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Are you in search of custom golf ball markers? Then look no further. Here at Vivipins, we offer a vast selection of customization options. Plus, with our easy-to-use online ordering system, you can place your order any time of the day. If you need fast, high-quality pins at affordable prices, then Vivipins is your best option. Order golf ball markers bulk with wholesale price  now.
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Why Choose us?

Golf ball markers are pins that golfers use to save the spot of their golf ball. These markers allow golfers to lift their balls without losing their position or being penalized. Golf ball markers give each golfer a chance at an empty field or putting green while still ensuring everyone keeps their position. Golf markers are commonly used if one player’s golf ball is disrupting another golfer’s swing. They are also used to remove golf balls from the green while others are putting. Golfers also use ball markers when they are cleaning their ball or inspecting the green. This will give them an undisputed view of the green. Remember hitting another golfer’s ball is a violation and will result in a penalty. Golf markers “mark” the spot of their ball. This gives golfers freedom to swing without disruption.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your golf ball markers have magnets?

No, not all our golf ball markers have magnets. We use magnets on our dual-pivot and magnetic hat clips. These magnets help keep your golf ball marker in place while you golf. We aim to make long-lasting products that are built to last. The magnet attachment is one way you can keep track of all the different posts you are making every day.

What do I do If I find cheaper golf ball markers?

Golf ball markers can vary in price drastically. We stick by our prices. Our prices are reflective of our quality. We only use the best materials and processes to create our golf ball markers. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, affordable golf ball markers. If you find lower prices, you are most likely forgoing the quality of your pins. We stay true and transparent to all our pricing by displaying our price sharts once you begin an order.

What should I do If I don't have a design yet?

No design. No problem. We offer free artwork design. Give us any ideas you have, and we will provide a mockup within 24 hours. If we don't get it right, don't worry. We offer unlimited revisions. Our team will work with you until you are satisfied with your design. We won't start production until you approve the final design.

Why is ball Marker important?

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of equipment.It's not like football or basketball, where one ball is enough and you get on with your game.Golf tends to be a lot more complicated in this respect, and requires some golf balls, clubs, towels, and a golf marker (to say the least!)..However, there's a reason your golf bag contains so many different things, and today, we want to delve into one particular tool you need: golf ball markers.

What is a golf mark?

A golf marker is a fairly small object used to mark the position of a golf ball on the green.This is done to allow other players to make putts so you can pick up your own ball.If not marked, your ball may get in the way of another player.That's why the mark should be as small and flat as possible so as not to hinder anyone!

What are the rules for marking my ball?

You simply place the marker behind the ball to determine the final position of the piece.Do not lift your ball to recall its position before placing the marker, or you will be penalized.If your marker is blocking another golfer, you can place it a few strokes away.It may seem simple, but remember this: Never use golf markers to align your balls!

Which objects should -- and should not -- be used as golf markers?

No object has a suitable size or dimension for use as a ball marker.If the object is too small, it may be lost.On the other hand, if it's too big, it can hamper other players' putts -- a more common problem.That's why golfers often choose objects like coins or poker chips as their golf markers.They're small, flat, and light enough to carry around.However, more and more people are opting for other types of markers that are more personal and reflective.So while you can opt for a simple penny, you can also show your love for your favorite brand by customizing golf signs with logos!

How To Use A Golf Ball Marker?

Golf ball markers are used to hold the position of the golf ball when a golfer needs to move the ball. Moving the golf ball without properly marking it can result in violations. But the rules in golf allow you to move your golf ball if you properly mark the position first. To properly mark your golf ball position, you must place your golf marker behind your golf ball. When making the position, the front is the side of your golf ball the is facing the putting hole. Your golf ball’s side that is parallel to the putting hole is where you should place your marker. When placing your golf ball marker, make sure it is flush with your golf ball. Your marker must be flush with your golf ball. But it should not move your golf ball before placing the marker. When you return your ball, you should place it so the back so that it is slightly touching your golf ball marker.

What are the rules for ball markers?

USGA has a set of rules that are for both professionals and amateurs. They publish these in the form of tips, guidelines or advice about how to make decisions when using them most effectively so as not be punished by penalties such only being allowed one club per hole if it obstructs your path on course (Rule 16). 
The modern day interpretation can also help you get around obstacles like trees blocking shots with balls rolling off onto other areas without penalty flagging players who did nothing wrong - until now!

In rule 20-1, the ball must be marked before it is raised. In order for this mark to take effect and make its way onto the field though; there needs something small enough as well as being placed at a location far back behind where you will place your hand when knocking down or placing on top of each other two metal pegs/spikes that could potentially cause "spiritual interference". If not done so then we would violate game play restrictions by using such objects without penalty according against us doing anything out of sorts with what was expected from our team during competition time!

