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Custom Challenge Coins For Your Needs

Prove Membership

A small challenge coin with an organization’s insignia. Carried by the organization’s members.

Enhance Morale

Retain the best employees and improve productivity

Recognition of Achievement

Everyone likes to have themselves achievements recognized by others.

Commemorative Event

Coins that celebrate and honor people, events, places, institutions and relations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter what type of design you envision in your mind, our expert designers can help bring it to reality. Their experience extends to the creation of complicated three-dimensional designs that bring together almost any element you desire. We offer both soft and hard enamel challenge coins.

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Cases Reference

Fashion Cheap Painting Silver Military Navy Blank Custom Challenge Coin

This high-quality fashion cheap painting silver military navy blank challenge coin is made from zinc alloy, plated with silver using die casting technology. It is specially designed for the Directorate of Security and Defence Cooperation for their patriotic efforts.

Die casting USA military soft enamel challenge coin

Our USA military soft enamel 3D and double-sided design Challenge Coin is created from zinc alloy and plated with bronze with a die casting technology. It is dedicated to the U.S. Navy, Antiterrorism and Physical Security Department, Patuxent River.

Gold Plated Cheap Custom Metal polished surface Challenge Coin

Our USA military soft enamel 3D and double-sided design Challenge Coin is created from zinc alloy and plated with bronze with a die casting technology. It is dedicated to the U.S. Navy, Antiterrorism and Physical Security Department, Patuxent River.

The Custom Cheap Double Sides Metal Challenge Military Antique Coins

Cheap challenge military antique coins with double sides metal which can be plated with gold, nickel, brass etc. It could be made from zinc alloy, copper or brass using the die casting technique. It depicts peace and unity among corps.

Custom Military High-Quality Coin Metal Challenge Coin Military Coins

Our military high-quality gold coin is made from soundly prepared metal using the die casting technique. Its logo is embossed with the colour filled in. This high-quality 3D and double-sided challenge coin portray dedication, support, and patriotism.

Custom Logo Metal Challenge Coins in Golden Plating

This beautifully customized logo challenge coin plated with gold is processed through hard enamel and polishing using the plating technique. This coin is made from metal and can be plated with gold or nickel. This high-quality golden challenge coin depicts nature and patriotism.

Custom Coin Maker Custom Metal Soft Enamel Souvenir Challenge Canadian Coin

A fantastic 3D custom challenge coin is made from zinc alloy using casting technique with gold plating and high polishing. It is designed for ideal customers in respect to the ancient believers from Our Lady Star of The Sea Church.

Customized Metal Souvenir Antique Military Challenge Coins

Designed for our customers to honor of the efforts of the U.S. ARMY, this customized souvenir antique military challenge coin is crafted from zinc alloy using the amazing casting technique. The color and plating of this unique coin can be customized for your needs.

Custom Fashion High-Quality Coin Metal Challenge Coin Military Coins

Fashion high-quality challenge coin which is processed through casting or stamping is made from zinc alloy or stainless steel using the modern casting technique. Designed for our customer in honor of FRED TURNER JR for his commitments and patriotic act. Get one!

Cheap Custom Sheraton Brass Coin Challenge Coins Custom Embossed Enamel Coins

Designed for the Chicago police, this gold plated custom embossed enamel coin is made from zinc alloy and comes in custom sizes. It is processed using the die casting technique and it can be designed to your various needs.

Wholesale Cheap Custom NYPD Metal Coin Capsule Challenge Coin

This 3D designed custom made gold military challenge coin with gold, silver or nickel plating is processed by stamping or die casting. Double sided, and made from Zinc Alloy. It is designed to appreciate the efforts of the information resources management department, Beijing.

Custom High-Quality Metal Challenge Coin Military Coins

This two-sided high-quality military challenge coin with the 3D design is created for our customers in memory of the Drone support squadron one JMSDF. It is made from Zinc Alloy and processed through casting or stamping. It depicts patriotism and dedication.

Infantry Division Army & 82nd Airborne Division  Challenge Souvenir Coin Custom Design Coins

This round shaped bronze plated American challenge souvenir coin made with metal using plating and carving technique. This 3D bronze plated challenge souvenir coin is designed for the chief of air staff for their dedication and patriotism.

2018 Custom New Style Soft Enamel Challenge Coins

Double-sided promotional soft enamel challenge coin made with metal using plating technique depicts partnership, unity and peace. Available in different shapes, this 3D design coin processed with die struck enamel is available in various colours. It can be a promotional gift.

2018 3D Design Custom New Style Soft Enamel Sports Challenge Coins

This customized soft enamel sports challenge coin is uniquely designed using the painting technique. It is gold plated and processed through die struck enamel. This sports custom challenge coin is designed to appreciate the efforts of the sporting officials.

