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A challenge coin can be a cool keepsake, a sought-after gift, a memorable reward, and a powerful proof of membership … now you can make your own custom challenge coins right here! Our talented designers follow your guidance to create and print attention-grabbing custom coins that fill holders of the coin with pride and satisfaction. Your personalized coin can feature a logo, special design, and/or special words – and there is no minimum order required. Get started now.
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We have made it our mission to create the highest quality, most attractive custom challenge coins for our clients. When you work with us you can count on receiving highly responsive customer service as well as a unique attention to detail that ensures your coin looks exactly like you want it to. We specialize in creating custom-made coins that draw rave reviews and create intense demand … all for what are considered very cheap prices. Plus, we have no minimum order. You can order as few (or as many) coins as you need. So don’t delay, start creating your custom coins now!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a challenge coin?

If you’ve ever attended a military presentation you’ve probably seen soldiers being honoured or awarded for their efforts and duties. Oftentimes they’ll be presented with a coin with a unique design on it – this, essentially is a challenge coin.
But, you must have so many questions. What does it symbolize? And why did the soldier receive it? Are they only reserved for soldiers?
Let’s look into the details further around what it means exactly to receive a challenge coin and what they’re all about.  

Almost anybody can give or receive a challenge coin. It’s more about the reasoning and meaning behind the desire in giving them, rather than the who.
Challenge coins are small, palm-sized metal coins and do not necessarily always have to be perfectly round. The emblem or logo is embedded into the coin along with the associated colors, textures, and design concept of the organization in which it represents.
Wording, a person’s name, and other features; basically, whatever you’d like, can be permanently engraved onto the coin depending on the nature of its representation.
The best thing about these is that they are possibly the most highly customizable gift or award you could give someone. They can be constructed into all shapes, sizes, and even items like bottle openers, keyrings, and endless other options.
They are usually made out of brass, zinc, or bronze while others can be made from real gold.
Sometimes these days custom challenge coins can be given out for corporate recognition or branding purposes. A company may opt to award a member for the efforts in the form of a badge (coin), with the company’s or business’s logo featuring on it as part of a branding strategy.

But why custom coin? Why not a certificate or some other type of award?
That’s simple. Because:
1. Coins are a much more personalised gesture of recognising achievement, and
2. They’re more displayable, unique and visually intriguing to an audience or admirers.

A paper-form certificate or membership is extremely boring and is nowhere near as sentimental and personal as you could make a custom challenge coin.
Also, the main concept of a challenge coin is to create and strengthen team bonds, representing unity and exclusivity among a particular group.
For example, if you’re relatively new to an organization and you know every member has a coin representing their commitment or loyalty, you’d feel much more respected and appreciated upon receipt of yours, wouldn’t you?
Especially more so than a print form of certification or membership.
But it’s also about pride and feeling a sense of self-establishment within a group dynamic as well.
Modern society and work culture doesn’t necessarily offer that same emotional connection and belongingness as it once did. Which is another beneficial reason to design the perfect challenge coin to mark that special event or milestone.

What do challenge coins represent?

Although challenge coins generally represent a sense of membership to a particular group, they are also used to honour those who have attained insurmountable achievements.

These are usually military personnel, or a person involved in a heroic act or bravery-related field.

The coins are customized and personalised in design and are tailored to represent a specific event or accomplishment.

That’s why they’re great for special occasions like anniversaries or those one-time achievements and recognition periods. These could include an initiation or introductory event joining a team for the first time.

Traditionally, challenge coins were used strictly in the military. However, today they’re popular among a broad range of professions, groups, hobbyists and many other organizations across international industries.

Certain government agencies would also use them, with politicians offering the coins to people who have achieved a heroic status.

Emergency services and personnel also were once given challenge coins as commendation for their bravery.

Regular businesses are also starting to incorporate them into their everyday operations as an effective way of boosting staff morale and introducing goals and incentives for employees.

So, there you have it! By now you should have a firmer grasp and better understanding on what custom coins are and what they represent.

The next time you see a challenge coin, or witness someone being presented with a one, you’ll know exactly what it is and the incredibly meaning and purpose behind them.

Whether you’re in the military, part of a team or a regular social club group, challenge coins can be the perfect gift to honour somebody close to you, so get out there and look for a good supplier today!

What were custom challenge coins used for?

Challenge coins were offered to members of special forces, units and military corps and organizations all around the world as a symbol of elitist military status. These would be recognised internationally although they would vary in achievement levels and criteria.

They were implemented as a professional method of recognition for those in the line of duty, awarded to soldiers who had achieved extraordinary service accomplishments.

Military personnel were known to accumulate quite a collection of challenge coins for all sorts of reasons over many years of service.

Challenge coins are quite versatile and are designed to be utilized and display anywhere including on your person.

Although many decades have passed since the very first idea of the challenge coin was created, the reasons for offering them remain quintessentially the same. There are four primary purposes of designing challenge coins which are:

1. A confirmation symbol of permanent membership
2. A gesture of recognition and loyalty
3. To create and strengthen the bonds within a group dynamic
4. To celebrate a milestone or other special event/achievement.

How to custom challenge coins?

The MOQ for each challenge coin order is 1 pcs, but if you order more, the unit price of your custom challenge coins will be reduced.
The standard turnaround time is 15-18 days. Shipping time 4-5 working days.



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It was a great expirience!

Just received the coins I ordered. I must admit, they came out beautifully. Going back to the time when I ordered, the whole ordering process was seamless. I completed placing my order within a few minutes! The best thing for me was the minimum order quantity. I only needed one challenge coin and Vivipins accepted my order without any questions! The designer was very helpful as well.

Customer Reviews
Great Job!

My entire experience with ordering and receiving the coins was great with Vivipins. The customer service team was always at my disposal to answer my queries. When I went through the review section, I saw some people complaining but I still took my chance. Needless to say, my project came out perfectly. Highly recommended for anyone looking for custom coins. I’ll be back for more soon

Customer Reviews
Great services!

I was looking for a coin design for one of my family events. Although I had a design in mind, the designer at Vivipins came up with a far better idea. I just loved the process of ordering and the effort by the customer service team. The end result came out yesterday and I am blown away by the quality. Now, I’m waiting for my family and friends' reactions when they see what I got for them.

Customer Reviews

Our Works

We created awesome things
  • our work challenge coin 2
    Custom challenge coins are originating in the military, they have expanded to the corporate and non-profit sectors. Typically round and made from a variety of metals, these coins bear an organization's insignia or emblem, along with other relevant designs or text.
    our work challenge coin 1
    Fire department challenge coins are custom-made tokens honoring firefighters' courage and service. They commemorate achievements, and special events, and foster camaraderie among the fire service community. We did standard coin edge for above coins.
    our work challenge coin 3
    The customization process allows for unique designs, varying sizes, and specialized edge detailing. Custom challenge coins are not used as currency but as mementos signifying membership, achievement, and pride in a shared mission or affiliation.
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Custom Challenge Coins

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