.

But for which specific purposes should you use custom pins. Pins themselves have several uses, though some uses are probably best suited to hard enamel or soft enamel pins. Soft enamel pins, for example, are more versatile, cheaper. And easy to make, making them ideal for larger scale campaigns or business marketing.

If you like the textured feel as well. Or it looks better embossed on a textured surface. Like a team emblem. Or a school class badge. The texture of a soft enamel pin may be better for your purposes. If you’re looking for something simple, mass produced, and lower priced, soft enamel pins are best for you.


Go for Higher Quality


However, the higher quality of a hard enamel pin may suit a purpose that’s on a bit less of a broad scale. Perhaps you only want to order a limited amount for the purposes of a fundraiser. Or sale of some kind, or some kind of reward system.

Hard enamel pins are also perfect for gifts. Because they’re nicer. And last far longer, making them something your friend. Or whomever you’ve ordered the pins for, can keep for years.

This may mean these pins are better when you want something on a smaller scale. Or you need something long lasting and durable.


The difference between hard enamel pin vs soft enamel pin is something you’ll need to know. That being said, it’s not a particularly large difference.

What aspects you deem most important for your custom enamel pin needs will ultimately decide which type you get. Whatever you decide, have fun choosing your pins—it will be worth it.

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