In Rule 22-2, a player can request that his opponent marks him if they are affecting each other physically or mentally. A mental interference is not defined so there must be no violation of the rules within your sight lines; this includes being behind you as well since it could create an unfair advantage for them instead which would make opponents worry about what markes their ball might have been made under such conditions--for example switching to putters when>"you" want something different rather than continuing play on balls at hand due primarily because one has become too frustrated with himself over losing control over feelings like anxiousness etc., all giving rise

The penalty rule 16-1 prevents players from touching the net, but allows pushing and grabbing a post. Although this isn't recommended in general as it can cause injury or worse if done incorrectly; however even so you may place an object behind your ball prior to setting up for game play (eiachard 415). You must make sure that when positioning their respective objects not obstructing any potential goals by being too far back onto th e line ,or else suffer two shots on goal plus possible loss of game pieces over bents.

The USGA has a set of regulations that are applicable only to the tournament and not to other sports. For example, in golf there used-to be a requirement for players - both starters as well those who collapse after round one or go on hiatus from play if injured – use coins/other small objects instead of their clubs when marking scorecards (previously called marks).  However this is no longer required with regard initially at least due restrictions imposed by printing technology which makes possible larger awards made up exclusively out metal discs replacing ones involving wood slices formerly employed across different disciplines including.

Attention: you should be aware of the rules when playing golf. The goal is for players to Penalize themselves and they often do so without other people noticing that something has gone wrong. There are many examples in professional tour players who have penalized themselves by losing prize money or being disqualified from a tournament because it's against their code which includes treating others respectfully, as well as simple things suchas Marking your ball with an easily accessible object like tape marker (though this doesn't apply if another player does it), coins etc... 

The USGA® Playing Rules Book covers both amateur level play where recreational Players can enjoy games informally on courses open during fair weather but also include more complex situations involving unmarked balls found at sea cliffs along Ringo.The Professional Golfers' Association of America is a group which follows the rules set out by USGA, including amateurs and professionals. The ball marker has been included in all parts of this rulebook with one exception: 20-1 section on page 31 where it says "To mark an object that must be raised above ground level." Though plastic golf balls are allowed if they're flat instead bulky like eggs or disks; rarely will you see professional PGA players use anything other than these two items for markings--unless...

In addition to using what appears to be any cupcake pan as mentioned before (but more likely), plenty more have gone without just making sure their putt was indeed safe!

What is the correct way to mark the position of the ball?

First, you only need to mark the position of the golf ball in play when you need to put it back in place.For example, the ball will be replaced when it is removed from the putting green and therefore needs to be marked.By contrast, if you pick up a ball from a driveway or recreational puddle to relieve pressure, there is no need to mark its position, as you will not put it back in place.

Now that we know when to mark golf balls, what can we do about it?

The comments at the end of Rule 20-1 provide "best practices" on how to accomplish this rather mundane feat."A marker, a small coin or other similar object shall be placed directly behind the ball to mark the position of the ball to be lifted," it said.Coins or ball markers do not need to be placed directly behind the ball as recommended.It can be placed on the side or even in front of the ball, as long as it marks exactly where the ball is.Just remember, when you change the ball, put it back in front and set it aside.

Above or behind the ball mark, depending on how you originally marked it.Other methods include using your feet, poker chips, a small amount of powder, or even a coin with the last two digits of the mint year as the target score for the day!

Some examples of still legal but not recommended marking the ball position include placing the toe of the club on the side of the ball, using a tee to mark the ball, and even drawing a line on the green (highly discouraged).

What is stand alone golf ball marker?

The stand-alone golf ball marker is the classic golf ball maker most people are familiar with. You might have seen Tiger Woods place his infamous coin down when he’s inspecting the green. The stand-alone golf ball maker is a simple coin that act’s as your golf ball marker. These markers typically have a custom logo on the front. You can make stand-alone golf-ball makers as hard enamel and soft enamel pins.

What are your shipping costs? 

We offer free shipping on all orders

How to use your online ordering system?

Step 1: Select Ball Markers Style
Step 2: Select Size, Shape Color & Quantity
Step 3: Choose Attachments.
Step 4: Additional Ball Markers Upgrades
Step 5: Select Packing
Step 6: Upload Artworks 
Step 7: Select Delivery Date
Step 8: add to cart.

How many packing options do you offer?

We offer three different packing options:
●PU box
●Poly Bag
●Drawstring Bag

How do I place an order?

●Method 1: Send us information by
●Method 2: Use our online ordering system.

What is a golf ball marker?

