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Crafting a Hat with Company Logo.


March 01, 2024

Customization is at the forefront of the fashion world. This has paved the way for brands to express themselves across various sectors. These go for custom hat companies. They have opted for custom designs to give them that niche in the market. 

Companies crafting custom hats have opted to add company logos to their products to symbolize their corporate identity and fashion style. These are meant to leave a lasting impression on customers and make their brands unique. 

For Example, a Nike Hat. 

This Hat is unique, and Customers can easily recognize the brand, and the “tick” gives it that brand identity. More can be said for other brands. 

Company logos have given companies an identity and a niche in the competitive fashion world. 


What is the Importance of having a company logo?

Brand Identity.

Having a company logo reinforces your brand identity. It helps you establish a consistent and recognizable image, making it easy for your customers and the public to associate the hat with your brand.

Marketing and Promotion.

The perfect marketing and promotion tool is customization. A custom hat can be used as a promotional item, for giveaways, or as merchandise, creating additional ways to promote your brand and products.

Brand Visibility.

A custom hat with a well-designed company logo can be a mobile advertising display to increase your brand’s visibility. It turns wearers into promotional displays, exposing the brand to a broader audience.

Therefore, before you establish your custom hat designs, you need to be aware of the custom hat designs available. 

Custom Hats Types. 

  • Beanies. 

It is a soft, brimless hat that hugs the head and is typically made of soft materials such as kits, viscose, and cotton. Beanie Hats are available in various colors and can be worn by anyone in any season.

Source: bigsportswear.com

  • Baseball Hats. 

Baseball Hats are usually composed of soft fabric, such as wool, cotton, or polyester. They are typically worn to complete a uniform, display the logo of the team they play for, and protect themselves from the sun’s rays.  

Source: bigsportswear.com

  • Bucket Hats. 

It is a round, soft hat made from polyester fabric, wool, or cotton. The hat has a wide, down-sloping brim, which sets it apart from other hats. The hat is proper and can serve more than one purpose. It can be practical and fashionable. 


Source: bigcitysportswear.com 

Trucker Hats. 

The design is almost similar to the baseball hats, but the front beam is made of foam, and the rest is a plastic mesh for breathability rather than a soft fabric. The foam makes the hat stand straight and stiff, making it taller. It is less expensive and adjustable to fit anyone. 

Source: bigsportswear.com 

With that said, how do you design company logos for such custom hats?

Luckily, we have some steps to guide you on how to do it.

Steps to Design Hat with a Company Logo. 

  • Recognize and Specify Yours. 

The first step is understanding why your custom hats are needed for business. Clarify the quantity and quality of your custom hats required. Also, review the intended usage and receiver of the hats, whether they are clients or team members.

 Having all these facts makes communicating these needs to your service provider simple. Additionally, companies can understand the approximate costs of creating customized Hats. 


  • Create your company Logo.

Design the company logo that matches your brand. With the advancement in technology, you can just use a logo maker or hire an expert in the design field to help you create a unique logo. 

Source: printify.com 

  • Choose a custom Hat Type. 

The next step is choosing which of the many hat types to order. Some businesses have made seamless decisions on the hat type they need. The choice made complemented their company logo and can share the correct message. 

Your target audience and environment should be a consideration before making a choice. Printing the company logo is a simple process, so you can have more than one type of custom hand design, review, compare, and contrast before making your final decision. 

From the numerous hats available(including the examples above), have one that is ideal for your business.

  • Choose a printing method.

This will give your product that “wow” factor, attract people, and mirror your brand’s design. So, ensure you choose a printing method that best suits your hats. Understand the printing methods and familiarize yourself with the hat decoration methods available. 

For instance, the sublimation method. Your design is printed on a transfer paper and then placed into a heat press with your hat. The press then transfers your design from the paper onto the hat’s fabric, leaving a detailed finish. 

  • Find an Ideal Service Provider. 

Find the best service provider to create the correct hats that fit your business needs. Do some due diligence and make judgments based on prior work, years of experience, or price ranges. Consider a few more perks like discounts and free delivery. 

  • Check the Hat Quality. 

Before you start selling your products(Custom Hats), check and verify the quality of the products first. Ensure the print company logo is well positioned has the right color, and hat fabric. 


  • Promotion and Distribution. 

The final step is planning the distribution of your company hats. Use your company logos as promotional items, merchandise, or part of your identity to enhance brand visibility.


Summing Up and Why you should opt for Viviprint.

Hats with company logo may be crucial to expanding your company's market reach and awareness—these customized hats with their branding at trade shows and other promotional gatherings. 

The marketing team may quickly create customized hats, including your company's brand, thanks to top service providers. 

You must utilize the company's specially designed design tool to find an accurate copy of the company's logo. Then, choosing the style and substance of the cap based on the requirements and environment is simple. After it's finished, you must wait for delivery to your location and offer your team some excellent customized hats. 

If you need this done professionally, Viviprint offers quality assurance.

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Ryan Johnson

Introduction for Hats

I’m Ryan Johnson. As head of the hats department at Vivipins, I bring that leadership in hat design and customization that transforms our customers’ visions into a headgear reality everyone will admire and wish they owned. My team and I bank on the most innovative hat patterns, styles, and types, and we crown it all with stitching, embroidery, painting, or patches with a durability guarantee.

To be precise, ordering hats with Vivipins taps into these advantages:

  • A team that listens: You can talk to Vivipins about every one of your hats desires. Whether you want baseball, snapback, or trucker hats, our team is at your service 24/7.

  •  Quality that’s trusted: We’ve created vintage, foam mesh, embroidery, and other hat styles for a vast range of customers, from celebrities to fashion brands and renowned Big Techs, and they all keep coming back.

  • Hats you can afford: Vivipins believes in giving its customers the highest quality hats at prices that won’t break your budget. Besides, we let you order what you can, without intimidating you with minimum orders.

  • The customer is the boss: Vivipins prioritizes the customer’s desire, so we work with you until you confidently sign off the digital proof before fashioning that hat to your heart’s satisfaction.

  • Get your order now! We fit perfectly into the fast-moving pace of today’s economy. That’s why we are swift when it comes to fast delivery.

Despairing over finding a custom hat company that will make your headwear swag turn heads? Talk to us now at Vivipins and get that urgent hat order rolling.

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