Custom Antique Gold 3D Skull Bone Pirate Challenge Coin

This custom antique skull bone pirate challenge coin is plated with antique gold or silver using the casting technique. This 3D custom round shaped coin can range between 1-5mm thickness depicts art and history, and made in memory of the warriors.

Zinc Alloy 3D Gold Military Commemorate Custom Metal Challenge Coin

Our 3D design gold military commemorates custom challenge coin is designed for the Pakistani Air Force. Made from Zinc Alloy and processed through die casting and soft enamel using the plated technique. It is available in custom sizes and colour.

Wholesale Custom Die Casting Antique Blackfoot Co. Commemorate Challenge Coin

Processed through die casting and soft enamel, and made from metal, our die casting antique Blackfoot Co. challenge coin is available in custom sizes and color. Designed for the Blackfoot brand. It is double sided and available in various designs.

Zinc alloy 3D Gold Australian Kookaburra Custom Metal Challenge Coin

One of the best coins ever made, this 3D double sided custom coin constructed from Zinc Alloy is named after the Australian terrestrial tree kingfishers. This 3D designed custom challenge coin is processed through die casting plus soft enamel using plating technique. Available in various sizes and colours.

High-Quality Custom 3D Souvenir Metal Military Challenge Coin with Epoxy

With all coolness and uniqueness, this custom shaped high-quality coin is made with Zinc Alloy. It is available in Pantone colour and custom sizes. It is designed for the Federal Air Marshal Service of the US and finished with gold or nickel, or its combination. Really nice!

High-Quality Custom Gold Sports Challenge Coin

In memory of Australian kookaburra, our high-quality custom gold sports challenge coin is a true symbol of commitment and dedication. Made from metal and plated with antique silver using casting technique, this sports challenge coin can be processed through casting, polishing and engraving.

High-Quality Custom Cheap Challenge Coins Zinc Alloy Shiny Plated Challenge Coin with Soft Enamel

Our high-quality cheap challenge coin with soft enamel is made from zinc alloy and processed through die to cast metal souvenir coin. Available in customized sizes, shapes, colour, and logo. Varieties of designs also available.

Custom Antique Metal Engraved Religion Challenge Coin

Designed for the great people of Abu Dhabi, and the Muslims at large, this antique metal engraved challenge coin is made from metal with customized plating. It can be customized and plated to your choice of material using your preferred logo and colour.

Custom Antique Metal Engraved Military Challenge Coin

This custom engraved military challenge coin can be made from zinc alloy, iron, soft PVC and so on. It is processed through die casting technique and available in varieties of customized sizes, colour, and logo. Made for the armed forces of the U.A.E.

High-Quality Custom Gold Metal Challenge Antique Souvenir Coins

High-quality 3D design double sided souvenir coin can be used as a business gift or souvenir. It is made from zinc alloy and can be customized to any shape. It is processed through casting technique and plated with gold or nickel.

“Excellent experience from start to finish. They worked with me to design the perfect coin at a price that can’t be beat. I’ve bought coins from them in the past and am always impressed by the high quality. If I need more, I will definitely come back! Jone Doe

The artist working on my challenge coin order made the design so incredibly realistic I couldn’t believe my eyes! They gave me the first draft really quickly so I could make changes and then finalize it before they started work. When I got the finished coin, I was amazed at how exact it was to the drawing. No doubt about the quality here! David Smith

Great service fast! I made my own design and sent it to 3 other companies that do custom coin work, but VIVIPINS really perfected it so it was exactly what I wanted. Fast too. Janet Chavez

Repeat customer here and VIVIPINS is the best place for custom coins hands down. Their design work is highly professional, customer service fast and friendly, too. My group gives coins to Vietnam vets to honor them for their service and sacrifice, and the men who receive them are just as impressed as we are. David L

Easy to order. Fast service from start to finish. We had a bit of a hiccup with the original proof coins, but they fixed everything super fast for us. I’ll definitely go with VIVIPINS again when I need more custom pins and coins. Thank you for all you do! Perry R

Thank you so much for making the whole ordering process simple. I had no problem navigating the website, and when I had a question, you got back to me so fast! No surprise charges or extra fees, no problems at all. I really am looking forward to seeing the finished coin Harris

This is the third time I’ve ordered a custom coin from VIVI, and I will definitely be ordering more in the future. We looked at other companies first, but they cost more, and they simply can’t deliver the top-notch quality like you can. Your artists refined my original design and made it exactly the way I pictured it. I will definitely recommend VIVI to anyone. Nacy

I’ve never had a custom coin made before now, and I’m so glad I went with VIVIPINS the first time! The whole process from start to finish was smooth and easy. I love the fact that all the prices and options were right in front of me so I could make a smarter choice Marta F

