Custom Golf Ball Markers


Custom Golf Ball Markers

Are you in search of custom golf ball markers? Then look no further. Here at Vivipins, we offer a vast selection of customization options. Plus, with our easy-to-use online ordering system, you can place your order any time of the day. If you need fast, high-quality pins at affordable prices, then Vivipins is your best option.
What are golf ball markers?
Golf ball markers are pins that golfers use to save the spot of their golf ball. These markers allow golfers to lift their balls without losing their position or being penalized.

Golf ball markers give each golfer a chance at an empty field or putting green while still ensuring everyone keeps their position.

Golf markers are commonly used if one player’s golf ball is disrupting another golfer’s swing. They are also used to remove golf balls from the green while others are putting.

Golfers also use ball markers when they are cleaning their ball or inspecting the green. This will give them an undisputed view of the green.

Remember hitting another golfer’s ball is a violation and will result in a penalty. Golf markers “mark” the spot of their ball. This gives golfers freedom to swing without disruption.

Custom Golf Ball Markers
How To Use A Golf Ball Marker
How To Use A Golf Ball Marker

Golf ball markers are used to hold the position of the golf ball when a golfer needs to move the ball.

Moving the golf ball without properly marking it can result in violations. But the rules in golf allow you to move your golf ball if you properly mark the position first.

To properly mark your golf ball position, you must place your golf marker behind your golf ball.

When making the position, the front is the side of your golf ball the is facing the putting hole. Your golf ball’s side that is parallel to the putting hole is where you should place your marker.

When placing your golf ball marker, make sure it is flush with your golf ball. Your marker must be flush with your golf ball. But it should not move your golf ball before placing the marker.

When you return your ball, you should place it so the back so that it is slightly touching your golf ball marker.

Style of Custom Golf Ball Marker

You’re probably familiar with the traditional use of a coin as a golf ball marker. Pro-golfers often used small custom coins as golf ball markers. Although flat, rounded coins are the most popular, there are other options as well. Below are some of the options we offer:
Stand Alone Golf Ball Marker

Stand Alone Golf Ball Marker

The stand-alone golf ball marker is the classic golf ball maker most people are familiar with. You might have seen Tiger Woods place his infamous coin down when he’s inspecting the green. The stand-alone golf ball maker is a simple coin that act’s as your golf ball marker. These markers typically have a custom logo on the front. You can make stand-alone golf-ball makers as hard enamel and soft enamel pins.
Challenge coin with a custom golf ball maker insert

Challenge coin with a custom golf ball maker insert

The second option you have is a challenge coin with a custom golf ball marker insert. These coins double as challenge coins and golf ball markers. These are popular among golf teams or memberships that enjoy golfing together. These are designed to look like traditional challenge coins. With a golf ball marker insert, you can remove the center design, and it acts as an individual golf ball maker. Once you are done using your golf ball marker, you can insert it back into the challenge coin. This will prevent you from losing your marker. These are great because they have a dual-use. Establish loyalty with your team, and it has practical use when you’re golfing.
Golf Ball Marker With Divot Tool

Golf Ball Marker With Divot Tool

Another potential customization is a combination of divot tool and golf marker. These will typically have an insert at the top of the tool where you can store your golf ball marker. At the other end of the device, you will have your divot tool so you can adjust the green anytime you’re playing golf. This is a great way to keep your divot tool and golf ball marker with one single tool. You won’t need to worry about carrying multiple tools when you go golfing.
Golf Ball Marker With Divot Tool

Golf Ball Marker With Magnetic Hat Clip

This golf marker comes with a magnetic clip that allows you to attach it to your hat, belt, backpack, or golf club bag. This will give you makes it easy to grab and store your golf ball markers. The magnetic attachment makes sure that your golf marker will not fall out easily. You can carry it on your hat or on your bag, and it won’t fall out while your playing. This is the perfect clip for convenience and ease of use.
Golf Rules about golf ball markers

The rules for using golf ball markers and moving your golf ball are well defined.

The first is that golf ball markers must be artificial. Natural objects found as you golf can not be used as a golf ball marker. With that said, there are not many limitations on what artificial objects can be used.

Another key rule is that you or other players may ask another player to mark their ball if their ball is physically or mentally interfering with the player’s play. This rule is meant to be used with discretion and within reasons. Abusing this rule or not following a request can result in a penalty.

There are some restrictions on the markers themselves as well. First, they must be less than one inch in height. It can not measure or gauge slope speed green sped, and they must be less than 2 inches in any horizontal direction.