A golf ball marker is a fairly small object used to mark the location of a golf ball. This is done to allow other players to make putts, so you can pick up your own ball.

If not marked, your ball may block another player's path. That's why the mark should be as small and flat as possible, to work without getting in anyone's way!

Why would I invest in a quality golf marker?

For newcomers to the game, it'll save you time learning what type of objects are needed. Using certain golf items and not others is considered poor etiquette but specifically for this purpose, we use a ball marker pen that will make our rounds run more smoothly without adding confusion about who holds which item or territory since they all have their own markings which means less interference with anyone else's games too!

The size may be small but as long as your signature on the field can identify where something belongs in relation to other players then it's important because when there’s no ref around (or even worse remote) things do get pretty murky out quickly.

How many colors can custom Ball Marker be selected for free? How much do you charge for additional colors?

3 or less colors are free.The charges for more colours are as follows:
●4 colors/ $ 0.16
●5 colors/ $0.32
●6colors/ $0.48
●7colors/ $0.55
●8 colors/ $0.64

What is a divot tool?

Still wondering, how did your golfing buddy repair the giant dent his ball left on the green when it landed beautifully from over a hundred yards away? This tool is most likely a derivative of a popular turf tool that every experienced golfer must-have.

The golf divot tool is a single - or two-tooth tool specially designed to repair the mark left by the golf ball on the green caused by the powerful impact from a long distance. The farther the golf ball is hit, the larger the course mark (often called the turf).

Does your custom Ball Marker offer a rush service?

Yes, we offer a rush service. But we will charge an extra fee for the rush service.

What is the standard size for a custom Ball Marker?

The standard size of our customized Ball Marker is 25.4mm.

Do you offer a quality guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 100% quality guarantee. We have been in this industry for more than ten years and have professional knowledge of customization ball Marker. And we have our own factory, advanced equipment. We have made orders of over 500K+. Our customers also speak highly of the products we provide.

Do you offer a wholesale price for custom golf ball markers?

Of course! We offer wholesale prices for each order. The more you customize the number of golf ball markers, the lower the unit price.

How many golf ball marker styles do you offer?

●Soft enamel: most popular
●Hard enamel: high perceived value
●Offset-printed:photo / gradation  color
●3D cast: intricate outer shapes
●Die struck: all-metal look

How to use the divot tool?

●Insert the prong:
The most common golf turf tool on the market today is equipped with two forks, although some turf tools only have one fork, which is actually preferred by many golf professionals.No matter what type of turf tool you decide to use, both tools are used by inserting the end of the fork into the turf or slope marker, at a steep Angle, just outside the marker.

●Push inward, not up:
Many golfers make the mistake of pushing up when hitting the turf, which can cause the surrounding grass to uproot. The correct way to repair turf with a turf tool is to work around the turf while pushing the center of the turf inward, not up.

●Flatten it out with your putter:
Finally, gently tap the repaired course mark with your putter to flatten and firm the newly repaired mark while ensuring that each golfer following you on the course has an optimal putting surface.
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It was a great expirience!

The response from the customer service team was quick and on time. My project had some color related issues. However, the support agent ensured that I have nothing to worry about. Although I was worried nonetheless, the results came out great! My custom pins look awesome and they are of the best quality. My needs are fulfilled for the time being. I’ll be back for sure in a few months!

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Great Job!

The fact that Vivipins allows me to customize my pins as want is great! Such a level of flexibility is quite uncommon on the internet. I have been a regular customer for quite some time now. At times, the order arrives after a few days it was due. But it’s all understandable because they are always flooded with orders! I keep coming back because I love the pins they deliver me.

Customer Reviews
Great Services!

If easy ordering on the internet had a face, it would look like the portal at Vivipins. Moreover, it lets me track my order in real-time! I was always in contact with the designer responsible for my order. All of my requirements have been met flawlessly. Much recommended if you’re looking for custom pins!

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  • our works golf ball marker 1
    A premium metal golf ball marker can be a beautifully designed object, often made from durable materials like zinc alloy. A two-sided, two-toned marker might have a chrome finish with black soft enamel. The design can be sleek, with a brand logo in the center.
    our works golf ball marker 2
    A golf hat clip ball marker is a small, often decorative item that attaches to a golfer's hat. It's used to mark the position of a ball on the green, ensuring it doesn't obstruct other players' shots. This golf accessory is typically metallic and can be personalized.
    our works golf ball marker 3
    The golf divot ball marker is an important tool that helps maintain the golf course and ensure fair play. The divot tool helps repair any damage to the turf, while the ball marker helps ensure that the ball is accurately repositioned on the green after being lifted​.

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