7 Things You Should Consider Before Employees Promotion

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The thing about an employee’s promotion, you can’t simply handpick the candidate that you deem worthy of it because it’s not only going to be based on your opinion. There are serious things that you have to consider or else you’re going to end up creating drama and tension around the office and that’s the last thing that you want to happen. You have to pick the right candidate who deserves the promotion and that’s something that you can always base on their work ethic and attitude towards the tasks that are provided to them.

Obviously, you also have to consider whether the company is at the right place to consider promoting your employees because you have to remember that promotions also mean that they get an increase in their salary and you can’t simply promote an employee when the company is on a tight budget. But if the company has been doing well- and obviously, your employees had something to do with that- then maybe it’s time that you should consider those who deserve to be promoted to the next level so that’s the time when you’re supposed to consider who gets the promotion.

You can’t choose someone who’s been working for you for a short time because you think that they’ve been doing the best out of everyone and adding responsibilities to their workload- before they even got the hang of what they were originally doing- could overwhelm them and you might end up being the reason why they’re drained of creativity and become less productive.

Overlooking the ones who have been working for you for years could cause frustration to them and make them quit the job and hop onto a different company, thereby offering their skills- that have been with you and have been a great help to your company- to a rival. Here’s the thing: an employee’s promotion can serve as an incentive for your employee thereby offering you employee retention.

Promotion can also cause a buzz in the office and would motivate everyone to be at their very best, especially when you’re thinking about considering on who you’re going to promote, and everyone knows that you’re tabulating. Competition can be healthy in a work place for as long as no one crosses the line and simply do their own work at the very best to be considered. It also serves as a motivation and inspiration to them, so you’ll end up getting great results out of your employees if they’re driven towards a goal: an employee’s promotion.

Things To Consider Before Employee’s Promotion

Still, the question remains. How will you know which employee deserves the promotion? What are the things that you have to consider, should it be seniority or a younger and fresher employee who seems to have a lot more to offer to the company? In hindsight, there are a lot of things that you should actually consider when choosing the right candidate to give the promotion too, but we can’t tackle everything in one go.  So here are 7 things that you can consider before an employee’s promotion.

1. They Never Show Up Late

Attendance is an easy and obvious thing to consider. It doesn’t matter if he hands out the best work among the others if he’s constantly late to meetings and to work, and if he’s suddenly absent without even giving a head’s up. Time is gold and being late doesn’t mean that you value it the way you should as an employee. It doesn’t even mean that you value work as much as you should if you’re consistently late.

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Remember that saying that the early bird catches the worm? Well, rephrase it as the early employee gets the promotion. If your employee has been consistently on time or even comes before work starts to get his work started, then that’s an employee that you should keep an eye on and put on the list of the one you’re considering promoting.

2. They Prioritize Their Work

One of the qualities that you should be looking for in an employee worthy of promoting is if he knows how he’s supposed to prioritize the tasks given to him. Sometimes your employees have ten cases to work on in a day and if they don’t have any idea of which one should be dealt with first, that’s a point deduction right there.

If he knows how to prioritize the tasks given to him, then that means he’s responsible enough for the extra workload that will be handed if he gets the promotion and that’s the kind of person that you need to consider. Don’t settle for an employee who gives you a single great result over one who can consistently produce a steady stream of finished work.

3. They Consistently Outdo Themselves

One great result should never be enough. If your employee consistently gives you great results with whatever task given to him, be it a small one or a really big project, that’s the exact person that you should be considering. Find an employee who is passionate with the work that he’s committed himself to and is always willing to go outside the box and outdo the previous work that he’s done.

The great thing about an employee who continuously outperforms his own self is that he isn’t competing with the other employees which mean that he doesn’t create drama in the office by outperforming his co-workers. If he’s the kind of person who’s very competitive and doesn’t care if he demeans other people just as long as he’s first in the race, then I don’t think that’s someone who deserves to be promoted. Competition can be healthy around the work place for as long as no one gets trampled on.  

