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Case Study: Heart-blood Keychain


March 21, 2024


Our customer reached us by email that he requested a custom key chain. 

The major description: 

Decide for me, 1.25inch, Gold plating, with key chain, Poly bag packing. 


1, The surrounding letterings are too small to black enamel.


2, The customer required the center logo has to be higher raised than usual.


After discussing with our design team many times, we got the final program for our customer success. It would be by soft enamel, hard enamel, and printing. And the customer got eye-catching keychains.

How We Did It:

Provided proof which contains all the details and process


The white background is soft enamel.


The surrounding letterings are printed.


The center logo is hard enamel and raised.


(The first digital proof was submitted within 24 hours.)

Start manufacture after proof approval. 


The standard production time is around two weeks that starts from proof approval.


Send finished pictures to the customer before shipping if required.

Customers are notified by mail at each status.


Every design has its most appropriate process. This design is the ingenious combination of three processes to meet the requirements of the customer.


You can rest assured that we will finish it beyond your expectations.

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Ryan Johnson

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