Best 5 Website To Custom Pins San Diego

Written by Robin Brown on September 17, 2021
Custom pins are something most of us want in San Diego. For pin lovers, they represent something very personal and special. However, finding the top manufacturers of the pins was a difficult task.

Don't worry, I've scoured the market and found five of the best custom pin makers for you. 

Let's get started.


siennapacific logo image
●Location: San Diego
●Company type: manufacturers

Siennapacific is a custom company based in San Diego. They offer a wide variety of customized products. And of course, the custom lapel pin that we're going to introduce today. Their website is very informative and you can learn a lot about custom pins. They provide 24-hour quotes, 5-7 days for samples, and 21 business days for production.

Their custom pin types:
●Sandblast Pins
●Die struck Antique Pins
●Cloisonné Pins
●Photo Etched Pins
●Hard Enamel Pins
●Soft Enamel Pins
●Screen Printed Pins
●Magnetic Pins

They have a minimum order of 100 units per design, but if you order less than 100 units, they can accept it, but it's not cost-effective because of the high unit price.

If your design is not so good, you can ask their designer to do it for you for free.

Custom lapel pin ordering process:
Step 1: Quote Request: Submit your customization information
Step 2: Approve the details of your design
Step 3: Confirm the bill and sample
Step 4: Order: Generate the final Order

They also deal with other products such as:
●Clothing label
●Custom patches
●Custom keychains
●Mini badges
●Belt buckles

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imprint logos logo image
●Location: San Diego
●Company type: manufacturers

imprint-logos is a company with over 30 years of experience in providing customized products and high-quality solutions to our customers. They are a woman-owned/family-run business.So their service is more attentive. They are suppliers of advertising specialty and printing.

They, like many other suppliers on the market, offer a wide range of custom enamel pins.

Because there are many customized categories, we will not repeat them, give you an example, and have a general understanding of their customization process.

3/4" Custom Iron Lapel Pin W /Soft Enamel:
Color: gold, nickel, copper, matte black, etc
The MOQ is 300 PCS, and the unit price will decrease as the quantity increases. If you have additional customization options: flash, 3D, laser engraving, cropping, and boxes of various materials, then you will be charged extra. You can refer to the instructions on their website for specific prices.

The generation time is about 20 working days.

They also deal with other products such as:
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3. Sdtradingcousa

sdtradingcousa logo image
●Location: San Diego
●Company type: manufacturers
●Year Founded:1995

Sdtradingcousa is a company founded to meet shoppers' demands for high-quality and original apparel. They believe that everyone has a unique idea of clothes. Everyone is a good designer and they can help people make designs into reality.

Their website is more about the introduction of spot goods, but they are not only the dealer, they are also the producer, so you can ask them to help manufacture any design. The product pages on their website are made by themselves, so you don't have to worry about quality at all.

They also deal with other products such as:
●Face mask
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4. Firstplaceinc

firstplaceinc logo image
●Location: San Diego
●Company type: manufacturers
●Year Founded:1974

Firstplaceinc is a company that customizes trophies and other promotional items. Originally based in Silicon Valley, they moved to San Diego due to the COVID-19 outbreak in late 2019 to save some costs and better serve their customers.

They typically take 4-5 weeks to generate, and emergency orders can take up to 3 weeks. If your order is not that urgent, then you can choose them, if the order is urgent, they may not be a good choice.

The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, for the quantity you order, they prefer to be round, such as 100 pieces, 300 pieces, 500 pieces, 1000 pieces, 2000 pieces, etc. Because they don't give a number option like 101.The more you order, the lower the unit price of your custom pin.

The customized size you choose will also affect your unit price. The larger your size is, the higher the unit price will be. The smaller the size, the lower the unit price.

They also deal with other products such as:
●Wine boxes
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Vivi.Pins logo image
●Key products: custom enamel pins
●Company type: Manufacturer

●Number of employees: 10-50

Been searching for a long time, huh? If you are still struggling to find a suitable manufacturer for custom enamel pins, don't worry, your troubles can be over now. Vivipins is the perfect choice for manufacturers of custom enamel pins.

They offer 16+ custom pin type options, and we can customize whatever your customization requirements are. Because we have our own factory, no matter what your design is, we can open the mold for you alone. So don't worry about the details when you work with us.

Maybe you already have a fixed mindset that high-quality things are not cheap, and low-price things are not good quality. I want to tell you that we are the exception because we hope that you really come to us for repeat orders because of our good product quality and favorable price. And we have our own factory, there is no middleman to make a difference, so it is normal to be affordable.

We also have no requirement for the minimum order quantity, whether you order one or 1000, we are very willing to serve, if you want to customize enamel pins, do not hesitate to contact our designers directly for communication.

We also deal with other products such as:
●Custom challenge coins
●Custom neck gaiter
●Custom ball marker
●Custom patches
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Choose one of the above listed companies to consult for custom enamel pins to make your designs a reality.
Article written by Robin Brown
Robin Brown is part of the content team at Vivipins where he develops resources to help customers start and grow their own businesses.
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