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When you create your own challenge coins, whether they're for the Secret Service or any other type of team, the goal is to create something special that tells your team's story and honors their work.Such a challenge coin is not only a symbol of honor, but also a good spiritual incentive.We've had the pleasure of creating different designs of challenge coins before.We know that a challenge coin like this has a special meaning for everyone who receives it, so we maintain a high level of focus in any process, using the best raw materials and the most advanced technology.Tell us your story and let us start creating your own Secret Service Challenge coin!
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Why Secret Service Challenge Coin?

It might mean: a promotion, a celebration of an event, an award for good service, or any other occasion.Receiving a Secret Service Challenge Coin like this is a great honor!Because of its importance, each secret Service challenge coin should be unique and represent his or her best deeds.So the design, materials and technology are very elegant.What makes most Secret Service challenge coins unique is that they have similar design elements to those of the Los Angeles Fraud Task Force, but tell an entirely different story.
Represents the responsibility of protecting the president.
It represents a qualification to investigate financial crimes.
Evidence to distinguish between different work properties.
A sense of responsibility and mission for elite agents.

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We have made it our mission to create the highest quality, most attractive custom challenge coins for our clients. When you work with us you can count on receiving highly responsive customer service as well as a unique attention to detail that ensures your coin looks exactly like you want it to. We specialize in creating custom-made coins that draw rave reviews and create intense demand … all for what are considered very cheap prices. Plus, we have no minimum order. You can order as few (or as many) coins as you need. So don’t delay, start creating your custom coins now!
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The secret Service challenge coin represents a dual mission

It's a point of pride to work for the Secret Service, which requires years of training and hard work. The Secret Service Challenge coin is a great way to honor these heroes who risk their lives every day. A Secret Service coin would be an honor and an enduring collectible. It recognizes each Secret Service member's service to the country, and different Secret Service Challenge coins can distinguish between different positions and honors.

Secret Service Challenge coins are a great way to meet new members of your team or give them to friends and family as lasting mementos. Vivipins is a company offering a wide range of Secret Service Challenge coins that have been in business for over a decade. Our priority is to provide high-quality U.S. Secret Service Challenge coins at competitive prices and to maximize customer expectations.

The Secret Service is the agency tasked with protecting our country's powerful figures. One way they do this, in addition to patrolling and securing facilities - which are key responsibilities-is by issuing challenge coins that commemorate any visit or event protected by their sworn duty for better reminders at home base when you're out on your own assignment!

To most people, the original CIA was not created to protect President Eisenhower. This may surprise you, as it is an organization that has existed since World War II and now exists more than ever to combat the growing counterfeiting problem of the POSTWAR era in the United States.

The agency was the first since 1865 to counterfeit at least half of the paper money circulated by a nation's currency -- perhaps more considering how common cash transactions were at the time (people often used different currencies depending on where they were shopping).

The Central Intelligence Agency has a dual mission to protect the president of the United States and investigate financial crimes. A few decades ago, this duty was assigned exclusively for CIA agents but today's situation requires them not only to monitor threats from abroad but also maintain safety within our borders through domestic intelligence-gathering operations that are often overlooked by other branches in government because they're too sensitive or involved with politics at any level--local Congressman included!

When discussing the Secret Service challenge coin, the design reflects this dual duty. While special forces may work together, they still have different missions and stories to tell.

The undercover team at the Police Department is designed for protection and investigation. Although their coins are counterfeit to protect against financial crimes, these teams were created specifically to serve different types of police officers in times of emergency or distress situations like terror attacks on Wall Street.

This "two-in-one" situation arises when you need both safeties from harm as well as gathering evidence during your workday; this helps ensure that no matter what comes up - be it another terrorist attack or something else entirely unexpected--we'll always have backup plans!

In the event of a terrorist attack on any president or their designated protectee, members from SRT will be at hand with coordinated responses. They have been dispatched around the White House and other important areas near Washington D.C., where they can provide unified operational coordination in case there is ever an emergency situation requiring immediate attention by those governing America's safety.

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Custom Secret Service Challenge Coins

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