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Elevate Your Style with A Designer Promotional Tote Bags


February 06, 2024

In the modern era, many bag designs have been born, and the designers have created both stylish and functional versions.

The modern-day woman would like a stylish bag that makes them stand out. 

This article will review designer tote bags that can carry anything while still stylish. 


What Do You Look For in a Tote Bag Designer?


Nowadays, there are many bag designers, but the ultimate choice should be a designer you love and one who fits all your needs.

Don’t rush when making decisions—research different styles by reviewing durability, functionality, and material reviews. 

For more assistance, here are a few things you can look at before deciding which tote bag designer to purchase:




Tote bags can fit more than one purpose.

Sometimes, you want a spacious design to fit many things.

Look for a design that can fit everything you might need in a day, be it your wallet, keys, or a laptop for work. 




To look stylish, go for designs that can match your outfit.

Consider what you will wear and ensure the bag doesn’t clash with the outfit.

Consequently, you can settle for a color design that matches any outfit. 




A tote bag design can be used at work or even shopping, so ensure that you choose one that is multifunctional when looking at designs.

A design that is tailored enough for you to use when going to work or even leisure activities like going out for drinks. 


The Designer’s Brand


 Look for your favorite designer brand, and if you don’t have one, look for an option you prefer then you can decide to make a purchase. 


Examples of Designer Tote Bags


shopping bag


There are famous designer brands in the market, but sometimes you can dive deeply into your creative mindset.

Why don’t you try to design your designer tote bags?

The following tote bag designs can inspire you to create your own. 


Quote Tote Bags


As the name suggests, these tote bags have quotes printed on the surface in an attempt to attract customers to them.

They can take many forms: humorous, inspiring, kind, or uplifting quotes. 


As a product designer, you want to ensure that you tap into the customer market by developing products that can attract them to buy.

Choose slogans, memes, or quotes that appeal to a certain age demographic. 


For Example, If you want to inspire, try quotes like; ‘Never Give Up,’ and “Make Each Day Your Masterpiece.”

Have short quotes that are both powerful and Uplifting. 


Also, a kind quote can encourage kindness if you want to share your kindness with the world. 

Another option is having a humorous quote.


They are marketable; people like to have humor in their lives, and they would like to have a tote bag with a printed humorous quote. 


Floral-Pattern Tote Bag



Some floral patterns represent powerful energy, happiness, or positivity, making them appealing to a large group of people. 

When designing a floral tote bag, keep it simple; don’t complicate it by adding many things. 


Design a floral pattern with a few colors(at most three) that you can use all over the fabric.

You can make it reversible so customers can have two bags for the same price.


Alternatively, you can design a bag with one type of flower or a beautiful field of daises to create a unique style. 

Also, you can allow for customization in your shop. Have multiple floral patterns your customers can choose from, and create tote bags from their favorite color.


These will enhance customer loyalty, as they get what they want. 


Classic Tote Bags



Nostalgia is not lost on us; we want things that take us way back.

Vintage bag designs have classing/vintage color patterns and themes that can remind us of some essential memories, hence the appeal to buy them.


 Create tote bag designs with classic art printed on the tote bags that will appeal to people, and for sure, the product will sell, especially if it's vintage art designs from famous art pieces. 

These Tote bag examples are just but a few; there are more brands that you can find.


Additionally, there are tote bags Diy Designs you can look at or purchase.


Tote Diy Bag Designs


design tote bag


Designer brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, Valentino, or Chanel can be pricey. Luckily, there are cheaper Diy designs you can afford or make yourself.

Diy designs can fit any purpose that you want. 


You can make these designs if you have the know-how, and the process can be easy.

Custom Diy designs can be both functional and stylistic, depending on the fashion statement you want to send. 


How to make Homemade bags


design tote bag


Are you tired of buying pricey Tote Bag Designs?

You can settle to make your ensign. But how do you do it?


Follow the steps below as a guide:


Prepare the materials and equipment


The choice of material is up to you.

Typically, tote bags are made of canvas, but for uniqueness, you can combine it with some leather.


Whatever choice you make, prepare the materials or fabrics you need. 

Dimensions depend on the size and number of tote bags you want to make. 


The equipment for a Homemade Tote Bag is usually straightforward. Have the Following:

  • A Ruler

  • Fabric Scissors/Rotary Cutter.

  • Sewing machine and Needle. 

  • Iron and Ironing Board- to straighten up the fabric.

  • Pins.


Choose a Print For The Bag


The Print color will depend on your preference.

Pick a plain fabric to add patterns or drawings to avoid challenges. 


Iron the Fabric and prepare it for Cutting


Iron the Fabric to remove creases that may have been caused during printing. 

Now, it’s time to cut the fabric.


Dimensions for the front and back of the tote bag depend on your preferences. Also, cut the strap sizes. 


For Example,


5cm x 75 cm- Strap 1&2.

45cm x 50cm- Front of the Tote Bag.

45cm x 50cm- Back of the Tote Bag. 


Cut the Fabrics


With all your measurements set, cut the fabrics.

Use fabric scissors or a rotary cutter for this.


A rotary cutter is preferred for accuracy, especially if you are shaky.


Sew the Front or back of the tote bags


Place the front and back pieces of the tote bag together with the printed sides of the fabrics facing each other.

Ensure the design is in the right direction/the print is upright. These will bring about the bag design.


Sew the Straps


Fold both straps in half width and sew the length of the straps at a 1cm seam allowance as above.

Sew to close both straps widthways at one edge.


These will help turn the straps the right way around in the next step.


Iron the Straps


Press the straps using an iron to add strength or a decorative touch to the straps. 


Add structure to the Tote Bag


Your tote bag is still hollow or inside out.

Take the bottom of the bag and sew the bottom and side seam together to give it structure. 


Stitch the Top and Finish


To hold the top of the bag together, stitch the edges together.

These will also help reinforce the straps and shut the gap left in the previous steps.


Let Vivipins be Your Ultimate Tote Bag Designer



We all know an appealing Tote bag when we see one.

It’s a bag we all love to have, regardless of our day-to-day needs.


At Vivipins, we have the skills and expertise to promptly bring your ideas to fruition. 

Reach out today and let your ideas come to life.


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