Also, markers or golf balls accidentally moved when setting or removing the marker do not receive a penalty. But moving the golf ball without first setting the golf marker down will result in a penalty.

Here are some additional rules:
●Dropping the marker on your golf ball results in a penalty
●Not using a proper golf ball marker will result in a penalty.
●Golfers can request the use of a different marker if it is distracting physically or mentally.

Golf Rules about golf ball markers
Designing Custom Golf Ball Markers With Vivipin’s
Designing Custom Golf Ball Markers With Vivipin's

If you are looking for the best custom golf ball markers on the marker, you are in luck. Here at Vivipins, we offer extensive customization and excellent customer service.

We make it easy to place your order so you can get started as soon as you are ready. Our online ordering system makes it easy to choose the customizations you want.

You will not need to wait for a quote or a message to begin your order or understand how much it will cost. Our system puts everything at your fingertips so you can get started whenever you are ready.

Do not worry if you do not know what design you want. We have an easy online design tool, or give us your ideas, and we will create the design for you. We can have your finished design within 12 hours.

We offer unlimited revisions to make sure you are always happy with your design. We will not start producing your pins until you are happy and approve the final design. If you are unhappy with the end result, do not worry. We offer a full refund. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Wholesale Golf Ball Markers from Vivipins
Wholesale Golf Ball Markers from Vivipins

Do you need wholesale quantities and prices? Here at Vivipins, we provide high-quality golf ball markers at affordable prices.

We do not have an MOQ. No matter how small or large your order, we will help bring your ideas to reality. We also offer discounted pricing for larger quantities.

The larger your orders – the cheaper your prices will become. Just because you have a small order does not mean you are going to pay high prices. We will pride ourselves on offering affordable prices, no matter how small or big your order is.

Wholesale Golf Ball Markers from Vivipins

How We Work

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Share your design and idea, we will make the design with Unlimited Revision
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You will get free digital approval before production.

Step 4: Production&Ship

We will process the production and you will get your order soon.

Take words from our customer

“It was quick and easy. I liked the level of customization.“
Faras Aamir

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“Vivipins was exactly the service we needed for a quick turnaround pin before an event. The 30 minimum was a perfect fit and the affordable rates made this a no brainer decision to go with Vivipins. The whole process took less the 5 min.“
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Frequently asked questions

Where do I place my order?

We have an automated ordering system, so you don't need to wait for quotes or responses. Our online ordering system allows you to choose exactly what you want. You can place an order at any time of the day, and we will respond to you within 12 hours with a sample of your design.

How long do I have to wait for my order?

We offer some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. No matter the size of your order, our standard turnaround time is within 14 days. If you have a rush order, we can accommodate that as well. We offer expedited turnaround times with delivery within ten days. In some cases, we can offer delivery within seven days, depending on your location.

What should I do If I don't have a design yet?

No design. No problem. We offer free artwork design. Give us any ideas you have, and we will provide a mockup within 24 hours. If we don't get it right, don't worry. We offer unlimited revisions. Our team will work with you until you are satisfied with your design. We won't start production until you approve the final design.

Do you take returns?

Yes, we guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy with your final pins or designs, we offer a full refund. We will work with you until you are happy. For these reasons, we believe you should only pay for anything that you will be using.

What do I do If I find cheaper golf ball markers?

Golf ball markers can vary in price drastically. We stick by our prices. Our prices are reflective of our quality. We only use the best materials and processes to create our golf ball markers. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, affordable golf ball markers. If you find lower prices, you are most likely forgoing the quality of your pins. We stay true and transparent to all our pricing by displaying our price sharts once you begin an order.

How many items do I need to order?

Unlike most manufacturers, we don't have an MOQ. This means that we can help you, no matter how large your order is. At Vivipins, you can order high-quality pins without the need to break the bank or order lots of pins. We offer wholesale pricing and fast shipping.

Do your golf ball markers have magnets?

No, not all our golf ball markers have magnets. We use magnets on our dual-pivot and magnetic hat clips. These magnets help keep your golf ball marker in place while you golf. We aim to make long-lasting products that are built to last. The magnet attachment is one way you can keep track of all the different posts you are making every day.

Custom Your Own Golf Ball Markers Now

Do you have a bulk order of custom golf ball markers? Your search for the best manufacturer is over. Here at Vivipins, we offer cheaper prices the larger your order. Out pins are easily customizable, high-quality, and affordable.We also offer free artwork design and some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. We guarantee your satisfaction, or we will give you a full refund. You can be sure you are getting only the best golf ball markers without any of the risks.

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