I recently sent in a rough design to have a proof coin made so I could check out VIVIPINS for myself. Even the proof was impressive! With the help of your artists, I could tweak my design to perfection before the real coins were created. A seamless process! ROSEANNA A

I designed the graphics for our foundation’s commemorative coin, but I’m no expert. Luckily, the people at VIVI are, and they made my early ideas turn into beautiful reality. They refined the design so it was exactly what I wanted. Everyone who sees the coins now is impressed. Jennifer H

I’ve been searching for the best challenge coin company for a while, and finally chose I could not be happier with this decision! The entire process has been super easy, friendly, and fast. The people I’ve worked with are highly knowledgeable about design and custom coin production. They gave me a lot of guidance I needed to get the end result I want. The coin is for a military group I belong to, so it is vitally important to get everything right. Vivipins even contacted the military licensing group to make sure the design met with their approval. I am overjoyed to have such an excellent custom coin to present with honor to the veterans Dr. Michelle W

The last time I ordered a custom coin from another company, it took twice as long, cost more, and the design lacked details I really wanted. I figured that was the best I was going to get until I found VIVIPINS. Wow! The difference is like night and day. They are fast, efficient, creative, and so helpful. I even saved money on custom challenge coins that look so much better than the first set. Customer for life! Jonathan W

My coins are not here yet, but I just had to comment about how amazing the experience here was already. The company is so friendly, professional, and responsive to my needs and questions. I really feel like I’m in good hands here. DANY L

Exceptionally pleased with how quick and patient Stan was when he responded to my questions. A very friendly company to be sure. I appreciated the beautiful rendering of the artwork I requested on the finished coin. Very glad I chose this company after comparing costs from a few others. Thanks! Gerry B

I went back and forth a bit through email and by phone with the people from and was really pleased at how professional they were throughout the process. I surely gained a real confidence that they are treating my coin order with great understanding and care. I can’t wait to see my coins, as I’m sure they’ll live up to my expectations perfectly. Mildred D

I’ve ordered from here 6 times now and am impressed every single time. For the last one, I actually finished the order and then went back to add something new. Other companies might mess everything up, but Stan was really helpful and patient. I got an email response promptly, paid the extra, and things were underway again. I’ll definitely buy from them again in the future. Their quality and customer service can’t be beat. Keith G

The design took a little while to finalize on my part, but all the modifications I requested were included with no problems. Every interaction was prompt and courteous. It was great to see the photo you guys took during the drafting process so I could see what the coin would look like in the end. I am very pleased to report than the coins look even better than I imagined! They are quite impressive in size, design, details, and quality. I’m going to be proud to present this coin and will order again. ALEXIS A

This company is excellent at what they do. Their designer was able to make exactly what I wanted so much better and faster than the other ones I tried out. There was one tiny mistake on the initial quote, but they fixed it extremely fast and professionally. I am looking forward to the final piece! MARTA F

Perfectly pleased with the ordering process, customer service, and the amazing coins I received in the mail. Five stars for the whole team! I’m really impressed with the amount of detail on the challenge coins I ordered. Mehdi A

The customer service people and designers were so patient with us during the whole process. We made changes to the design, and they had no problem with it at all. We will definitely come to Vivipins again for future coins needs. I can’t wait to hand them out and see the positive reactions. Emelina L

All the people I talked with at VIVI went above and beyond to satisfy my needs and work with delivery issues I was having. The custom challenge coins are simply amazing, and we have received tons of compliments from everyone at the event. You helped make the night truly special! There is no doubt I’ll come back to Vivipins for future events too. Taylor R

The on-site order form was easy to understand, email contacts super fast and accessible from my phone, and overall an excellent experience. All their claims were fulfilled perfectly. We even got the coins a day early, which made us really happy as we needed them for a special giveaway. When people ask where we got these challenge coins I am happy to tell them Vivipins! Jennifer H

I’ve never had challenge coins made before, and I was a little nervous I would mess something up. The process was so simple and the people were so helpful from the start until the coins were delivered to my home. They answered every question professionally and made the changes I needed so quickly. I was also surprised at how affordable it all was! Now that we see how easy it is and how incredible the coins look, we decided to have more created for every events in the future. Jonathan W

“Very easy to place an order and 2 days earlier than expected. My challenge coins  are awesome.” Murray K

Thanks for the advance delivery to ensure that our event goes smoothly. Finally, it is perfect. Katherine W

“The challenge coins we customized were perfect! VIVIPINS’ designers look so professional and they offer visual image so quickly. We are very impressed and will definitely purchase again in the future.” Robert R

“Customer service is great! Stan was helpful. Thank you!” Marie S

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