4. They Work Well With Other People

Promotion means that the employee isn’t just given more tasks, but it could also mean that he’s been promoted to be a leader. You need to consider an employee who knows how to work well with other people so that he could lead a well-oiled team. If he knows how to lead, then he’s the perfect candidate.

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Working with other people also means that you need to consider someone who’s a team player, who knows how to give other people the credit if the credit is due to them and not him. You need to consider someone who’s able to communicate well with the people that he works with and helps everyone with their assigned tasks when they don’t know what they’re doing. Consider someone who works well with other people and who has the potential on being a leader.

5. They Can Still Perform Under Pressure

They say that if you put a coal under pressure, it’ll turn into a diamond. That’s one of the factors that you should consider when you’re searching for a candidate to promote. Find the person that can still perform and give you great and consistent results even under limited time and under the pressure of a toxic client.

You don’t really have to put them to the test because that’s just something that you’ll see while they’re performing the assigned task that they have. Someone who knows how to handle the pressure of the workload that he currently has is also someone who knows how to handle added assignments that comes with the promotion given. Cracking under pressure is a serious consideration for a candidate for an employee’s promotion.

6. They Have People-Skills

Being a team player and being a great leader isn’t the only consideration that an employer should have when searching for the perfect candidate to do the job. You also need a charmer who knows how to work his way around people and knows the right thing to say. Having the right ‘people-skills’ isn’t something that you can teach someone in school and it’s not something that employees can learn overnight.

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Having an employee who knows how to communicate well with people, knows how to handle issues and conflict in the workplace, can be engaging to clients and knows how to handle people who are difficult to work with or to talk to is someone that has a great potential on leading a team.

7. They Know How To Handle Failures

Work is already a responsibility in itself but what I mean by this is you need to find someone who is mature enough to handle a failure maturely. Sometimes you will have employees who won’t know the first thing to do at the first sign of failure and that failure would be something that will haunt them for quite some time, and they will end up being afraid to take the risk that will be beneficial for the company or for the project that person is working on.

Find someone who takes failure with stride and uses it as an inspiration to become a better version of themselves in the workplace rather than letting it fuel their own insecurity. If he knows how to handle the setback that has been sent to them, then that’s a sign that your employee is ready to be promoted to the next level and will be able to perform well no matter what obstacle is thrown his way.

If he’s someone who knows how to handle those failures well, then he’s also someone who is responsible enough with every work that comes his way, be it a mistake on work or on work alone. A responsible employee is everything that you need and would be thoroughly beneficial to the company if he gets promoted because he will also be responsible enough to lead a team.

Figuring out who’s the employee that deserves the promotion is such a hard task for an employer or business owner like you. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider, and you have to make sure that it doesn’t cause any drama to stir up in the office because everyone else may or may not have their own opinion on which of them you chose to give the promotion.

But if you’re the kind of company that has human resource, then the people in that department will help you narrow down your choice and will help you make the decision. Other than the factors mentioned that you should consider, the human resource people know more about who should be promoted and who shouldn’t, but you also have to keep an eye on that because some employees know how to play the game well and the one who gets the employee promotion may not be the person fitting for to have it.

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If you’re also wondering when you’re supposed to have an employee promotion, then that’s another topic that you should read about and tackle. But remember that promotion for lower-level employees and management-level employees have different criteria but you can consider the seven things mentioned with those two-levels because the seven things considered an employee’s work ethics and their attitude toward work and you’re seizing them up if they are capable of the added responsibilities and extra load that they will be given after the promotion.


But still, an employee’s promotion should always be given to the candidate that deserves it most and that’s because he has worked hard to achieve it. Never allow biased thinking to cloud your judgment when it comes to deciding on who gets the employee’s promotion.

Remember that promotion is important for a person’s career growth and you’re the one who’s capable of helping them in that aspect of their career. Employee promotion isn’t something that you should toy around with but is something that really requires a lot of tabulating on your part.  

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